Axial SCX24 Deadbolt 1/24 RTR Scale Mini Crawler (Red) w/2.4GHz Radio

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Axial SCX24 Deadbolt 1/24 RTR Scale Mini Crawler (Red)
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The Axial SCX24 Deadbolt RTR 1/24 Scale Mini Crawler is the first Axial® off-roader in 1/24 scale. At less than 8" long, it's ideal for indoor fun, but performs so well, its equally suited to outdoor adventures as well. Even new drivers will be well-equipped to tackle tough climbs and rough trails. Like it's SCX10 big brother, the SCX24 uses plenty of steel components - from the C-channel frame rails to the front and rear axles and dogbones. Offering ready to run simplicity, scale looks, and confident handling on any trail, the SCX24 has the strength to keep pushing onward and upward.

The SCX24 chassis features a three-link front and four-link rear suspension for realistic handling. The combination of coil-over shocks and durable plastic suspension links delivers Axial-worthy crawling performance even at this small scale. Plus, worm gear axles provide high ground clearance with a low gear ratio that helps to reduce torque twist.

Powered by an included 180-size motor and LiPo battery, the SCX24 Deadbolt shows off competence and charisma on the trails. The shrunk down Deadbolt body provides the classic stance, bulging hood, realistic driver figure, and molded roll cage with realistic light bar that makes the 1/10 Deadbolt a performer - and the realism continues right down to the licensed KMC XD229 Machete Crawl wheels wrapped in Nitto Trail Grappler tires.

Adding even more to its beginner appeal, the SCX24 Deadbolt comes 100% complete and ready to run. Everything required for action is in the box: assembled and finished vehicle; Axial 2-channel 2.4GHz radio system with servo and ESC/receiver unit; Dynamite® 88T brushed electric motor and 350mAh 2S 7.4V LiPo battery; USB LiPo charger; and even four AA cells for the transmitter! 




  • Includes radio system, ESC and transmitter batteries
  • Includes motor and on-board LiPo battery
  • Realistic narrow-stance rock crawler body in olive green or red
  • Molded roll cage with realistic light bar
  • Realistic driver figure and many other scale details
  • Officially licensed KMC XD229 Machete Crawl wheels
  • Officially licensed Nitto Trail Grappler M/T tires (S30 compound, large block tread)
  • Full-time 4WD
  • Splined and sleeved front and rear drive shafts allow for maximum suspension travel while keeping the power to the wheels
  • Steel front and rear axles, front stub axles and dogbones provide strength and durability
  • Rugged steel C-channel frame rails with bracing keep everything rigid and aligned
  • Front and rear axles consist of a two-piece, molded plastic solid axle design
  • 3-Link front and 4-link rear suspension supply optimal handling
  • Coil-over shocks with simulated reservoir and durable plastic suspension links deliver proven Axial crawling performance
  • Front and rear differentials each house a worm gear setup to power the axles and create higher ground clearance. Worm gear drive also provides a low gear ratio to reduce torque twist
  • Two LEDs in the front bumper for night driving


Approximate Assembly Time: No assembly required
Batteries: 7.4V 350mAh 30C LiPo
Body: Painted and trimmed Axial Deadbolt
Charger: USB LiPo charger
Chassis: Stamped steel rails
Completion Level: Ready-To-Run
Differential: Worm gear 16T/4T
Drivetrain: 4WD
Gear Pitch: 32-Pitch
Ground Clearance: 1.06" (27mm)
Height: 4.73" (120.2mm)
Length: 7.8" (199.5mm)
Motor Size: 180
Motor Type: Brushed
Pinion: 10T
Radio: AX-4 2.4GHz 2-channel
Servos: AS-1 steering servo
Shock Type: Plastic body coil-over .9 - 1.3" (24 - 33.4mm)
Size/Scale: 1/24
Speed Control: AE-6 ESC receiver/combo
Spur Gear: 55T
Suspension: Solid axle, front and rear
Tire Diameter: 2.0" (51mm)
Tire Tread: Nitto Trail Grappler M/T, large block tread
Track: 3.9" 99.5mm)
Vehicle Type: Crawler
Water-Resistant: No
Weight: 0.5lb (0.22kg)
Wheel Diameter: 1.0" (26mm)
Wheel Type: Black Plastic Licensed KMC XD229 Machete Crawl
Wheel Width: 0.48" (12.4mm)
Wheelbase: 5.25" (133.5mm)
Width: 3.9" (99.5mm)  


