What are the Top 10 RC Crawlers?

What are the best RC Rock Crawlers? With new crawlers released each year at different price points, sizes, and features, we've narrowed the selection to just 10. These are the trucks that stood out to us the most or have made the biggest impression on us over the years. We'll go through them one by one, starting at number 10 and working our way up the top RC crawler.

#10 - HobbyPlus CR-18 Mini Crawler

The first vehicle in our list is a 1/18 scale, four-wheel-drive crawler that presents- a unique crawling perspective, and it's the HobbyPlus CR-18 Mini Crawler. The CR-18 is the least expensive crawler on our list and offers a fully ready-to-run crawler experience with different scale bodies to choose from, like this red Kratos and the Harvest. These bodies are made of lexan, designed to look aggressive, and feature hard plastic scale details. Underneath, the CR-18 chassis offers waterproof electronics up to 45 minutes of runtime and features two auxiliary ports to add your own lighting, an FPV camera, or other accessories. Of course, for FPV use, you will need to supply your own FPV gear, but you can do it. You'll find the CR-18 mini crawlers offered in kit form to build and as ready-to-run trucks starting at $139.99*, and they include the batteries.

HobbyPlus CR-18 Rock Crawlers

#9 - Axial SCX24

The next truck on our list is so tiny it's just at home inside as it is outside, and it's the 1/24th scale Axial SCX24. This mini truck is big enough to fit in your hand and is available in various body styles and colors. Underneath those bodies, the trucks share the same scaled-down crawler chassis that offers solid axles, lock differentials, and your standard-length suspension to get you up and over the rocks, the couch, or your keyboard. The Axial SCX24 also has a healthy selection of aftermarket hop-ups for when you need a new look or perhaps to enhance your crawling experience. You'll find all SCX24 models are ready to run with a starting price tag of $109.99* hand they required nothing.

Axial SCX24

#8 - Redcat Gen8 V2

In the number eight spot is a vehicle that quickly gained popularity for being capable and looking good, all while not breaking the bank, and it's the Redcat GEN8 V2. The GEN8 is Redcat's premier trail truck crawler, sized for the proper 1/10 scale standard, which most aftermarket bodies tires and wheels are made for, so if you want to add any of that to your GEN8 V2, no problem. Plus, if you have a 3D printer Redcat offers many 3D printable parts that you can print yourself, paint and use on your truck. But perhaps we'll save that for another day and enjoy the GEN8 the way it is, with portal axles, a low center of gravity, battery tray, and brushed waterproof crawler electronics. You can find the GEN8 V2 ready-to-run truck for $329.99*, and it does require a battery pack.

Redcat Racing GEN8 V2

#7 - RC4WD Trail Finder 2

If you've been waiting for a high-end scale truck experience, wait no more because this is the Trail Finder 2 from RC4WD. Created with an emphasis on scale appearance, the 1/10 scale TF2 has been a fan favorite for years and is the only crawler in this list to feature a hard plastic body kit with dropped bed that you can sand paint and customize however you want. But, of course, you don't have to because the Trail Finder 2 is available as a ready-to-run which comes painted and ready to crawl. To further the scale aspect of the TF2 underneath that body, you'll find an aluminum transmission, center-mounted transfer case, and leaf spring suspension all the way around. These leaves are adjustable with aftermarket leaves and shackles available to give you some serious flex out of the suspension. In addition, there are tons of aftermarket scale accessories available, like the link kit. Finally, if you get tired of using those leaf springs, you can find the Trail Finder 2 ready-to-run in a few different versions, each starting at $429.99*, and one battery pack is required.

RC4WD Trail Finder 2

#6 - Axial Capra 1.9

For those seeking more raw crawling ability, say hello to number six, the Axial Capra 1.9 Unlimited Trail Buggy. The 1/10th scale Capra features a realistic tube chassis design and metal gears everywhere, from the center transmission to the lockers and axles. And these are officially licensed Curry F9 axles, and the portals increase ground clearance. Also, these axles are wide, extending the tires out for a more stable and aggressive stance. And because the steering servo mounts directly to the front axle, the Capra enjoys a proper 4-link suspension in the front and rear. Another cool feature is the dig unit that comes included with the Capra that allows you to drive the front tires while dragging the rear. The transmitter controls this feature and helps the Capra make tight turns in a pinch and take steep descents in control. The Axial Capra is available as a kit to customize as you build, and it's also available as a ready-to-run, including brushed electronics, for $449.99*, and it does require a battery.

