Traxxas vs Arrma - What is the best RC Brand

Battle of the Brands

TRAXXAS and ARRMA are among the top RC brands, providing the most exciting experience and mind-boggling performance on both off-road and smooth terrain racing. Drawing these two great contenders to a battle of superiority is, however, a feat that will leave you in awe of them and increase your admiration. Traxxas and Arrma have a remarkable history that we will consider as we set the ground for this epic battle.

May 5, 2021


Traxxas X-Maxx Traxxas X-Maxx

So how did we get here? Well, about 35 years ago, in 1986, a little company called Traxxas was born. They had the idea of offering fully assembled hobby-grade RC vehicles with a cool painted body ready to drive. At that time, RC cars were typically kits that you built and added everything else yourself. So, this was awesome for those who wanted to remove the car from the box and play! Offering ready-to-run (RTR) kits did a fantastic job at bringing new people to the RC hobby. Over the years, Traxxas kept creating more vehicles of all different sizes and speeds in two-wheel and four-wheel drive in electric and nitro for on-road and off, all aimed at making RC easy.


Arrma Kraton 8S BLXArrma Kraton 8S BLX

Arrma was created in 2009 when Traxxas was celebrating 23 years of existence. At that time, Arrma was the new kid on the block offering entry-level ready-to-run RC cars. Only a few years later, Arrma began creating larger, more aggressive RTR brushless vehicles. The 6S BLX experience ingratiated many people to the Arrma brand. Each year, these kits became more prominent, faster, and more extreme. Arrma has grown exponentially by providing powerful vehicles for off-road and rough terrain with RTR and EXP rollers.


Traxxas has created successful lineups of 2S and 3S capable vehicles like the Bandit, Slash, Stampede, and Rustler, perfect starters for newcomers. With the innovative thinking of Traxxas, including its meticulous fun designs, it is easy for anyone to get started in radio control. Traxxas also has 4S, 6S, and 8S vehicles, which are extreme RCs, but these are a tiny portion of what Traxxas offers. Traxxas has a massive selection of drop fit accessories and an ecosystem of aftermarket parts to make radio control easy. The Traxxas system has TKI transmitters, link apps, ID batteries, and charger systems that work with their app, and there is a toll-free customer support line. Although these items come at a cost, the excellent products and premium services provided by Traxxas have usefulness and value that may be worth the money for those starting new in the radio control hobby. Is Traxxas the best brand?

Arrma's focus has always been providing enthusiasts with high-powered four-wheel drive brushless vehicles. Unlike Traxxas, which has a spread of different RC vehicles, Arrma concentrated on a single segment, "Designed FAST" they provide brutal acceleration and top speeds. Kits are updated each year to fix issues and given version numbers to keep track. Arrma offers "EXtreme Bash (EXB) models with option parts to make them durable, but the buyer must purchase, install and program the electronics. Arrma's EXtreme Bash models are best suited for the experienced RC'r who understands radio control. It's also worth noting that current Arrma ready-to-run vehicles are including Spectrum Smart Technology which functions similar to some of the Traxxas systems, with the main idea being safe and easy LiPo charging. So is Arrma the best brand? Keep reading to see what we found out.

What We Found...

Traxxas primarily makes beginner-friendly RC's with a narrow focus on creating extreme RC's. Arrma, on the other hand, primarily makes powerful basher RC vehicles, and they also limitedly create beginner-friendly RC vehicles. Thus, both sides have a balance of advantages between the two brands, even with their uniqueness and specifications. Below is a chart to show the variants in models and prices of Traxxas and Arrma brands.

Traxxas vs. Arrma Vehicle Comparison Chart

8SX-Maxx$899.95Kraton 8S BLX$899.99
8SOutcast 8S BLX$899.99
6SUDR$729.95Mojave 6S BLX$649.99
6SE-Revo 2.0$599.95Kraton 6S BLX$569.99
6SXO-1$749.95Infraction 6S BLX$649.99
6SNotorious 6S BLX$569.99
6SOutcast 6S BLX$549.99
6STalion 6S BLX$549.99
6STyphon 6S BLX$499.99
6SKraton EXB$469.99
6SMojave EXB$529.99
6SFelony 6S BLX$649.99
4SMaxx$549.95Kraton 4S BLX$399.99
4SOutcast 4S BLX$399.99
3SSlash 4X4 Ultimate$499.95Big Rock 3S BLX$319.99
3SHoss 4X4 VXL$469.95Granite 3S BLX$319.99
3SRustler 4X4 VXL$429.95Senton 3S BLX$319.99
3SStampede 4X4 VXL$379.95Typhon 3S BLX$319.99
3SSlash 4X4 VXL$379.95
3SSlash VXL $329.95
3SStampede VXL$299.95
3SRustler VXL$299.95
3SBandit VXL$289.95
3S4-Tec 2.0 VXL$379.95
2S/7-Cell NiMHStampede 4X4 LCG$299.95Granite 550 Mega$229.99
2S/7-Cell NiMHSlash 4X4$299.95Senton 550 Mega$229.99
2S/7-Cell NiMHRally RTR$269.95Typhon 550 Mega$229.99
2S/7-Cell NiMH4-Tec 2.0$229.95
2S/7-Cell NiMHStampede 4X4 Kit$249.95
2S/7-Cell NiMHSlash w/Battery$229.95
2S/7-Cell NiMHRustler w/Battery$199.95
2S/7-Cell NiMHStampede w/Battery$199.95
2S/7-Cell NiMHSlash$189.95
2S/7-Cell NiMHBandit$189.95
2S/7-Cell NiMHRustler$159.95

(Prices subject to change without notice, last updated May 5, 2021.)

But wait there's more:

• Do you want a nitro ready-to-run RC car because Traxxas offers them?
• How about a mini? Traxxas offers 1/16th scale vehicles in brushed and brushless form.
• Need a crawler? Traxxas offers quite a few.
• Looking for a boat Traxxas has them.
• Need a drone? Yep! Traxxas offers them under their LaTrax brand.

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Traxxas vs. Arrma Both companies are essential, each providing something unique. Traxxas is a company that primarily makes beginner-friendly RC's and also happens to make a few extreme kits. Arrma is a company that primarily makes extreme basher vehicles and also makes beginner-friendly vehicles.

DRAWING THE LINE…  There is barely any line to be drawn here between TRAXXAS and ARRMA because a brand choice depends on your prevailing need and desire. Arrma and Traxxas are both important companies giving us a unique RC experience. Arrma provides for the needs of those looking for raw high-speed 6S expertise with a significant variety of premium RTR and EXP. Traxxas delivers a massive selection of 2S and 3S vehicles tons of drop-in fit accessories from various aftermarket manufacturers. On these premises, the battle line is drawn.