Top 10 Best Indoor R/C Cars

What is the best R/C car for indoor use? We're sharing our list of top 10 best indoor R/C cars that are not only highly capable for their indoor size but also reasonably priced for their application. So, what are these 10 cars that are perfect for the greater indoors? Let's find out.

Top 10 Best Indoor RC Cars - #10 Team Associated 1:28 Scale Vehicles

Number 10: Team Associated TR28 - SC28 - CR28 - DR28 - MT28

Starting off our list of indoor R/C cars is one of the smallest R/C's available and one of the least expensive, and it's the 1/28 scale line of cars from Team Associated, including the TR28 Truggy, the CR28 trail truck, the SC28 short course truck and more. These tiny R/C's come ready to go out of the box, and they charge from the transmitter, with transmitter batteries included. So if you're looking for an indoor adventure and enjoy the selection of different vehicle types, the Team Associated 1/28 scale series might be for you, and the best part, they only cost $59.99 each, and they require nothing.

Top 10 Indoor RC Cars - #10 Team Associated 1:28 Scale Vehicles

Number 9: Orlandoo Hunter

In the number 9 spot is a special car, intended only for the most ambitious builders because these are not ready-to-run—these are the micro-scale kits from Orlandoo Hunter. At about the size of a cellphone, these micro R/C cars are only offered as unassembled kits. These build kits will require some patients but once complete—the pain is worth it! The Orlandoo Hunter cars provide some of the best R/C capabilities and realism available. The Orlandoo Hunter car kits are offered in a few different types and styles with hard plastic scale bodies, starting at a price of around $50, and of course, all the other electronic components are required separately.

Top 10 Indoor RC Cars - #9 Orlandoo Hunter1:32 Vehicles

Number 8: HobbyPlus CR24 & CR18

If you need a little more size out of your R/C, the HobbyPlus CR-24 might be for you. Impressively, this 1/24 scale mini trail truck is a fully capable crawler ready to tackle your coffee table. Features include a chassis-mounted servo, solid axles, waterproof electronics, and four different body styles. These bodies also come scaled out, featuring scale grills, light buckets, a snorkel, and more. Of course, all the trucks come pre-assembled and ready to go out of the box, including a LiPo battery to power the truck, and cost only $89.99. The only requirement is four AAA batteries for the transmitter. Another option from HobbyPlus is the larger 1/18 scale CR18 that includes all the same features as the smaller CR24, except they're just proportionally bigger and offer different body styles. The larger CR18 trucks also come fully assembled and ready to go, requiring only four AAA batteries, and they cost only $129.99.

Top 10 Indoor RC Cars - #8 HobbyPlus CR24 and CR18 Vehicles

Number 7: Element Enduro24

If you're serious about challenging your indoor skills, the Enduro24 Mini Crawler is up to the task. This 1/24 scale R/C truck comes from Element RC, and they are well-versed in trail truck scene, with multiple Enduro trucks offered in the larger 1/10 scale category. These 24th scale trucks are perfect for indoor use. Body styles include the Trailrunner SUV and the Sendero pickup truck, with each truck using the same Enduro24 chassis that features a forward-mounted motor and divorced transfer case, all-time 4WD, a 4-link suspension, and more. All the Enduro24 trucks come assembled and ready to go out of the box for about $107, and they only require four AA batteries.

Top 10 Indoor RC Cars - #7 Element Enduro24 1:24 Scale Vehicles

Number 6: Axial SCX24

Moving up the mini RC ladder, we get to our next truck, which is probably the most popular mini crawler you can get right now, and if you're familiar with mini crawlers, you already know this is the Axial SCX24. In terms of upgrades and accessories, there is no other vehicle on this list with more hop-ups available than this truck, which is why it has become the go-to chassis for modders, custom builds, and anyone looking to squeeze every drop of performance out of it, but be careful. It's easy to spend more money on upgrades than the actual truck cost, so do your best to enjoy the ride—radio control is a journey, not a destination. You can find the 1/24 scale SCX24 offered in a few different body styles, with a short and long chassis available, and they come fully assembled and ready to go out of the box for $135.99. Nothing else is required!

Top 10 Indoor RC Cars - #6 Axial SCX24 1:24 Scale Crawlers

Number 5: Team Associated NanoSport

For number 5, we move over to one of the most simple, fun, and least expensive ways to R/C indoors, and it's one of my personal favorite R/C's for the money - it's the Team Associated NanoSport. When it comes to indoor R/C, the 1/32nd scale NanoSport has a lot to offer. First of all, it costs only $80 and includes two transmitters and two cars ready to drive. Second, there are balls and pucks to play a soccer or hockey game with these miniature wonders. You don't have to use the game with the NanoSports, but it's a fun competition when R/C'ing with others. Finally, the low-ride height and on-road nature of the Nanopsorts make them ideal for hardwood, tile, and other smooth surfaces but watch out for high carpet. The 1/32 scale NanoSports by Team Associated includes everything for only $79.99.