  • (1) SCX24™ Deadbolt™ 1/24 Scale 4WD Truck
  • (1) Axial AE-6 ESC/receiver combo (installed)
  • (1) Dynamite® 88T brushed electric motor (installed)
  • (1) Axial AS-1 steering servo (installed)
  • (1) Axial® AX-4 2.4GHz 2-channel radio
  • (4) AA transmitter batteries
  • (1) 350mAh 2S 7.4V LiPo battery
  • (1) USB LiPo charger
  • (1) Product Manual

Needed to Complete:
  • Nothing! Everything you need to begin having fun with your 1/24 scale Deadbolt is included!

This product was added to our catalog on May 29, 2019

Eric S
Verified Owner
Saturday, Mar 14 2020 (about 4 years ago)
Axial SCX24 Deadbolt 1/24 RTR Scale Mini Crawler (Red)
Not my first R/C but it was my first crawler. I liked the idea of going with something small so I could use it around my backyard and house. In short, this is quite an awesome machine for it's size and price! On a full charge, it seems like I can go for about 20-30 minutes before needing a charge.

- Small but powerful. The SCX24 is a very capable crawler and has plenty of power to get the job done.
- Easy to maintain. So far, all I have had to do is keep it clean. If you have experience with RCs, taking care of this is a piece of cake. If you don't, it won't take long for you to get the hang of it.
- LEDs in bumper are a cool touch. Haven't done a bunch of running around at night but testing it out, the lights are very bright. Think of them more like headlights as they just project forward.
- Decent transmitter (Controller) out of the box. No need to adjust anything, just put batteries in and run it. Controls seem accurate and response time is very good considering it is just a cheap model.
- Water resistant. I have run this thing over a dozen times into muddy water puddles that submerged the bottom half of the crawler. So far no issues but from all of the reading I have done, it is best you don't think this is water proof and use good judgement.

- LiPo Charger is absolute trash. The first time I went to use it, it was dead on arrival. You will know instantly when you plug the battery in and you see the red led flashing. Amain did replace it and the second unit worked. However, you will want to buy something right away. There is 2-3s Reedy charger that is highly recommended. I ended up going to Amazon and buying a cheap 2-3s charger and it has done a great job through 20 charges so far ( <--$17 and it works awesome).
- Motor reliability. This is strictly from my experience so yours may vary. My SCX runs just fine in forward and for about 20 minutes, reverse works just fine as well. However, after about 20-25 minutes, going in reverse is problematic. It goes from being the same speed as going forward to half speed and not a smooth power transfer. It goes jerky. Between Amain support and Horizon Hobby, there has been no consensus on why. I have a second SCX24 that I swapped ESC and battery from and my red SCX24 continues to exhibit the same behavior. Swapping my ESC and battery to the second SCX24 showed that the motor on the second car ran normally. This could only mean that something is wrong with the motor. I would swap and Horizon Hobby is sending a new one but it's out of stock, so who knows...

I would give this a 4/5, even with the motor issue. This little guy has been a blast to drive around and is a great way to get into the hobby or train a younger driver how to work a crawler. There are a lot of parts out there for this thing so you can go wild with customizing it but it is not needed. If you really wanted to though, I would say start with weight kits because I can see how that would provide a better crawl experience, less tip over.

Again, if you are adding this to your cart, you are doing a good thing but don't forget an aftermarket charger. From all of the reading I have done, you are literally 70/30 on a dead charger in that box so screw the heart ache and get a good one now.
Efrain Salcedo
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Oct 15 2019 (about 4 years ago)
Axial SCX24 Deadbolt 1/24 RTR Scale Mini Crawler (Red)
Anyone who wants a little rockcrawler this is perfect is great for indoor or outdoor is a little strong rascal it climbs nicely is more that is spect thanx amain
Adrian Apodaca
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Jul 17 2019 (about 4 years ago)
Axial SCX24 Deadbolt 1/24 RTR Scale Mini Crawler (Red)
Search YouTube for Real Rc Reviews and see my full review. I love this thing though. I didn’t have high hopes after the 1/24 Bareage but this one is great. Strong recommendation from me!
Kevin Mather
Verified Owner
Monday, Mar 14 2022 (about 2 years ago)
Axial SCX24 Deadbolt 1/24 RTR Scale Mini Crawler (Red)
Wow, I'm torn. The "love it" and "fun factors" are through the roof. I bought one of these & then promptly bought two more. They are fantastic little trucks. Really fun & capable, but above all, they have my young kids wildly interested in RC. They drive them constantly!

