Top RC Car & Truck Lists - What is the Best RC Car?

What is the best RC Car - Top RC Kit List

Every year radio control vehicles seem to get bigger and more powerful than their predecessors. Picking a good RC car or truck is easy, but finding the best one to fit your needs can be tricky. That is why we find the best new items, take them for a road test and check under the body, so we can bring you our list of top radio control finds available. We compare the standouts and countdown our favorite RC cars, trucks, crawlers, and even some parts and upgrades.

  • What were the top 10 RC Cars for 2021 - Best Sellers

    What are the Top 10 RC Cars

    What were the best ready-to-run (RTR) RC cars released in 2021? There were many new bashers, speedrunners, and more, and out of all of them, we picked our top ten favorite cars that stood out the most to us.

  • Top Twenty Trending RC Items - Most Viewed

    Top Twenty Trending RC Items

    Ever wonder what other people are looking at or what the most popular radio control items are? created a list of the top twenty most viewed items on Amain Hobbies this year.

  • Top 10 In Stock Traxxas Vehicles - Best RC Availability

    Top 10 In Stock Traxxas Vehicles

    What are the best Traxxas vehicles available right now? Unfortunately, the availability of RC cars has taken a beating from the global supply chain issues. Still, AMain Hobbies has a wide variety of Traxxas cars that are ready, willing, and available.

  • Top 10 Best Indoor RC Cars

    Top 10 Best Indoor RC Cars

    We're sharing our list of top 10 best indoor RC cars that are not only highly capable for their indoor size but also reasonably priced for their application. So, what are these top RC cars that are perfect for the greater indoors? Let's find out.

  • Top 10 RC's Under $400

    Top 10 RC's Under $400

    With tons of different RC cars available in different sizes, power ratings, and speeds, sorting through them all can be a real challenge that's why we prepared the top 10 ready-to-run RC cars and trucks under $400.

  • Top 10 RC Cars, Truck & Buggies Under $200

    Top 10 RC Cars Under $200

    What are the “BEST” ready-to-run RC cars under $200? With so many different sizes, types, and price points available it was difficult, but we were able to narrow our list of top RC cars to just ten.

  • What are the Top 10 RC Crawlers?

    What are the Top 10 RC Crawlers?

    What are the best RC Rock Crawlers? With new crawlers released each year at different price points, sizes, and features, we've narrowed the selection to just 10. These are the rigs that stood out to us the most or have made the biggest impression on us over the years.

  • What are the best mini R/C RTR crawlers under $200?

    Best Mini RC RTR Crawlers Under $200?

    Going head-to-head are the 4Runner Mini-Z from Kyosho, the Enduro 24 from Element R/C, the SCX24 from Axial, and last but not least, the Tetra X1 from Panda Hobby. These trucks vary in size, capabilities, scale realism, and price points. So, which one is best for you?

  • Top 10 RC Cars for 2020

    Top 10 RC Cars for 2020

    We have meticulously ranked the top 10 cars for the year in review in terms of speed, ruggedness, and mind-blowing driving experience, starting from the 10th to the number one spot. As we take you through this power ranking 2020 exclusive.

  • Top 10 RC Cars for 2019

    Top 10 RC Cars for 2019

    We dive deep to discover the top radio control, cars, trucks, buggies, truggies, crawlers, whatever your passion is, starting with the number 10 spot and likely getting bigger and faster as we travel up the list of top RC cars of 2019.

  • Top Ten Tools for Indoor Racing

    Top Ten Tools for Indoor Racing

    We’ve selected ten ProTek RC tools to help you tune and maintain your machine easily, accurately, and conveniently as your racing program continues indoors. Add these tools to your pit bag, and you’ll be ready for action with the bench gear you need to win.

  • Traxxas Upgrades - What are our top three?

    Traxxas Upgrades What are our top three?

    If you’re a Traxxas basher or extreme enthusiast, we have three must-have Traxxas upgrades for your vehicle. They will help make your Traxxas experience a little easier, a little safer, and hopefully, in the long run, save you a little money.

  • Traxxas vs Arrma - What is the best RC Brand

    Traxxas vs Arrma What is the best RC Brand

    Drawing these two great contenders to a battle of superiority is, a feat that will leave you in awe of them and increase your admiration for these industry leaders. Traxxas and Arrma RC both have remarkable histories, that we consider as we set the ground for this epic battle.