Team Associated RC10 B74 Team 1/10 4WD Off-Road Electric Buggy Kit

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Team Associated RC10 B74 Team 1/10 4WD Off-Road Electric Buggy Kit
Price: $520.00
Discontinued Online
This item is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. You may want to search our site for a similar item.

The Team Associated RC10 B74 Team 1/10 4WD Off-Road Electric Buggy Kit was developed to deliver the performance you expect from an Associated wheeler, with the durability necessary to go toe to toe in the heat of battle. Features like easy-access, quick-change differential height make tuning for different track surfaces and ride heights easier than ever. 7075-T6 aluminum bulkheads and arm mounts provide precision and durability, while the updated shocks with increased stroke length allow for more consistent jumping and landing. Also included, a rear hub assembly with a modular vertical ball stud mount and axle height insert system to allow the finest roll center adjustments possible. These, along with many other innovative features, give the RC10B74 Team Kit the performance, durability and adjustability you need to make it to the top of the podium.

NOTE: Model shown complete for illustrative purposes only and is not included.  

  • Chassis:
    • 2mm hard-anodized 7075-T6 aluminum chassis provides improved flex characteristics and minimal mass
    • 2.5mm graphite center bulkhead brace for improved stiffness and reduced mass
  • Steering:
    • Ball bearing raced 7075-T6 aluminum steering rack and composite steering bellcranks with 2.5mm graphite input arm offers optimized Ackermann and adjustable steering rate
    • Redesigned steering blocks with larger outer ball bearing and increased bearing spacing for improved durability
  • Diffs and Slipper:
    • Quick-change adjustable differential height with 7075-T6 aluminum bulkheads. Four independent front and rear diff heights possible.
    • Easy-access differentials for worry-free maintenance and adjustment 
    • Fluid-filled gear differentials with machined ring gears, front and rear
    • Updated 3-pad slipper assembly allows use of center differential without changing center bone length
  • Suspension:
    • Optimized suspension arm geometry with improved durability and stiffness
    • Symmetric rear arms with improved geometry can be flipped to allow a "split" for rear shock mounting position
    • 7075-T6 aluminum arm mounts with optimized roll center positions use inserts, which allow fine tuning for a large range of anti-squat, kick-up, and toe adjustments
    • Common front and rear anti-roll bars to minimize spare part count
    • Anti-roll bar sets for both carpet/turf and dirt included Shocks
    • 4mm graphite shock towers front and rear for improved stiffness and durability
    • V2 12mm Big Bore threaded aluminum shock with X-rings for low friction assembly
    • Updated shock lengths front and rear with longer stroke allows increased droop and up-travel for more consistent jumping and landing
    • Machined shock pistons for more precise fit and smoother operation
    • V2 12mm shock springs for lower achievable ride height and nimbler feel
  • Other:
    • CVA assemblies for center drive-line with aligned shafts for minimal torque loss and improved efficiency
    • Redesigned rear hub assembly with modular vertical ball stud camber link mounts and axle height system for precise roll center adjustments
    • Outer rear hinge pins captured with bolt head and lock nut for increased durability
    • 7075-T6 aluminum motor mount and 7075-T6 aluminum center bulkhead have increased rigidity to maintain more accurate gear mesh
    • 2.5mm graphite battery strap with sliding support tabs for fine tuning battery position (accepts any R.O.A.R. approved 2S "shorty" packs)
    • 7075-T6 aluminum 9° caster blocks
    • "Floating" servo mount with 7075-T6 aluminum mount and 2.5mm graphite brace
    • Factory Team ball bearing set with 26 precision ball bearings, now oiled instead of greased for more efficient drivetrain
    • Aluminum clamping wheel hexes, front and rear
    • Lightweight clear body and clear wing included
Scale: 1:10
Power: Electric
Length (with wing): 395mm (15.55”)
Width: varies
Weight (chassis only): 930g (2.05 lb)
Wheelbase: 280.5-285.5mm (11-11.24”)
Internal Gear Ratio: 2.50:1

Needed  to Complete: 

  • 2-Channel Radio System
  • ESC
  • 540 Motor 
  • Pinion Gear
  • Steering Servo
  • 1/10 Buggy Wheels, Tires, Inserts & CA Glue 
  • Polycarbonate Paint 
  • 2S 7.4V LiPo Shorty Battery Pack
  • Compatible Battery Charger 
  • Other helpful items needed: Silicone Shock Fluid, Silicone Diff Fluid, Body Scissors, thread-locking compound, Body Reamer, FT Hex/Nut Driver set, CA tire adhesive, Hobby Knife, Needle Nose Pliers, Wire Cutters, Soldering Iron, Calipers or Precision Ruler.

