Team Associated RC10 B6 Team Kit

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The Team Associated RC10 B6 Team Kit offers racers a setup developed for high to very-high traction. Racing at multiple tracks, or where traction changes throughout the day, has never been easier; setups and tuning parts are interchangeable between the B6 and B6D configurations, making the B6 platform extremely versatile. Both versions come with the speed, durability and lineage expected of a true champion. Choose the configuration that best suits your track and conquer the competition!

Special Features:

  • Turf/Carpet/Clay configuration
  • 3-gear laydown Stealth(TM) transmission: lower CG and reduced polar moment
  • Gear differential: more corner speed and forward acceleration
  • Gull-wing front arms with wider shock tower: lower CG and increased on-power steering
  • Ability to mount shocks on front or rear of rear arms


  • Turf/Carpet/Clay configuration
  • 3-gear laydown Stealth(TM) transmission: lower CG and reduced polar moment
  • Gear diffential: more corner speed and forward acceleration
  • Gull-wing front arms with wider shock tower: lower CG and increased on-power steering
  • Ability to mount shocks on front or rear of rear arms
  • Hard anodized aluminum pocketed chassis included. Optional weights (not included) allow weight bias tuning.
  • Reverse bell-crank steering rack design allows more room for electronics
  • Repositioned A plate provides maximum front end clearance
  • One-piece steering blocks with bolt on Ackermann plate
  • Lightweight and durable aluminum C plate and aluminum ball stud mount
  • Updated ball cups and turnbuckles for precise adjustments and durability
  • Adjustable battery hold-down strap allows weight bias tuning
  • Aluminum front axle and rear hexes for less rotating mass and long-lasting durability
  • V2 12mm "Big Bore" threaded aluminum shocks with 3mm TiN coated shafts and low friction x-rings for improved smoothness
  • Factory Team Aluminum Shock Bushings provide stable shock mounts
  • Heavy-duty rear axle for added strength
  • Factory Team upgraded ball bearings
  • Team Associated clear body and screw-mounted wing by JConcepts

Power Source: Electric
Terrain: Off-Road
Body Style: Buggy
Scale Size: 1:10 Scale
Assembly Level: Kit*
Length: varies
Width: varies
Wheelbase: 280mm (11.02in)
Weight: varies
Drive: 2WD

Needed to Complete:

  • 1/10 scale electric motor
  • 1/10 scale electronic speed control
  • 7.4V 2S LiPo battery (saddle pack, shorty pack, or square pack)
  • Battery charger (able to charge one of the batteries mentioned above)
  • 2-channel surface transmitter, and its batteries
  • 2-channel receiver
  • Steering servo
  • Pinion gear (48 pitch)
  • Polycarbonate-specific spray paint for body
  • 1/10 scale buggy wheels & tires
  • Glue for tires and wheels
  • Tools for assembly

NOTE: RC10B6 Kit shown equipped with items NOT included in kit; motor, battery, ESC, servo, receiver, wheels and tires are not included. Body comes clear. Assembly and painting required.

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Verified Owner
Tuesday, Feb 14 2017 (about a year ago)
Team Associated RC10 B6 Team Kit
I bought this after being frustrated with another platform. I had been driving the B4 series cars for years, and then when the shift to the B5M happened I was right there. Overall I don't think the B5M was or is as good as the B4 out of the box. It took a lot of work to make the thing really drivable. Where the B4 was just really good out of the box. And because of my experience with the B5 I decided to go to another platform for this year indoor race season. After about a dozen races and a lot of money and effort to make the other car work well on the indoor carpet track, I wasn't happy. With some bigger races coming up, I really thought the car just wasn't going to get me to where I needed to be, to actually be competitive. So after many hours of pouring over the various manufactures manuals and setups for carpet it came down to B6, XB2, or YZ2. All seem super competitive and have design features specifically for carpet/astro racing.

I decided to go with the B6. And if you race on carpet you will be impressed. Not only is the car significantly faster in the corners than the other platform, the kit setup is really forgiving. So with a few tweeks to the setup this past weekend I was able to win the highly competitive stock class(First race outing). The fastest local guy another B6 (recently switched from the XB2) and I battled it out. The only other car that was close to the pace we were able to make was a yz2. The B6 has restored my confidence in the Associated product and I don't see any reason to look for another platform to run.

Things I really like: integrated sway bar mounts front and rear. Easy servo removal, Outer hinge pin height adjustment, Inner rear hinge pin height adjustment, battery hold down, chassis cutouts for easy weigh bias adjustment.

Build: I will give the build 4 out of 5 as there are a few mistakes in the manual. And the manual does not match up completely with the stock setup sheet that is included. Also some parts are not included in the same bag and require you to look for them in other bags to complete the assemblies. Everything was pretty free though with very little trimming or fitting required. The transmission is super smooth and the gear diff went together very well. I really like the new shock shaft design. Also comes with both long and short shock ends so you can tune the the droop to your liking out of the box.

Things you might want to buy: Sway bars. Chassis weights (car is super lite and needs about 100 grams to make weight in stock) aluminum rear hubs(I did not use the ones that I bought).