Top 10 Indoor RC Cars - #5 Team Associated NanoSport 1:32 Scale Vehicles

Number 4: RC4WD Trail Finder 2

Our next indoor R/C is the newest truck on the block, and it comes from the scale truck masterminds at RC4WD—the 1/24 scale Trail Finder 2. The original Trail Finder 2 is a large 1/10 scale trail truck with incredible detail and realism, characterized by the one-of-a-kind hard plastic Mojave body that you could get nowhere else. This mini 1/24 Trail Finder 2 includes a scaled down iconic Mojave body in hard plastic material and it comes in three different color options. The body looks pretty amazing, too, featuring some hard plastic accessories and scale details, like door handles, side mirrors, and a proper interior. The body also mounts to the chassis with Velcro, so no body mount holes and body clips ruin the scale looks. Under the body, the truck is equipped with 0.7" beadlock wheels and licensed Mickey Thompson tires, which are a smaller size than all the other trucks we've discussed in this size, for a more appropriate size and look, just like a real truck. These excellent scale details and features don't come free, though, and the 1/24 scale Trail Finder 2 is one of the more expensive trucks on this list, with the truck fully ready to go out of the box for $169.99, but it requires nothing.

Top 10 Indoor RC Cars - #4 RC4WD Trail Finder 2 1:24 Scale Vehicles

Number 3: Kyosho Mini-Z

Coming in in our number 3 spot is not just one car, but a whole series of amazingly scale detailed indoor racers from Kyosho, and they are the Mini-Z ReadySets. For years, these cars have featured some of the most unique and scale body options available, quickly becoming a go-to choice for car fans, race enthusiasts, or the model car collector. But the Mini-Z's do more than look pretty. These little indoor racers are quick, nimble, and responsive, so much so that Mini-Z racing is one of the ways to utilize empty indoor space. Aside from the vast selection of scale bodies, the Mini-Z chassis is available as a rear-wheel drive with the MR-03 chassis or all-wheel drive with the MR-02 chassis. Whichever you choose, the Mini-Z is an excellent indoor R/C on smooth surfaces, but try to avoid tall carpet unless you're using a Mini-Z 4x4 crawler, then, in that case, bring it on! You'll find all the Mini-Z ReadySets fully ready to go out of the box, and pricing starts at $129.99 and goes up to $199.99, they do require eight AAA batteries.

Top 10 Indoor RC Cars - #3 Kyosho Mini-Z 1:24 Scale Vehicles

Number 2: Eazy RC 1/18 Crawlers

It's time we move up to 1/18 scale for a little more size and substance, and the first truck to give it to us is the Eazy R/C line of mini-scale crawlers. With a 1/18 scale, it kind of sits in the middle between the micro trucks and the full size 1/10 scale, so it's still ideal for indoor use on the couch or in the garage, but when it gets nicer outdoors, the truck will still hold it's own. For performance, the Easy R/C trucks feature a 4x4 drivetrain, solid axles, linked suspension, and beadlock wheels. In the looks department, there are four different scale bodies to choose from, and they're molded hard plastic bodies, not lexan. Some of the scale details on these bodies include a working led light kit, molded side mirrors, windshield wipers, scale interior, as well as, a molded roof rack on some bodies. In addition, the trucks feature a forward-loaded battery system, where the hood opens to access the battery compartment, all while the body remains on the truck. All the Eazy R/C crawlers come assembled and ready to go out of the box and cost $139.99, and they only require three AA batteries.

Top 10 Indoor RC Cars - #2 Eazy RC 1:18 Scale Crawlers

Honorable Mentions...

Before we get to the number 1 car, we must mention the seriously cool 6x6 crawlers. These trucks come in a few different flavors, all featuring three solid axles and 6x6 drive to handle slick surfaces and steep climbs with ease. All trucks come ready to go, including everything for $140.

One more top pick goes to the 14B Reflex from Team Associated. This 1/14 scale mini buggy is $199, and it includes upgraded brushless electronics right out of the box, which is amazing if you want to go fast, but it may be a little too wild for most indoor uses, which is why it's not on the list. But if you have ample space to pull the trigger wide open, I highly recommend checking out the Reflex 14B.

Number 1: Losi Mini-T 2.0

For our number 1 car, it's just barely on the borderline for indoor use. Why? Because it's also pretty dang fast! And it's the 1/18 scale Losi Mini-T 2.0 Stadium Truck. If you were to take a proper 1/10 scale race truck and shrink it down to mini form, this would be it. But don't let the size fool you, the Losi Mini-T 2.0 is a proper Stadium Truck that features updated suspension geometry for its size. It has an independent suspension, ball bearings, oil-filled shocks, aluminum chassis, and modern, waterproof brushed electronics. There are also a ton of accessories and hop-ups to choose from, like the more powerful brushless motor system, if you love living on the edge. So, if you have the space inside and you're feeling bored, this mini truck is the perfect companion for full-size R/C thrills. The best part, the Losi Mini-T 2.0 comes assembled and includes all the items you will need, including a LiPo battery, charger, transmitter, and transmitter batteries. Plus, there are two different body colors to choose from, all with a price tag of $149.99.

Top 10 Indoor RC Cars - #1 Losi Mini-T 2.0 1:18 Stadium Trucks