This product was added to our catalog on June 4, 2019

Verified Owner
Wednesday, Jul 24 2019 (about 3 years ago)
Team Associated RC10 B74 Team 1/10 4WD Off-Road Electric Buggy Kit
I’ve always had an Associated 2wd race buggy since 1989 and I’ve always been happy with the performance and durability. However, the AE 4wd platforms have been unremarkable to me. I’ve never found them unappealing but I’ve never found them to be much of anything at all. Other manufacturers have had designs possessing just a little extra precision or adjustability to eclipse AE. *I’m glad to admit that’s over.* The B74 has been so thoughtfully engineered with a level of precision and tuning on par with and exceeding that of the competitors chassis’. The durability is there and when you really need it, —-> the parts are there too! <—— AE is done with filling out the grid. It’s now at the front. The B74 drives great with precise stability and possibly the smoothest shaft driven 4wd out there. Very low parasitic loss and the durability to keep it that way. The gear diff is a worthwhile addition for dirt. Some folks say it’s just AE copying to keep up and while it may appear that way, that isn’t the deal folks. This chassis may share a few visual cues but that’s missing the point. Drive it. It’s really good. Don’t forget this either: parts availability!!! It’s just not a big worry with the B74. This is simply an excellent 4wd race buggy.
Verified Owner
Monday, Dec 30 2019 (about 2 years ago)
Team Associated RC10 B74 Team 1/10 4WD Off-Road Electric Buggy Kit
First and most importantly (by a long shot) is this buggy runs GREAT and I mean great. It feels awesome on the track and I would buy it again. However, a few things worth noting.

I'm not particular to any one brand but I had built three TLR vehicles before this-this was my first AE. So when I make comparisons to TLR it’s not because I am a die-hard TLR guy but because I think it’s fair to compare Coke and Pepsi. I like both companies.

The Great: drivability and performance. Nice job with the driveshaft/dog-bone covers/sleeves-finally someone is thinking practically!

The Good: lots of carbon fiber and a decent amount of aluminum.

The OK: the chassis and side guards feel cheap to me. Maybe they’re not, and it probably doesn’t affect speed, it just feels subpar for the price point. I also felt like I got more stuff on trees with this kit than others, but I didn’t go back and confirm-just felt like a lot of plastic trees. Would have been nice to not have to buy wheels….again, all my previous TLR kits came with wheels. There is some play in the rear wheel assembly. Would have been a nice bonus to have an OEM fan mount. Need extra care to secure your wires away from the center slipper (if you're using the slipper) - a small cover/cap to secure the wires to/through would have been a nice touch.

The bad: at $520 (almost $100 more than my TLR 4WD SC truck bought brand new about a year ago) the plastic shock caps are an eyesore (most if not all on TLR are aluminum). I would also never run plastic bellcranks but I don’t know that anyone includes aluminum bellcranks in their kits (thank you for the aluminum steering rack) - maybe the elite kits should. Also, the rear hubs are plastic and again, for the price, felt a little out of order-would have been nice to get aluminum here. The battery strap design is really bad for shorty's (more below) and requires foam to be snug. Foam = :(

The Ugly: The MANUAL and BUILD. If this was my first kit the car still might not be on the track today. Luckily, it wasn’t. A manual is an extension of the kit and the brand and IMO was done very poorly here. This is where TLR blows AE out of the water-TLR manuals come with 3D line drawings (no shading!), they’re TO SCALE and they list the parts for each stage of the build on each and every page of the manual. They use dotted lines to show where each and every part/screw goes instead of just stacking parts on top of each other as this manual does. They come on higher quality paper and are seriously 2-3x easier to follow and build. My previous TLR kits came with much more organized bags (labels and bags within bags) and you use every part in a bag before moving on to the next stage. This makes it easy to confirm you have done everything you were supposed to with a given bag because you run out of parts when you finish a bag/stage. If you get to the end of a bag and you have parts left, you missed something-easy. B74 bags were labeled poorly (and in some cases not at all) and I had parts left and to use at the end of the build from bags in the beginning, etc. Not ideal not knowing (easily) if all the correct parts were used in a given stage. The battery strap posts are terrible. I had to cut them down to fit a shorty pack (who isn't running shorty in this?) and that meant the screws didn't fit and also had to be cut. Two days later they were all replaced as they had stripped out and I make it a point to leave them alone whenever possible).