Driving: 5 out of 5 : Car has lots of steering. And overall rear traction is very high with the kit setup. On high bite you will probably want to make some roll center adjustments to tune that out a little. Jumps really well and lands nice. Doesn't get unsettled if you flat land or over jump things. Even a little off camber car just takes it and does not want to roll over. I was able to drive this car much harder through the corners because of how stable it was.

If you are on the fence about this or another platform I would buy this kit again in a heartbeat. Actually I am going to buy it again for my mod car. :)
Jody Hull
Thursday, Jan 26 2017 (about a year ago)
Team Associated RC10 B6 Team Kit
First off sorry I didn't buy this buggy from amain but my local shop had it on the shelf and I choose to support both.

The build was a little confusing according to the directions but overall was smooth.

The box setup is spot on. I raced this car on high bite clay in the stock class. I could nearly hold it wide open all the way around the track. My track went to AstroTurf and all I did was change tires. Holy Gees to my amazement the buggy was incredibly hooked on this as well. The only thing I changed was shock oil. I run a little softer suspention, other than that I won't be changing a single item. I owned a b5m and this car is light years ahead of the older model. AE got it dead on with this car!!!

Having said that I bought a losi 22 3.0sr. I have always liked losi and wanted this car. The build went perfect and simple, however the car was anything but on the track.

It was not hooked even a little. I fought this car every bit of the way and after one day of racing, the plastic outdrives were chipped causing the axles to pop out numerous times. After one run I sold it and will not buy another one. Not to mention the ridiculous amount to convert the trans to laydown which the b6 comes with. And then there is another issue. The rear shocks location. ALL of the factory drivers have relocated thier to the front. Losi should admit to a design flaw and correct the poor design.

Overall, the b6 hands down is the best for the money. You won't be disappointed!!!!
benjamin barrett
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Sep 7 2016 (about 2 years ago)
Team Associated RC10 B6 Team Kit
I'm going to start off with, this kit is probably the best kit team associated as put together in along time, overall design, tune ability , fit and finish all great. that being said my complaint with team associated is they got the car right but slacked on packaging and the manual. yes I got the car put together just fine, but for someone new to the hobby and or new to team associated vehicles be ware of some issues with the manual. the manual is lacking good illustrations in some areas, packaging of parts could have been better thought out. some bags where labeled
with a pen as if that was an after thought, a bag labeled miscellaneous hardware was kind of disturbing. what gets me is when you build the kit per instruction manual, it isn't the set up in the back of the manual. the only thing that broke with the kit was one ball cup cracked/split popping it on over the ball stud. it really felt like they figured out how to build this great design and were so happy with it they said f*** it and put it into production without caring about the little details, like no one ever took the time to test build a kit from their own manual just to proof read it and if they did shame on them for selling the first batch at full price.

As a side note not one issue with titanium screws from Lunsford with my b5m , got team associated titanium screw kit for this , 2 stripped out heads , overall they seem softer then Lunsford. before some thinks it was my tools , its a brand new team associated set that I used on the build so no it wasn't due to a worn out bit/tool
Mike Hudson
Wednesday, Jul 20 2016 (about 2 years ago)
Team Associated RC10 B6 Team Kit
The B6 is awesome, right out of the box!

I race on Astro turf mostly at them moment and the b6 has been really nice. All the updates over the b5m are perfect and make the buggy so much nicer. Full aluminum chassis, one piece front knuckles, quick removal shock mounts, carbon fiber towers, New v2 shock shafts (you can know remove the piston with out taking the shock eyelet off),laydown gear box,even the wheel nuts are better.

The kit setup at first had to much rear grip at, which is not a bad thing at all. A couple small changes on the rear roll center and the buggy was doing what I needed.

Very impressed with the B6
Dylan Chadderton
Friday, Feb 17 2017 (about a year ago)
Team Associated RC10 B6 Team Kit
This car owns carpet and astro. Best kit i have ever purchased by far. I came from Losi and never looked back. Great value for the money, recommend this 100%.
Verified Owner
Saturday, Sep 24 2016 (about 2 years ago)
Team Associated RC10 B6 Team Kit
Going into it, I knew the build and base setup sheet were a little different (from the other review) so for the whole build, every time a "set up" option was there I just went to the back and made sure I followed the setup sheet, right or wrong at least I knew where I started. Build was good, not perfect, I think the manual was off a couple times with screw lengths or something, but all the parts bags were labeled clearly and contained all the right parts. As far a performance..... Wow.... On a carpet track it just sticks.... jumps and lands perfect, easy to control, really impressed me. Hit the back of the wood jumps about 10 times with no issues, landed really hard with left front tire in the pipes, thought I broke it, and I just popped off a ball cup, popped it right back on with fingers.... So in the end, only issues I had were; little tiny nuts for battery, lost one on the track, and wheel nuts kept coming loose, but I'll either change the nuts, or just gum up the threads a little with thread lock. As much as I thought I wasn't going to buy this buggy, my track carries everything for it, so it's a no-brainer.