Traxxas 3S "Power Cell" 25C LiPo Battery w/iD Traxxas Connector (11.1V/5000mAh)

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Traxxas 3S "Power Cell" 25C LiPo Battery w/iD Traxxas Connector (11.1V/5000mAh)
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NOTE: Traxxas VXL Brushless models are 3S/2S LiPo compatible; XL-5 Brushed models are only 2S LiPo compatible! Keep this in mind when choosing a battery for your Traxxas model.

This is the Traxxas 3S, 11.1V, 5000mAh, 25C "Power Cell" Li-Poly Battery Pack with iD Traxxas Connector. This battery requires a Traxxas iD equipped LiPo charger to balance-charge!

All Traxxas iD Power Cell Battery Packs are optimized for free-flowing power and maximum punch with premium quality, low-resistance cells; flexible, silicone-jacketed 12-gauge wire; heavy-duty welded tabs; and patented Traxxas' high-output, gold plated, High-Current Connectors.

High-Current Connector
Revolutionary concepts come in all shapes and sizes, and the patented Traxxas High-Current Connector defines the new standard for efficiency, ease of use, and high-current handling. On iD-equipped Traxxas LiPo batteries, the balance connectors are integrated into the Traxxas High-Current Connector eliminating fragile balance wires and connectors, along with the need for external balance boards.

Charging with a Traxxas iD Charger
The Traxxas iD battery system is the easiest and safest way to charge your Traxxas batteries. The EZ-Peak Plus (TRA2970) recognizes Traxxas iD batteries and in an instant automatically configures and optimizes the charger settings. There's no need to be a battery expert or learn how to navigate complex menus. Just plug in a Traxxas iD battery and EZ-Peak Plus does all the work for you.


  • Semi-Rigid Construction: Traxxas Power Cell LiPO packs use a unique construction method that results in a firm, rugged, and compact pack that does not require a hard case. This allows Power Cell LiPo's to offer greater capacity in a given size, and also allows the user to easily monitor the condition of their battery. Unlike a hard-cased pack, if a Power Cell LiPo "puffs" or softens due to damage or abuse, the user can easily see and feel the change in the pack. Plus, there are no wire harness connectors that can loosen and fail over time.
  • Oversized Discharge Tabs: Power Cell LiPo's are constructed of premium cells with extra-wide discharge tabs. The discharge tabs are the actual contact points between the cells, so maximizing their surface area is critical to maximize pack performance. Power Cell LiPOs' extra-wide tabs ensure minimum resistance so more power and capacity is delivered on every run.
  • Hard-Wired for Maximum Durability and Performance: Power Cell LiPo packs feature High Current Connectors with 12-gauge Maxx Cable wire, soldered directly to the LiPo cells. Bullet connectors found on other packs introduce additional connections, increase resistance, and allow accidental reversed-polarity connections. Power Cell LiPo's rugged, hard-wired connection minimizes resistance to make sure all the power from your battery is used for greater speed and longer run times.
  • Maxx Cable: Every component of a battery pack contributes to its performance—and that includes the wires. Traxxas Maxx® Cable's 12AWG multi-strand wire offers extremely low resistance so power is not wasted as heat, and the fine strands allow excellent flexibility for easy installation and reduced stress on the pack's solder joints. Soft, silicone insulation protects against shorting without compromising flexibility. Maxx Cable is simply the finest and most efficient wire available, and the only wire good enough for Traxxas Power Cell battery packs.
  • Center Wire Exit: Traxxas LiPo packs have a center wire exit to properly fit Traxxas models with wire reliefs in the chassis. You get perfect battery fit without crushed wires or cut insulation—that means longer life for your LiPo battery.
  • Factory Fit: Traxxas Power Cell LiPo's are designed to fit Traxxas models so you get the most capacity possible. Forget the foam blocks! Special "7-Cell" sized pack configurations maximize the capacity in your Slash, Slash 4x4 and other Traxxas models. The wires exit from the center of the pack to line up with the relief channels in Traxxas' chassis for a pinch-free fit. There are packs for every Traxxas vehicle, each guaranteed to fit properly and deliver the performance built into our models.
  • Lifetime Battery Exchange Program: Traxxas stands by Power Cell LiPo batteries with the best warranty and exchange program available. For the first year of ownership, Traxxas will replace any battery found to be defective at no cost. After one year, any Power Cell LiPo battery in any condition can be exchanged for a new equivalent battery for just 50% of the new pack's list price, no questions asked!

Total Capacity: 5000
Voltage: 11.1
Continuous Discharge: 25C (125A)
Max Burst Rate: 50C (250A)
Watt Hours: 55.5
Charge Rate: 1C (5A)
Max Charge Rate: 2C (10A)
Dimensions: 155x26x44mm
Weight: 13.3oz (376g)

CHARGING NOTE: This battery can only be safely charged with a Traxxas iD Battery Charger. NEVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, charge this battery using a non Traxxas iD Battery Charger.

This product was added to our catalog on December 22, 2014

greg myers
Tuesday, Apr 14 2015 (about 9 years ago)
Traxxas 3S "Power Cell" 25C LiPo Battery w/iD Traxxas Connector (11.1V/5000mAh)
They say they wont warranty any battery that puffs because that is due to overcharging or undercharging.
That's also false because a battery that isnt sufficent enough in amp draw can easily swell and damage from being hooked up to a system that draws alot of amps " mamba monster"
I had this happen and the batteries were only 90 days old. They told me they would give 50% off retail for the issue. Thing is traxxas sells the battery for $74.99 and they want to charge you $100.00 a piece minus the 50% off when they warranty them out.
Yes thats right " We will replace any battery found to be defective in the first year free of charge" Not for me or as I have found alot of other poeple they want you to pay 50% off THERE MAGICAL PRICE.

