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Shipping & Order Fulfillment

The tracking just shows a label was created. Why is my order being held in the warehouse?

Carriers do not always scan packages when picking up from our warehouses. If more than 24 hours have passed since your order was marked as shipped, the package is in the hands of the carrier.

My package is marked delivered but I have not received it.

We have noticed that some carriers are prematurely marking packages delivered, the good news is that they are almost always dropped off within 2 business days after they are marked delivered.

When will this item come back in stock?

If we are aware of a future arrival estimate it will appear at the top of the product page.

Screenshot showing ETA above bundle options on a product page.

How long will shipping take?

To estimate shipping, begin the checkout process with the items in your cart. Before we take payment, we will provide you with a shipping arrival estimate.

How do I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order by following the link below

View My Cancellable Orders

Can you reserve or hold an item for me?

Place a backorder to ensure that we reserve the item for you. Alternately, make sure you are logged in and then select the “notify me” box on the product page to receive an email when the item is back in stock (item will not be reserved unless you place a back order).

Screenshot showing notification checkbox under back order button.

What does “Ships in 2-3 days” mean?

This means that the product you are viewing is in stock in our supply chain but requires extra processing time before we ship it to you.

Account Info

Many account related questions can be answered by making sure you are logged in and then clicking the following link:

Many VIP REWARDS PROGRAM questions can be answered by making sure you are logged into your account and then clicking the following link:

My password isn't working; how do I access my account?

You can reset your password with the following link:

How do I get order info without an account?

Click the link below and enter the email address associated with the order you made. We will email you a link to make a password and this will set you up with an account that allows you to view your order information.

Why are my VIP status and points not updated?

It takes 30 days for both the spend value and points to count towards your VIP status if you are enrolled in the VIP program.

How do I use my VIP points?

Navigate to your “account overview” page and select the “View my store credits and rewards points” button (link below): Screenshot showing the Store Credit and Rewards Points page.

Can I combine multiple accounts?

Unfortunately, we do not offer an option to merge accounts.

Payment & Refunds

Are taxes and other import fees included for international orders?

Customers are responsible for all customs fees and duties for orders shipping outside of the USA. Some countries allow for pre-payment of customs fees through VAT on the purchase invoice. We recommend contacting your local postal authority for any further customs or duties inquiries.

Why am I being charged sales tax?

We use industry recognized software to accurately determine if state taxes must be collected and paid.

What is Pay in 4?

Pay in 4 is a payment program offered by PayPal that allows for a purchase to be paid for in four installments. Payments are made on a bi-weekly basis and no interest is due if payments are made on time.

Learn More on PayPal

My card was declined for an AVS error.

The billing address of your card must match what the card issuer has on file. Please contact your card issuer to confirm the information is correct and then try to place your order again.

What is affirm financing?

Affirm Financing is a loan program that allows for orders to be paid for in monthly installments. Please see the Affirm Financing FAQ for more information.

My refund status is "failed".

A failed refund means the card issuer has refused the transaction. Please contact the card issuer and clear the transaction, then reach out to customer service to retry the refund. We are unable to refund to a payment method that was not used to make the purchase.

I'd like to make a purchase, but I am exempt from taxes and have a current tax exemption form available to send you.

Contact our customer service team with your tax exemption documentation; to speed up the process, please make an account if you have not already done so.

Product Support & Returns

How do I find the parts that are compatible with my kit?

You can use our built-in Parts Finder on our webpage, located to the left of the search bar, or simply by checking the compatibility tab of the part in question.

Screenshot showing the Parts Finder button next to the search bar.Screenshot showing the Compatibility tab on a product page.

What other items do I need to use my RC kit?

Locate the “Needed to Complete” section at the bottom of the page of the kit you are viewing.

Screenshot showing the Items Needed in a product description.

How do I make a return?

You can start a return online, fast and easy.

Start a Return
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For assistance with gift cards, please call Smart Transactions at 888-494-9760