Axial Capra 1.9 Unlimited Trail Buggy

#5 - SSD RC Trail King Pro

The next vehicle on our list is a scale kit ready for your personal detailing, and it's the SSD RC Trail King Pro. SSD has been creating option parts for years, so it almost seems right they turn it all into a complete crawler kit. But this isn't your average crawler. This 1/10 scale truck is one of the first of its kind to include a multi-piece molded plastic V8 engine that sits over the electric motor, hiding it.  This V8 engine consists of over 14 different parts that can be painted and detailed however you want.  To complement these scale looks, a scale transmission and transfer case are used in the chassis. They not only look great but deliver four-wheel drive power to all tires because when it's time to get crawling. The Trail King Pro will be right there with you're taking the terrain with all-metal gears, titanium alloy suspension links, and solid front and rear axles. Since the Trail King Pro is a chassis kit only, you can personally spec out the truck's components and scale styling however you want. You can find the SSD RC Trail King Pro kit for $369.99*, and it does require the electrical components, the radio gear, body, tires, and wheels.

SSD RC Trail King Pro

#4 - Element RC Enduro

In the number four spot is a relatively new truck to the crawler scene, and it wasted no time in becoming popular on the trail, and it's the Element RC Enduro. Offered in both kit and ready-to-run form, the Enduro series is available in a few different versions of 10th scale vehicles, all slightly tweaked for their respective application. For the authentic experience, the Trailwalker is a standard link suspension truck with two solid axles ready for that slow grind on the trail. The Enduro Trailrunner also offers a unique twist by removing the front axle and adding a double-wishbone independent front suspension. For the high-performance applications, the Enduro Gatekeeper has you covered with a revised rear end setup suited for high-power applications and aggressive driving. But regardless of what model we're talking about, all Enduro trucks share the Stealth X Gearbox that comes overdriven, and all trucks share the behind-the-axle steering for a cleaner and more scale front end. You'll find the Enduro Trucks offered as kits to customize as you build and as a ready-to-run version starting at $299.99*, and a battery pack is required.

Element RC Enduro

#3 - Vanquish VS410

For those seeking the ultimate high-end experience, the truck in our number three spot is for you, and it's the Vanquish Products VS410. Over the years, Vanquish Products has built a reputation on creating top-tier accessories that they machine in-house that not only look great but they're built to last. So it was only a matter of time before they took all of those option parts, put them together, and created the ultimate high-end trail truck. Some of the features found on the VS410 include the Vanquish VFD transmission. In addition, aluminum officially licensed F9 Curry axles, dual servo mounts, steel gears, steel center drive shafts, inner fender wells, scale body and interior, and more. You can even choose between using the Curry portal axles, which come included on the VS410 Ultra Kit, or if you prefer the straight Curry axles, the VS410 Pro is for you, plus they're offered in either black anodized or the raw look that they call clear. You can find the Vanquish VS410 starting at $749.99* for the Pro kit, but it does require all electrical components and radio gear.

Vanquish VS410

#2 - Axial SCX10

It's 1/10 scale, highly upgradeable, and one of the oldest crawlers in the game it's the Axial SCX10. The SCX10 was one of the first mass-produced trail trucks and quickly became the go-to option for trail fun scale projects and the focus of a lot of option parts. Fast forward to today, and there is no shortage of capable trucks in the market, but the SCX10 can still throw down with its SCX10 II and the latest SCX10 III. Both versions are available with the SCX10 III enhancing scale realism and performance over the previous version and take advantage of a two-speed transmission functionality dig unit, functionality portal axles, hidden body clips, and a scale interior. For something a bit more extreme and unique, Axial offers the SCX10 6x6 ready-to-run vehicle and offers all the grip and power only a 6x6 can provide. You'll find the SCX10 II ready-to-run truck starting at $329.99* and the SCX10 III ready-to-run trucks for $499.99*, and it requires a battery.

Axial SCX10

#1 - Traxxas TRX-4

Traxxas TRX-4

Our number one spot is one of the most versatile trail truck platforms available that can be upgraded with ease, customized, and transformed. It's the one and only Traxxas TRX-4. When it was released, the TRX-4 was ahead of the curve, offering remote locking differentials and a two-speed transmission, and it used portal axles when portal axles were not so popular. In the years since Traxxas has released many other TRX-4 trucks and iconic body styles that so scale you may do a double-take. Traxxas offers a whole lot more than bodies. The TRX-4 has tons of accessories and option parts that are a direct drop-in fit, with things like complete light kits for those scale bodies. There's also the TRX-4 lift kit to raise the truck and use larger 2.2 tires. Traxxas also offers their track kit, which puts shock-supported paint tracks on each corner — these are excellent in loose conditions, and they just look great. Traxxas also offers their TRX-6 6x6 if you want to go in that direction because it's up to you. And with the TRX-4, it's one of the most accessible and versatile platforms to create whatever you want it to be. We haven't even talked about all the other brands' option parts, but let me tell you, the selection is immense. That's why we chose the TRX-4 as our number one crawler, and the best part is you can pick up the TRX-4 Sport ready-to-run for only $369.95*, and it does require a battery pack. 

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