Top 10 RC Cars, Trucks & Buggies Under $200

What are the “BEST” ready-to-run RC cars under $200? With so many different sizes, types, and price points available we're going to narrow down the RC cars to just ten.  All of these vehicles are hobby grade RC’s with replacement parts, hop-ups, and accessories available at Amain Hobbies or your local hobby shop.  So, let's find out who has made the list of the top ten ready to run RC cars under two hundred dollars!

Associated NanoSport

#10 - Axial SCX24

Coming in at the number ten spot is one of the smallest RC’s to make the list but it's a vehicle with big capabilities, whether you play inside or outside and that is the Axial SCX24.   This mini 1/24 scale RC crawler is available in a wide range of officially licensed body styles and features solid locked axles, a four-wheel drive drivetrain, realistic frame rails, and an optimized link suspension to offer realistic handling, crawling performance, and off-road trail truck styling.  The SCX24 can also be upgraded with many weighted brass accessories available to enhance the weight at the axles or the wheels to lower the center of gravity and enhance crawling performance.  There are also clear bodies available so you can add your own custom paint scheme to this cool mini-crawler.  Prices for the different SCX24 trucks very starting at $109.99* and going up to $119.99.*  Fortunately, the SCX24 comes assembled and includes all the items you will need including a LiPo battery, battery charger, a transmitter, and the transmitter batteries.  


What scale is the Axial SCX24  Scale: 1/24
What power type is the Axial SCX24  Power Type: Electric
How fast is the Associated NanoSport? How fast does the Axial SCX24 go?  Around 5 mph

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Losi Mini T 2.0

#9 - Losi Mini T 2.0

In the number nine spot is a truck we first saw way back in 2003 and it's back and better than ever.  We're talking about the Losi Mini-T 2.0 this mini 1:18 scale RC truck is based off of the older one tenth scale Triple X Stadium truck but has been downsized into its mini form.  But don't let that fool you, the Losi Mini-T 2.0 is a proper two-wheel drive stadium truck that features updated suspension geometry to match current competition level vehicles.  The vehicle also features independent suspension, ball bearings, oil-filled shocks, an aluminum chassis, and modern waterproof electronics.  The truck is even upgradeable with many accessories and hop-ups to choose from, like a brushless motor system for extreme speed.  So, when space is limited, this truck will be perfect for your mini backyard trek, garage track, indoor course, or if you prefer, the truck is tons of fun bashing around at your local park or jumping off the curbs in front of your house.  The Losi Mini-T 2.0 comes assembled and includes all of the items you will need including a LiPo battery, charger, transmitter, and transmitter batteries, plus there are two different body colors to choose from with a price tag of $139.99*.  


What scale is the Losi Mini T 2.0 ReadySet Scale: 1/18
What power type is the Losi Mini T 2.0 Power Type: Electric
How fast is the Losi Mini T 2.0? How fast does the Losi Mini T 2.0 go?  Around 10 mph

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Redcat Everest 10

#8 - Redcat Everest 10

Our next vehicle is our first introduction to the standard 1/10 scale size of vehicles and it's the Everest 10 from Redcat Racing.  This impressive rock crawler is great for those that love the aggressive looks of a monster truck but want the capabilities of a rock crawler.  It features solid locked axles, beadlock wheels, large aggressive tires, and a link suspension that provides huge amounts of suspension articulation to grapple whatever the terrain offers.  The brushed motor and speed controller help you climb the mountain with a high torque steering servo, keeping you pointed in the right direction.  The Everest 10 is a great starter RC and is a great crawler for rocks, roots, piles of dirt and whatever else you can imagine.  Plus, there are tons of tire and wheel combinations available to get that certain look and style you're after.  The truck comes fully assembled, includes the painted body, a nickel metal hydride battery, a battery charger, and the transmitter starting at $169.99.*  


What scale is the Redcat Everest 10 Scale: 1/10
What power type is the Redcat Everest 10 Power Type: Electric
How fast is the Redcat Everest 10? How fast does the Redcat Everest 10 go?  Around 10 mph