Now on to the bad. These are fairly pricey for the size. For that, I'd expect good design and quality components. I got one of the two. The electronics are absolute crap! Reliability is AWFUL. For two trucks that we've had for basically a week (truck #3 is still en route), here's the list:

Two dead motors
One dead steering servo
One glitchy ESC (stutters in reverse)
One dead charger (literally started to catch fire)
One dead LED headlight

Read that list again. Two trucks. One week. Most usage INSIDE A HOUSE. That's abysmal, borderline garbage.

A bright spot: I solved the burnt up motor issue. One of the suspension components, the front upper Y-Link makes contact with the driveshaft. it's constantly rubbing and you can feel it if you take the axle off with the link in place & try to rotate it by hand. A zip with a dremel to eliminate the contact and all is right.

Fun: 10/10
Quality: 2/10

Would I buy one again? All day long, but plan accordingly.
Phil Hopson
Verified Owner
Sunday, Dec 6 2020 (about 3 years ago)
Axial SCX24 Deadbolt 1/24 RTR Scale Mini Crawler (Red)
What's up with the battery and charger? GARBAGE! The included usb charger actually discharged my battery! Great little crawler... but Axial,really? Frustrating.
Brian Hampton
Verified Owner
Thursday, Oct 1 2020 (about 3 years ago)
Axial SCX24 Deadbolt 1/24 RTR Scale Mini Crawler (Red)
Well my first purchase for amain hobbies was great but the second has been horrible they sent me a defective Axial scx24 and will not do anything to make it right so I don’t want to do business with them again
Scott Blair
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Nov 29 2023 (7 months ago)
Axial SCX24 Deadbolt 1/24 RTR Scale Mini Crawler (Red)
Excellent Axial SCX24.
Great quality and so many available upgrades.
Amain has fast shipping, amazing inventory,and great communication.

Highly recommend them
Travis Elliott
Verified Owner
Thursday, Feb 2 2023 (about a year ago)
Axial SCX24 Deadbolt 1/24 RTR Scale Mini Crawler (Red)
Came on time. Opened up and everything looked good, although the battery looked as if it was puffed up but from the looks of it its just the packaging around the battery as cell count is good and is keeping a good charge. Already have aftermarket parts on it and am in love with this thing. Cant wait to get another!
Becky McMahon
Verified Owner
Friday, Dec 16 2022 (about a year ago)
Axial SCX24 Deadbolt 1/24 RTR Scale Mini Crawler (Red)
The product arrived in perfect condition and the shipping was fast. Thanks for doing a great job.
Andrew Bromfield
Verified Owner
Thursday, Jul 28 2022 (about a year ago)
Axial SCX24 Deadbolt 1/24 RTR Scale Mini Crawler (Red)
I have the Jeep and the C10 so decided to pick up this version. Great trucks. They are a blast to play with. Working on building an indoor crawler course. Get one, you won't be dissapointed.
Cameron Kalani
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Dec 8 2020 (about 3 years ago)
Axial SCX24 Deadbolt 1/24 RTR Scale Mini Crawler (Red)
Love these things so much haha, this Deadbolt version is quite a bit different than the C10 and the Jeep, this one uses shorter front links and longer rear links which help make it more stable, but the cage on the body makes it a bit tippy during side hilling. It uses the exact same tires as the Jeep which really help the thing get over ridiculously un-scale terrain, the Deadbolt would easily handle the best of the bunch but the cage does hold it back a bit so the Jeep takes the crown as the best handling version of the SCX24. They all handle extremely well though it's not a huge difference.
Jeremy Strayer
Verified Owner
Saturday, Aug 1 2020 (about 3 years ago)
Axial SCX24 Deadbolt 1/24 RTR Scale Mini Crawler (Red)
Great little crawler for the money it is hard to beat. Only complaint is the charger, but this is a known issue with these. I had already planned on upgrading to something much better.
Niels Meersschaert
Verified Owner
Friday, Jul 31 2020 (about 3 years ago)
Axial SCX24 Deadbolt 1/24 RTR Scale Mini Crawler (Red)
A fun little crawler that is great to use indoors and with kids.

