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Quality RC batteries are critical to the performance of your radio control vehicle. Therefore, selecting the correct battery is paramount. Many RTR vehicles come with Nickel-Metal Hydride (NIMH) batteries, which are great introductory batteries to hit the ground running. As a general rule, LiPo batteries are more expensive but have the benefit of increased capacity, power delivery and are slightly lighter than their NiMH counterpart. However, since LiPo batteries can be a little more volatile, it is important to know how to charge, store and maintain them for long-term use. The information in these articles and videos will help you become an informed RC enthusiast.

Top 10 LiPo RC Battery Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Top 10 RC LiPo Battery Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

We use lithium batteries in almost all devices nowadays, but we don’t really think about the battery. Because ultimately, we have very little control over them. To charge most devices, it’s a matter of just plugging in your charge cord, and that’s it. That’s what makes the radio control hobby so unique because when it comes to RC LiPo batteries, we have complete control over them. We control what batteries we pick, how we charge them, how we discharge them, how we store them, how we use them, and ultimately how we abuse them. So that’s why we’re going to go over our top 10 LiPo battery mistakes users make and how to keep your LiPo batteries healthy.

Tips for Using LiPo RC Batteries After Sitting Idle

Tips for Using a LiPo Battery After Sitting Idle

It’s common in those cold, dark, and winter months for people to store their LiPo battery away for use on a brighter day. In this article, we offer a few tips on how to tell if your LiPo battery is any good when you’re pulling it out of storage to use for the new season.

If you would like more information on LiPo care, handling, storage, or how to dispose of a LiPo battery safely, please review the ProTek RC LiPo battery manual. It has a ton of great information that pertains to LiPo batteries. It is definitely worth reading!

How To Discharge Your LiPo RC Batteries - Fast!

How To Discharge Your RC LiPo Batteries - Fast!

Do LiPo batteries need to be discharged? Short answer, Yes! And one of the best and most enjoyable ways to discharge your LiPo battery is to simply put it in your car and use it. But that’s not always possible.

Chances are if you are searching for this information, you probably want to know some good ways to discharge your batteries since discharge technology has come a long way.

This article discusses how to discharge LiPo batteries and some of the best methods we use to do it.

How ProTek RC Tests LiPo RC Batteries

How ProTek RC Tests LiPo Batteries

If you could make the perfect RC battery, what would you make? Would you want more punch and power, or how about more capacity and runtime, or maybe both? Well, this is precisely the question ProTek RC faces when creating their high-end competition-grade lipo packs, which are meant to represent the best of the best, but how do they determine that?

We went behind the scenes of ProTek RC to see how they test their batteries, the data they collect, and why it matters.

New 2022 130C LiHV Battery Packs from ProTek RC

LiHV Battery Packs from ProTek RC

The ProTek RC battery line features increased capacity and enhanced life cycles while maintaining the power that ProTek lithium batteries are known to deliver. This year’s line has been rigorously tested by some of the fastest racers in the World and will be run exclusively by AMain Hobbies professional race team members Ryan Maifield, Spencer Rivkin, Ty Tessman, Adam Drake, Joe Bornhorst, Ryan Lutz, Tanner Denny, and Kyle Turner.

Top RC LiPo Charger Tips & What to Avoid

Top RC LiPo Charger Tips & What to Avoid

LiPo’s are amazing batteries offering a lot of power for their size and weight, making them perfect for R/C, but they need to be charged. We’re offering a few LiPo charger tips to help you keep those LiPo’s lasting longer and charge more safely.

LiPo batteries are so common in the radio control hobby. You see them used as transmitter batteries, receiver batteries for nitro vehicles, and many other applications. Most of these tips apply to LiPo batteries, however, some of these tips apply to smaller batteries used in secondary applications. So, how do you charge a LiPo battery?

RC LiPo Fire Suppression

RC LiPo Fire Suppression

In the world of RC hobbyists, safety should always come first. While the chances of encountering a LiPo battery fire are rare, preparing for a worst-case scenario is a responsible and proactive approach. In this article, we'll discuss the importance of understanding the risks associated with LiPo batteries and introduce you to a new product that could be a game-changer in such situations.

Comparing Traxxas iD RC Battery Chargers & LiPo Accessories

Comparing Traxxas iD Battery Chargers & LiPo Accessories

We're comparing the Traxxas line of EZ Peak chargers. We'll check each charger's features to see their differences and compatibility. We'll also touch on Traxxas LiPo batteries, Traxxas iD connector, and some Traxxas LiPo accessories.

Aren't battery chargers designed just to charge a battery? Isn't that the goal? Well yeah, battery charging is all about safely charging that battery. Of course, that's the goal, but sometimes how you achieve that goal can be just as important as actually achieving it.

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At AMain Hobbies you will find an extensive line of RC batteries for aircraft such as radio control helicopters, planes, and aerial photography drones. AMain Hobbies also carries one of the largest inventories of surface batteries for RC kits like rock crawlers, buggies, cars and trucks as well as, receiver and transmitter batteries.

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RC Battery FAQs

  • What is better, a nickel-metal (NiMH) or Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery?
    LiPo batteries are lighter and store more energy, providing better performance. However, LiPOs are more volatile, so NiMH is recommended for inexperienced or younger RC bashers.

  • What does mAh on an RC battery mean?
    MAH on a battery stands for milliampere hour—this is used to measure the energy capacity of a battery.

  • Do higher milliamps mean longer run time?
    As a general rule, the higher the mAh, the more battery capacity or life.

  • What is a C rating on a battery?
    The C rating on a LiPo RC battery is the capacity of energy the battery can safely discharge. For your power system and the health of the battery pack, it is best to have a LiPo with the highest C rating available.

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