Team Brood Thread-Grip Liquid Thread Lock (Red/Permanent) (1/3oz)

Team Brood Thread-Grip Liquid Thread Lock (Red/Permanent) (1/3oz)
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Team Brood Thread-Grip Red Liquid Thread Lock is a high strength liquid anaerobic threadlocker specifically designed for permanently locking threaded fasteners that are not intended to be disassembled. Thread-Grip locks and seals threaded fasteners while preventing loosening from vibration or shock. Thread-Grip also helps prevent thread lock from rust, contaminate or dissimilar metals. Not recommended for use on plastic or composite parts.

Anaerobic Threadlocks cure to a hard lock when applied to a fastener and then installed into a mating metal assembly. With the presence of metal and the absence of air, the chemical reaction that occurs will cause the material to harden and provide a solid assembly. 

Apply to either side of fastener assembly and complete the assembly. Wipe away any excess that may protrude from assembly. Thread-Grip Blue Liquid sets in 30 minutes and fully cures in 24 hours. Applying heat to head of the fastener can help to aid in removal.

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