Tekno RC EB48.4 4WD Competition 1/8 Electric Buggy Kit

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The Tekno EB48.4 4WD Competition 1/8 Electric Buggy Kit once again raises the bar in the 1/8 e-buggy class. Tekno has improved on nearly every aspect of the buggy with a variety of fine adjustments, and a leap in overall performance. These changes feed into Tekno's desire to manufacture the best handling, most consistent, most durable, and highest value kit on the market. Tekno is confident that you will agree that they have delivered on these goals.

NOTE: Electronics, painted body, tires and wheels shown in photos are for illustrative purposes only and are not included. See needed to complete list below for a full list of items required to complete the model.


  • CNC 7075 Chassis with Improved Wear Characteristics
  • Revised Steering Geometry and Ackermann Plate
  • Bearing Supported Spindle/Carrier Design
  • Revised Wide Rear Pivot Suspension Geometry
  • Ultra Efficient Drivetrain with New Universal Driveshafts
  • Revised Internal Gear Ratio for Improved Efficiency
  • CNC Aluminum 16mm Shocks with CNC Pistons and Guides
  • CNC 7075 Aluminum Emulsion Bleeder Shock Caps
  • LF (low frequency) Shock Springs
  • Fighter Jet Inspired Body Design
  • Low Profile Multi-Adjustable Wing Mount System
  • Lightened Drivetrain and Suspension Components
  • Shares Many Parts with other Tekno RC Vehicles

Length: 435mm (without wing)
Wheelbase: 323-335mm
Width: 306-310*mm (*optional hubs required)
Weight: 3200g (7.0lb) (RTR weight equipped w/ Tekin RX8, 500g battery, rx, etc)
Diff Ratio: F/R 12/40t, Center 44t
Battery tray dimensions: 50x148mm (2x2s or 1x4s config)
Kit/RTR: Kit

Needed to Complete:

  • 2/3 channel radio/transmitter
  • 1/8 scale ESC and motor system
  • High torque steering servo (at least 300oz/in)
  • MOD1 15 to 25 tooth pinion (TKR4175 TKR4185)
  • 4-6s LiPo battery (4s at least 5000mAh)
  • 1/8th scale buggy tires, wheels & CA glue
  • Paint for body

This product was added to our catalog on April 4, 2017.

Sunday, Apr 2 2017 (6 months ago)
Tekno RC EB48.4 4WD Competition 1/8 Electric Buggy Kit
This buggy is an interesting mix of awesome and disappointment. The innovative suspension is great and probably the centrepiece of the whole design. It jumps and lands nicely, the springs load up really well. On the track this buggy is easy enough to drive, the well laid out setup sheets from the pros are great in assisting matching the buggy to the particular track you're on.
Easy instructions and great setup sheets. Tip for all: download instructions for simple guide to setting up emulsion shocks...
Big smooth shocks with innovative mounting and springs with plenty of adjustability.
Big heavy duty bearings throughout
Direct steering.
Plastic in some areas are soft and require delicate, almost baby hands, when tightening despite the 2.5mm hexes. The centre diff mount and chassis braces in particular are soft in comparison to my Losi. The Losi uses a lot of plastic with metal nut inserts where structural strength is required, the Tekno doesn't. Tekno admits to removing an additive they claim makes the plastic hard and brittle, the compromise however is the softer/flexible plastic can be easily stripped or under tightened for fear of stripping. I gave up trying and optioned the aluminium centre diff mount which really should be standard. The plastic pieces are rubbish - too much flex and a pain to tighten. This is 1/8 off-road racer not 1/10 crawler.
Centre chassis brace restricts smaller pinion selections and/or larger diameter motors ie Team Orion. With a standard motor I can only just fit a 14T pinion but it doesn't mesh all too well. Removing the brace introduces too much chassis flex. Big jump or hard crash, without the brace the only structural piece stopping the buggy from folding in half is the beautiful long lightweight driveshaft. And no, as good as it looks, it isn't good at taking a hit. After two race weekends I bent one and therefore have since made changes to pinion and motor to get the centre chassis brace back in. In a bid to reduce drive ratio from the .3 to .4 model, Tekno has produced an issue that will be difficult to remove without a complete re-engineer of the layout. The new hot bodies buggy uses a centre rod which is clever.
At full steering lock, standard wheels will rub against the springs if mounted on the outermost hole. Reducing servo travel helped remove this issue.
Very tight ESC location. It's clear this buggy is designed for a tekin setup. You can get a Team Orion Vortex pro X in there but the wires will get very close to the driveshaft. A few more fractions of an inch in girth couldn't have hurt, particularly when the shaft takes a knock, bends and then wants to burn its way through your expensive ESC / Lipos... (Note: stop when knocking is heard...). EDIT... I've since cut into the ESC tray and reduced its height. That has given me a marginally better clearance between driveshaft and wires.
Very tight motor mount, I was using a screw driver to lever the motor back and forth but found adding an old diff gasket onto the face of the motor fixed a problem that should not be there in the first place. The tight angle of the mount also makes it trickier to set backlash than the losi.
Overall, I do like the buggy for its innovation but it's certainly not without its flaws. Would I recommend it? If you have team Orion gear, no. Beginner, no. The rest, perhaps see it in the flesh first or do your research.)
Kevin P
Thursday, Jan 19 2017 (8 months ago)
Tekno RC EB48.4 4WD Competition 1/8 Electric Buggy Kit
The changes that Tekno made between the .3 and .4 equal an easier to drive car, with increased rear traction. Typical excellent tekno quality, great on-track performance, you can't go wrong with this buggy.)
Joseph Muniz
Friday, Jul 28 2017 (8 weeks ago)
Tekno RC EB48.4 4WD Competition 1/8 Electric Buggy Kit
I personally like this kit a lot! Very well made with great Tekno quality. Run this kit at Amain silver doller raceway. Had awesome customer service like always by Amain.)
Guy who spends too much...
Verified Owner
Sunday, Jul 23 2017 (2 months ago)
Tekno RC EB48.4 4WD Competition 1/8 Electric Buggy Kit
This buggy is fantastic! Invest in the CNC split center diff mounts kit when you can. The center diff rolls truer with the CNC components. I highly recommend Revolution Design's 8th scale shock o-rings. These shocks are great as-is, but RD's o-rings make these shocks much smoother. Consider buying 'red' rear springs and possibly 'blue' rear springs too. With the stock rear springs I've got too much chassis slap and scrubbing on the downside of smaller jump faces. It may be wise to have a set of pink front springs on-hand, too. I think pink fronts and red rears would be best for tracks with large jumps. You'll need a 15 or 16 tooth spur gear with a 1900kV motor with the new internal gearing. Tekno put a really cool insert in the kit explaining which spur gears to use and associated rationale. Run the long battery strap through the front holes in the battery tray--the center diff outdrive will rub on your battery in the rearward position.)
jessie mathiesen
Verified Owner
Sunday, Apr 16 2017 (5 months ago)
Tekno RC EB48.4 4WD Competition 1/8 Electric Buggy Kit
Best buggy available hands down. The only thinG you will need is a proper aluminum servo horn. I chose the tekno clamping servo horn.)
Marcus Myer
Verified Owner
Saturday, Jan 28 2017 (8 months ago)
Tekno RC EB48.4 4WD Competition 1/8 Electric Buggy Kit
Amazing build and incredibly durable while easy to maintain. Probably the best bang for your buck in RC racing!)