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Kyosho Mini-Z ReadySet

#7 - Kyosho Mini-Z

Coming in at our number seven spot is not just one car but a whole series of amazing little racers from Kyosho and they are the Mini-Z ReadySets.  For many years these little racers have been featuring some of the most unique and scale body options available, like the; Toyota GT-One, McLaren 12C GT3, Audi R8 LMS, Porsche 911 GT3, as well as the 4x4 crawler series, and many, many more.  With so many fantastic scale body options available it's easy to see how the Mini-Z series can be an excellent choice for car fans, race enthusiasts, or the model car collector.  Kyosho Mini-Z’s are also upgradable with both LED light sets and gyro stabilization units available.  We haven't even mentioned just how quick, nimble, and responsive these cars are with different chassis options available like the MRO 3 rear-wheel drive and the MRO 2 all-wheel drive.  The Mini-Z handling performance can be tuned to suit whatever type of driving you want to do; whether racing in your driveway, drifting in your garage, or competing at your local race circuit.  No matter how you want to use it one thing is for sure the Mini-Z ready sets are as stunning to drive as they are to look at.  Mini-Z ReadySets come fully assembled including the body and transmitter starting at $129.99* and going all the way up to $199.99* and they do require eight AAA batteries to power the transmitter and car.  


What scale is the Kyosho Mini-Z Scale: 1/28
What power type is the Kyosho Mini-Z Power Type: Electric - Requires eight AAA batteries
How fast is the Traxxas E-Revo? How fast does the Kyosho Mini-Z go?  Around 12 mph

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Traxxas E-Revo 1/16

#6 - Traxxas E-Revo 1/16

In the number 6 spot is a vehicle that captures all of the quality and waterproof capabilities that you've come to expect from Traxxas and that is the 1/16 scale E-Revo.  Modeled after one of the best bashers on the market this shrunken down E-Revo captures all the fun and durability of its older brother but at a smaller size and more affordable price.  Despite that the 1/16 scale E-Revo provides excellent climbing, roosting, and high-speed performance for whoever is pulling the throttle trigger.  Plus, it features a large 550 size brushed motor, inboard Revo style oil-filled shocks, sealed differentials, and waterproof electronics.  The all-terrain tires and body styling give it a bit of a monster-truck look but with all the performance of a low center of gravity high-performance off-road vehicle.  So, when the terrain gets tough the four-wheel drive drivetrain is up to the task and if that's not good enough there are plenty of aftermarket parts, bodies, tires, and brushless electronics available to suit however you want to use this truck.  The 1/16 scale E-Revo includes the assembled truck, painted body, a NiMh battery pack, battery charger, and transmitter all for $179.95* but it will require four AA batteries.  


What scale is the Traxxas E-Revo Scale: 1/16
What power type is the Traxxas E-Revo Power Type: Electric - Requires four AA batteries.
How fast is the Traxxas E-Revo? How fast does the Traxxas E-Revo go?  Around 30 mph

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#5 - ECX Amp

For the number five spot on our list we're returning to the larger tenth scale size to mash through the dirt and it's the 1/10 AMP monster truck from ECX.  This two-wheel drive electric truck is based off of a stadium truck design but boasts monster truck styling in the body, tires, and wheels.  The brushed electronics are waterproof for when things get wet, and the shocks are oil filled for when the road gets bumpy.  In the AMP you'll also find a gear differential, independent suspension, pre-styled body with two color schemes to choose from, and an included NiMh battery pack.  But perhaps the best thing about the AMP is the value, this 1/10 scale vehicle includes the assembled truck, transmitter, a NiMh battery, and battery charger all for only $139.99* and, four AA batteries are required.  If you prefer the AMP is available as a desert buggy for the exact same price including the exact same components if you really want some unique styling and looks.


What scale is the ECX AMP Scale: 1/10
What power type is the ECX AMP Power Type: Electric- Requires four AA batteries.
How fast is the ECX AMP? How fast does the ECX AMP go?  Around 20 mph


Associated Reflex 14T

#4 - Associated Reflex 14T

In our number four spot is a 1/14 scale electric truggy and it's our only vehicle on the list to include upgraded brushless electronics and it's the Reflex 14T from Team Associated.  This little beast includes a Reedy powered brushless speed controller and a 4500KV brushless motor to harness huge power for pure fun.  To handle the power, the Reflex 14T features a four-wheel drive drivetrain with a lightweight aluminum center driveshaft, three sealed gear differentials, front universal drive shafts, and a high torque steering servo matched with an aluminum steering rack.  This all leads to the 14T being one high-performance mini truck with big attitude.  If you prefer buggy styling Team Associated also offers the Reflex 14B which is equally as fun and also includes the same features and components but with a buggy body and slimmer front tires but all for the same price.  Both versions of the Reflex are designed for high-performance driving, hitting jumps, looking good, and both versions include the assembled vehicle with painted body and a transmitter all for $199.99* but they do require a two cell LiPo battery. 