I could buy the battery for cheaper than they are warrantying me.

Verified Owner
Friday, May 15 2015 (about 9 years ago)
Traxxas 3S "Power Cell" 25C LiPo Battery w/iD Traxxas Connector (11.1V/5000mAh)
I like it. Connects easy, my kids can charge their own batteries and I've run about 10 cycles through them and see no damage.
Mike Ragsdale
Friday, Oct 25 2019 (about 4 years ago)
Traxxas 3S "Power Cell" 25C LiPo Battery w/iD Traxxas Connector (11.1V/5000mAh)
This is a great battery, I've been running it in my Slash 4X4 for over two years now with
over two hundred charges. I still get a long run time and the battery shows no signs of swelling.
No warranty is really needed with this battery. Just remember not to run the battery below 20%,
store at 50% and always let cool down between charges.
David Gillaspie Sr
Friday, May 14 2021 (about 3 years ago)
Traxxas 3S "Power Cell" 25C LiPo Battery w/iD Traxxas Connector (11.1V/5000mAh)
I have no idea how people have issues with these batteries. I’ve got over a dozen different Traxxas lipo batteries and not a single problem with any of them. And they definitely add top performance to my Traxxas vehicles. Don’t believe the C ratings on some other batteries. I get far better performance from my 25c Traxxas batteries than 30c of some other brands. Don’t charge the batteries when their still warm from running. Always store them with a storage charge. And make sure your vehicles aren’t running them too low. Do this and they’ll reward you with hundreds of charges.
Sean Keith
Tuesday, May 22 2018 (about 6 years ago)
Traxxas 3S "Power Cell" 25C LiPo Battery w/iD Traxxas Connector (11.1V/5000mAh)
This battery is great, my slash gained a crud load of run time(45)mins and I’m going hard the whole time. I waited about 30 mins before recharging the battery because people were saying it puffs up. It did and I was very disappointed. Battery was great until it screwed itself. There goes money down the drain.
Ryan Falk
Friday, Oct 18 2019 (about 4 years ago)
Traxxas 3S "Power Cell" 25C LiPo Battery w/iD Traxxas Connector (11.1V/5000mAh)
I’ve had my slash since June this year and until a few months ago, i was running 2s. Naturally, I wanted to go faster, so I bought this 3s lipo. I will point out that this battery breaks axles if you run the slipper to tight and launch it hard, so I loosened mine up a little and now it works fine. I do recommend that if you want this thing to launch hard, invest in some metal axles for at least the rear wheels.
Avery Storey
Friday, Feb 9 2018 (about 6 years ago)
Traxxas 3S "Power Cell" 25C LiPo Battery w/iD Traxxas Connector (11.1V/5000mAh)
This is the best battery for its price it worked reay well but remember not to charge right after running for a while. :)
Shannon Thomasson
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Jan 25 2023 (about a year ago)
Traxxas 3S "Power Cell" 25C LiPo Battery w/iD Traxxas Connector (11.1V/5000mAh)
Good quality and works well! I like them so much i bought another two to keep playing!
Sunday, May 9 2021 (about 3 years ago)
Traxxas 3S "Power Cell" 25C LiPo Battery w/iD Traxxas Connector (11.1V/5000mAh)
Good batteries have had a great experience with them
John Lovin
Verified Owner
Monday, Mar 30 2020 (about 4 years ago)
Traxxas 3S "Power Cell" 25C LiPo Battery w/iD Traxxas Connector (11.1V/5000mAh)
I've yet to have a problem with Traxxas batteries. These have worked and been reliable like the 2S ones I've used.

Running two of these 6S on my UDR is fairly nuts. Honestly I probably prefer the UDR on 4S to minimize damage, but my driving shouldn't be a ding against these. I get decent run times.
Quentin Johnson
Friday, Aug 9 2019 (about 4 years ago)
Traxxas 3S "Power Cell" 25C LiPo Battery w/iD Traxxas Connector (11.1V/5000mAh)
I love these batteries. I also have the traxxas ID dual charger and just plug it in and charge. I use these lipos on my Traxxas EREVO 2.0 with stock gearing. These batteries give me about 30 to 45 minutes run time and the batteries do not swell.
Josh McIntosh
Sunday, Dec 13 2020 (about 3 years ago)
Traxxas 3S "Power Cell" 25C LiPo Battery w/iD Traxxas Connector (11.1V/5000mAh)
This battery lost a good bit of kick within year one. I stored and charged appropriately..... Traxxas Charger system seemed to not fully charge, balance, store or do ANYTHING with both Lipo and NIMH Traxxas made slash batteries..... in 2-3 years.
I am now charging and using non Traxxas batteries in my trucks.
Robert Lockman
Saturday, Apr 24 2021 (about 3 years ago)
Traxxas 3S "Power Cell" 25C LiPo Battery w/iD Traxxas Connector (11.1V/5000mAh)
Trash . Don’t buy Traxxas 3s lipos . They suck . They will puff and will not run your car at the top speed. Nothing but trouble with these and there over priced. Garbage .