The great and the good FAR outweigh the ok/bad here but to be honest I expected more from the manual and build process coming from a powerhouse like AE. The car performs on the track and that is what counts but there was clear and significant differences to me in the manual and build process compared to that of TLR, and that is part of the game when you buy a kit.
Tuesday, Aug 13 2019 (about 3 years ago)
Team Associated RC10 B74 Team 1/10 4WD Off-Road Electric Buggy Kit
This kit has had a lot of hype. It has a decent amount of carbon, & aluminum, which makes the design look similar to the YZ4SF, & X-RAY. The build was less than I expected from a 2019 Team Associated kit; between the vaguely illustrated assembly steps with no 3D guidelines to show how the parts assemble correctly, incorrect info typos, the yellow update sheet to build the diff & shocks correctly, & the setup sheets it was time consuming & confusing to say the least. The parts fit together well without gaps or overhanging. Even with all the plastic parts trees & screws, here were a few parts missing out of my kit, machine shock spacers for the shock update, ballstud washers, & diff shims. Some of the parts bags did not have all the parts for certain steps. The kit includes a slipper clutch which would be great for carpet, but since I only have dirt tracks in my area I sprung for the optional center diff. Routing electronics like ESC receiver wire there is not enough space under the front brace without bodging it or damaging the ESC wire, also running wires across a wide open center gear spinning can rub. The rear arms have a lot of play in the hinge area. After building it ran fairly good, but still needs tuning. I chipped an out drive, & there is some movement of the diffs in the gearboxes using the basic kit setup. It could use a better battery strap, & some foam or retainer spacing to secure the battery from shifting. Even though I truly like the adjustability in the B74, & the abundance in parts availability, but in my opinion it doesn’t seem to hold the same value.
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Jul 29 2020 (about 2 years ago)
Team Associated RC10 B74 Team 1/10 4WD Off-Road Electric Buggy Kit
This is my first 4wd buggy and amazed how much predictable grip this car has. Very tunable, maybe too much if you're unfamiliar with setup changes. Sometimes you can get lost and keep chasing your tail trying to dial this car in perfectly. But that's the beauty of this's built for easy 'wrench-ability', especially the front and rear diff cases. Even though the quality may not be at the level of Yokomo or Xray, i would still choose this due to parts support and availability. Typical AE manual and parts trees
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Aug 13 2019 (about 3 years ago)
Team Associated RC10 B74 Team 1/10 4WD Off-Road Electric Buggy Kit
Very pleased to always buy from Amain hobbies,my packages always arrive on time,never had an issue with missing products that I ordered,and if I did have an issue the customer service is real excellent and always get on top of that problem,will continue to shop with guys,I'm very pleased..
Saturday, Jul 20 2019 (about 3 years ago)
Team Associated RC10 B74 Team 1/10 4WD Off-Road Electric Buggy Kit
dream to build. very forgiving to drive on the track. jumps and lands like a pillow. gear center diff makes it even more forgiving. great car all around!
Verified Owner
Thursday, Jun 20 2019 (about 3 years ago)
Team Associated RC10 B74 Team 1/10 4WD Off-Road Electric Buggy Kit
vehicle went together very well, just a couple perspective views took a few moments to figure out (around the steering section). Just need to add the receiver and transponder, paint the body and it's ready to race. I have enjoyed the Associated 4wd cars from the 44 to the 64 and have raced them hard and they withstood the punishment (a 30 foot drop with the original 44 onto a stump is something else) but had the parts and didn't miss a heat. Can't wait to get the latest version on the track.

Got it on the track and right out of the starting gate it was on rails. Wish I could say I won but not quite. After the race I let one of our racers give it a go and he was rather impressed. Thanks Associated
Wednesday, Jun 19 2019 (about 3 years ago)
Team Associated RC10 B74 Team 1/10 4WD Off-Road Electric Buggy Kit
Great build, outstanding attention to detail and parts fitting. Only part better than building it has been racing it. Much more durable. More tuneable. Great addition to the racing fleet.
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Jun 18 2019 (about 3 years ago)
Team Associated RC10 B74 Team 1/10 4WD Off-Road Electric Buggy Kit
Great car forever. Absolutly best 1/10 4WD buggy I ever have had.
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Jun 18 2019 (about 3 years ago)
Team Associated RC10 B74 Team 1/10 4WD Off-Road Electric Buggy Kit
I love it. One of my favorite cars to race. You should definitely have one in you collection.