What scale is the Associated Reflex 14T Scale: 1/14
What power type is the Associated Reflex 14T Power Type: Electric - Requires a battery pack.
How fast is the Associated Reflex 14T? How fast does the Associated Reflex 14T go?  Around 30 mph

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Redcat Everest Gen7

#3 - Redcat Everest Gen7

Our next vehicle in the number three spot, takes a slower approach to tackling the terrain but is well suited to do it, it's the Everest Gen 7 from Redcat Racing.  This first gen vehicle was first released in 2017 to offer a competent trail truck at an affordable price.  The truck features a four-wheel drive drivetrain powered by brushed electronics with solid locked axles, link suspension, and a forward mounted battery placement for high performance wherever you crawl.  To capture the trail truck look, styling, and realism this Gen7 features a four door SUV body, hard plastic front and rear bumpers, rear beadlock wheels, and licensed Interco super swamper tires.  Choose between either the red or silver paint schemes of this trail truck or go full customization by choosing from hundreds of trail truck bodies tires and wheel accessories available in the RC trail truck category.  It's no wonder trail trucks have become one of the most popular segments in RC with how easy it is to make them however you want them to be.  The Gen7 comes fully assembled including the transmitter, a nickel metal hydride battery, and a battery charger all for $199.99* and it does require four AA batteries.  


What scale is the Redcat Everest Gen7 Scale: 1/10
What power type is the Redcat Everest Gen7 Power Type: Electric - Requires four AA batteries.
How fast is the Redcat Everest Gen7? How fast does the Redcat Everest Gen7 go?  Around 15 mph

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Traxxas Slash 2WD

#2 - Traxxas Slash 2WD

Our next vehicle in the number two spot maybe one of the most influential RC vehicles of all time it's the Traxxas Slash.  This two-wheel drive short course truck is no stranger to the RC world and has been providing hours of fun for people all around the world.  At the heart of this brushed version of the Slash are waterproof electronics, metal gear transmission, gear differential, and fully adjustable ultra-shocks.  The Slash is capable of using a six cell NIMH battery or a two cell LiPo or if you want the ultimate upgrade, the Slash is ready for you to install optional brushless electronics to take speed to the next level, but the upgrade possibilities don't end there.  There are a massive number of hop-ups and accessory options for the Traxxas Slash so you can easily modify the looks, handling, and performance.  The brushed version of the Traxxas Slash is available in either red or blue and can be had for $189.95* and includes the assembled truck, painted body, and transmitter, but does require the battery pack.  If you don't prefer a short course truck Traxxas also offers their Rustler stadium truck and the Bandit buggy which are also excellent choices and worth taking a look at.  These vehicles include all of the same electronics and same items for under $200* but they do require a battery pack. 


What scale is the Traxxas Slash 2WD  Scale: 1/10
What power type is the Traxxas Slash 2WD Power Type: Electric - Requires a battery pack.
How fast is the Traxxas Slash 2WD? How fast does the Traxxas Slash 2WD go?  Around 30 mph

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And the #1 RC vehicle for 2019 is...

Losi Tenacity SCT

#1 Losi Tenacity SCT

If a two-wheel drive one-tenth scale short course truck didn't get you excited the next vehicle in our number one spot is the best RC vehicle under $200 in terms of styling, capabilities and value and it is the Tenacity SCT 4x4 from Losi.  This 1/10 scale size short course truck is designed around Losi’s competition bred vehicles and offers brushed electronics with the control and capabilities of a four-wheel-drive truck.  This makes the Tenacity SCT easy to drive and easy to control.  Not only is this truck an amazing basher anywhere you take it but with a few upgrades you can transform the Tenacity SCT for the racetrack to start your journey into the exciting world of RC racing.  But however you choose to use it the Tenacity SCT offers a low center of gravity chassis, independent suspension, waterproof brushed electronics, and a 4x4 driveline and adjustable differentials.  And, when things get bumpy the large oil-filled shocks will soak up the jumps.  The Tenacity SCT 4x4 is offered in two officially licensed body styles and is capable of accepting a 6-cell nickel metal hydride battery or a two cell LiPo.  The vehicle comes with the officially licensed body, the assembled truck, and the transmitter all for $199.99 but you will need a battery pack.


Scale: 1/10
Power Type: Electric - Requires a battery pack.
How fast does the Losi Tenacity SCT go?  Up to 50 mph

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*Prices subject to change without notice - last updated April 3, 2021
Note: Speed ratings are for informational purposes only, actual speeds may vary due to condition, terrain, battery type, and driving style.