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Meet the ProTek RC PRO Race Team from AMain Hobbies

ProTek RC PRO Team Drivers

Presented by AMain Hobbies

The ProTek RC PRO Team of RC racers was formed in 2008 by AMain Hobbies to promote and grow the sport of radio control racing and advance brand awareness for ProTek RC products. The ProTek RC line of high-performance batteries, servos, tools and more, was developed with RC racing in mind by RC racers.

The ProTek RC PRO Team currently consists of 15 professional RC racers competing in electric and nitro race classes, from 1/8 scale buggies to 1/10 drag race cars. Meet our racers and learn how many of our team members have taken their RC hobby to a full-fledged business.

Ryan Maifield - RC Racer - ProTek Pro Team
Ryan Maifield

Ryan is one of the most decorated off-road RC racers in history, having competed successfully for the past 30 years.

Spencer Rivkin - RC Racer - ProTek Pro Team
Spencer Rivkin

Team Associated's Spencer has risen from phenom to two-time IFMAR World Champion.

Ty Tessmann - RC Racer - ProTek Pro Team
Ty Tessman

Ty is a true RC racing icon and international radio control ambassador, having competed in several competitions worldwide.

Ryan Lutz - RC Racer - ProTek Pro Team
Ryan Lutz

Ryan is a true RC innovator who has connected racing, business, and social media to hobbyists for more than a decade.

Joe Bornhorst - RC Racer - ProTek Pro Team
Joe Bornhorst

Joe has been mainstay in 1:8 scale off-road RC racing for the past decade.

Spencer Heckert- RC Racer - ProTek Pro Team
Spencer Heckert

Spencer is a young gun, rising up the ranks in both 1:8 and 1:10 scale off-road radio control nitro buggy racing.

Adam Drake - RC Racer - ProTek Pro Team
Adam Drake

Adam is considered one of the OG’s of the RC community with over 30 years of experience in RC racing.

Ronda Drake - RC Racer - ProTek Pro Team
Ronda Drake

Ronda's remarkable influence on the RC community has inspired numerous girls to embrace RC racing.

Cole Tollard - RC Racer - ProTek Pro Team
Cole Tollard

Cole began RC racing at age 8 and is now a widely respected professional at the young age of 22.

Frank Ulbrik - RC Racer - ProTek Pro Team
Frank Ulbrik

Frank is a groundbreaker and premier force in the radio control No Prep Drag Racing scene.

Lindsay Mae - RC Racer - ProTek Pro Team
Lindsay Mae

Lindsay is one of the fastest female RC drag racers in the world.

Tyler Hooks - RC Racer - ProTek Pro Team
Tyler Hooks

Tyler is a highly regarded racer, popular on-air talent, and RC social media influencer.

Tanner Denney - RC Racer - ProTek Pro Team
Tanner Denney

Tanner is widely considered to be one of the Top 30 1:8 off-road racers in the World.

Kyle Turner - RC Racer - ProTek Pro Team
Kyle Turner

Kyle is an emerging talent on the national scene with strong 1:8 and 1:10 scale off-road RC racing skills.

Austin Blair - RC Racer - ProTek Pro Team
Austin Blair

Austin is an industry veteran who is well-known around the track for his fast racing and big air whips.

A Higher Level of Performance

ProTek RC provides an extensive high-performance line of engines, servos, batteries, tools, and accessories for radio control hobbyists of all levels. Developed and tested by the World’s fastest RC racing professionals, ProTek RC has something for every RC racer or enthusiast, whether for RC cars, RC boats, or RC airplanes. Join the ProTek RC movement and check out the finest RC racing products.

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Discover upcoming R/C events in your area by utilizing our AMain Hobbies Event Calendar. This comprehensive calendar provides information and links to events sponsored by ProTek RC and AMain Hobbies Racing. Explore event details and find out more about the races we support.

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