Like it's Chevy & Wrangler siblings, the Deadbolt is shares a similar chassis with some minor links and wheel/tire differences. With a worm gear the effect of a drag brake is significant. The stock tires get pretty decent grip, though the lightweight of the overall model does mean some wheel hop and slipping on some obstacles. For steep inclines the lack of overdrive results in lots of torque rotate onto the back.

Overall, it's pretty capable out of the box for such a small crawler. Many hopups are becoming available to further enhance the capabilities. My kids (2 & 5) love using these models (we have one of each model) and have been a lot of fun.
Andy Anders
Monday, Mar 30 2020 (about 4 years ago)
Axial SCX24 Deadbolt 1/24 RTR Scale Mini Crawler (Red)
Awesome little trail truck can't go wrong for the to drive .would recommend
Wednesday, Mar 25 2020 (about 4 years ago)
Axial SCX24 Deadbolt 1/24 RTR Scale Mini Crawler (Red)
Amazingly fun toy. BUT the charger is HOT TRASH. Broke within 2 charges just like everyone else reports. If they fix that it would be bullet proof.
Verified Owner
Friday, Feb 7 2020 (about 4 years ago)
Axial SCX24 Deadbolt 1/24 RTR Scale Mini Crawler (Red)
Bought the scx24 for a birthday gift. Battery charger failed, red blinking light first day. No response from Horizon. Truck seems solid and ran a long time on a charge. If you don't already have a good lipo charger, add the cost to the purchase.

Due to Axial/Horizon not fixing the charger, I can't recommend this as a first RC.

SCX24 $110 battery charger and battery that will work $100.

After writing review horizon did return my call and will send a charger once out of backorder in maybe a month. Person on phone could not say the charger problem has been fixed, just keep ordering them when they break.
John Lovin
Verified Owner
Sunday, Jan 5 2020 (about 4 years ago)
Axial SCX24 Deadbolt 1/24 RTR Scale Mini Crawler (Red)
Very fun. I got my son (11) one for Christmas and decided to get another for after Xmas races in the basement. I wouldn't call it high performance, but they have some surprisingly decent climbing abilities. I actually want to do a few mods for fun...they are a great time. I have three kids so I may pick up another so they can all race at once.

The only issue I have is the battery and charger system. So...I give the rig itself 5 stars but the battery system...3? We did the initial charge up and all was good, ripped around and had fun. Charged a second time and off we went. I must have made a mistake and left the battery plugged into the car overnight, although it was turned off. The next day both batteries were toast and the chargers could not restore them. One charger flat out broke and the other sorta did a slow death; from what I read online, they seem pretty fragile. Anyway, went off to the local hobby shop and they confirmed both batteries were totally discharged and dead. I picked up a small Dynamite charger and did a brief Nimh charge on the Lipo's to get them to accept a Lipo charge. Then I balanced charged up both batteries and they work great. Success! Now they work awesome again. The batteries take a good charge, balance out, and have worked awesome with plenty of run time. I monitor the batteries better and am sure to unplug everything etc. So, I'm sure I caused the batteries to totally discharge originally...but it is just something to be aware of. Link to the Dynamite charger is below. As long as you don't sink the batteries like I did early on you should have a great time!
Riun Andreasen
Verified Owner
Thursday, Aug 8 2019 (about 4 years ago)
Axial SCX24 Deadbolt 1/24 RTR Scale Mini Crawler (Red)
I was skeptical about purchasing a 1/24th scale rig as others in the past have not been super great. Boy was I wrong! This thing is awesome, has great low end for crawling, tires are bigger than most 24th scale trucks. Super fun truck and can't wait to modify to make my own. Thanks Amain for the fast shipping and great service!
Travis Ellington
Verified Owner
Thursday, Jul 4 2019 (about 4 years ago)
Axial SCX24 Deadbolt 1/24 RTR Scale Mini Crawler (Red)
Great little trail truck! Fun for in and outdoors.Only issue Ive noticed was it doesnt have enough down low weight. It easily flips over but that is expected due to its size. A few upgrades when available would help out for sure.
Iriak Delgado
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Jun 28 2022 (about a year ago)
Axial SCX24 Deadbolt 1/24 RTR Scale Mini Crawler (Red)
I love this little rc right here, it's a very fun and capable little rock climber, my son and I really love it