Team Associated B44.3 Factory Team 1/10 4WD Off-Road Electric Buggy Kit

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This is the updated Team Associated B44.3 Factory Team 4WD Buggy Kit. This kit features two main updates:

  • Updated pinion input shaft for easier e-clip installation
  • Updated differential shims to address bearing interference

The RC10B44 has created a winning legacy with three I.F.M.A.R. World Championships, four R.O.A.R. National titles, and countless regional wins. Since winning the 2013 I.F.M.A.R. World Championships, the designers behind the doors of Area 51 set out to further improve the B44, taking its performance to the next level.

The most significant changes are the hard-anodized aluminum chassis, which helps lower the center of gravity to improve handling and durability. The chassis has been designed to have symmetrical torsional flex to improve handling consistency — the floating motor mount, floating servo mount, and chassis machining help to provide the desired flex symmetry. Power and traction have continued to improve, so the B44.3’s drivetrain has been built up and refined to keep up with the demand of today’s high-traction off-road tracks. A set of four precision CVA’s transfer the power from the gear differentials via a complete set of ball bearings throughout the drivetrain.

Additionally, the B44.3 is even more adaptable to multiple racing conditions with the adjustable weight bias feature. Weight bias can be significantly altered by using either the front motor configuration with a saddle pack or the rear motor configuration with a shorty pack. The B44.3 is also backwards compatible with the previous generation VTS slipper clutch (not included) and ball differentials (not included), making the B44.3 extremely versatile and adaptable to any track condition.

Factory Team V2 12mm big bore shocks have improved smoothness and suspension travel, increasing overall traction. Lastly, the B44.3 comes with the latest JConcepts Finnisher X-Flow body and AE 6.5” high downforce wing. The RC10B44.3 has been given all of the design advantages that only a champion pedigree can provide.


  • Hard anodized aluminum chassis and 7075-T6 floating motor mount allows for front or rear motor configurations
  • Molded battery trays accommodate 2S saddle or shorty battery pack configurations and feature a quick-change strap with locking thumb knobs
  • Redesigned front and rear carbon-fiber top decks and floating servo mount improves symmetrical chassis flex
  • Front and rear gear differentials have machined steel ring, pinion, and planetary gears
  • Center gear differential has independent fluid cap for quick and easy fluid or gear changes
  • JConcepts Finnisher X-flow body
  • Factory Team 0° 7075-T6 aluminum rear hubs with oversize outer bearing
  • Factory Team V2 12mm “Big Bore” threaded aluminum shocks with 3mm shock shafts, molded caps with bleed screws, and updated O-rings for improved smoothness
  • Full CVAs and ball bearing drivetrain
  • Factory Team 12mm blue aluminum rear clamping hexes and 12mm hex rear wheels
  • Factory Team blue titanium turnbuckles, aluminum servo mounts, aluminum shock pivot balls and rear anti-roll bar included 

Scale: 1:10
Power: Electric
Length: 378mm
Width: *Varies
Weight: *Varies
Wheelbase: 284mm
Drive: 4WD

Needed to Complete:

  • R/C 2-channel surface frequency radio system
  • 2S saddle pack or shorty LiPo battery & compatible charger
  • 1/10 Electronic speed control & 540 motor
  • Pinion gear
  • Paint for body
  • Tires & tire glue
  • Steering servo
  • Tools

NOTE: Photos of completed model are shown for illustrative purposes only. Tires and electronics are not included in this kit.

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Verified Owner
Friday, Jan 2 2015 (about 3 years ago)
Team Associated B44.3 Factory Team 1/10 4WD Off-Road Electric Buggy Kit
I gave 4 stars because I do love driving the car, and the car has a lot of support and options, if you can make it though the first few pages of the manual without throwing it in the trash then you should be fine after that. After just building a b5m that was a great build, this was quite disappointing, the two main things that stick out are the outdrive bearings (put those on before you even build the gear diffs and it'll be a piece of cake) and the steel ring pinions e-clip...... Good luck with those, I slightly bent the e-clip so it would get in there (after 3 failed attempts) oh and the steel ring gears aren't cut perfectly so there's a binding spot, I heard it will break in good after a while. Might want to read some blogs before you build. But like I said, I do love the buggy...... Oh and DON'T do what I did, one day before receiving it in the mail watch the "brutally honest b44.3 reveiw" lol.....)
Todd Dooley
Verified Owner
Friday, Jan 9 2015 (about 3 years ago)
Team Associated B44.3 Factory Team 1/10 4WD Off-Road Electric Buggy Kit
I bought this buggy as soon as it became available, and I do feel it is an extremely capable buggy. If you currently own the b44.2 and know how to make all the needed adjustments and are looking to get a newer kit than this is probably the way to go. I on the other hand am new to 1/10 scale and was looking to give 1/10th scale a go over the winter. I personally needed something I could run and be competitive with till I became more familiar with 1/10th scale with minimal amount of tweeking and knowledge of indoor offroad 1/10 scale racing. With that being said, I also bought the hotbodies d413 soon after this, and now this sits collecting dust. I might re visit this buggy after I gain more 1/10 scale experience, but for now, the d413 at least to me, has made my experience in indoor offroad a pleasure.)
Jeffrey Smal
Verified Owner
Friday, Apr 17 2015 (about 3 years ago)
Team Associated B44.3 Factory Team 1/10 4WD Off-Road Electric Buggy Kit
I have been racing the B44 for the last 4 years and have had very little quality issues with it. It's been very easy to drive and maintain, I reckon it's pretty robust as I am not a good driver and i tend to fail badly at times. I recently upgraded tho the 44.3. As far as the build go's, it was very easy, instructions are clear and parts are packed in bags to suit each step of the build, not sure why people are complaining. I haven't had it on our track yet as i still need to put electronics in. Will update as soon as i have raced it. Would recommend it any day. Bang for buck and parts are always available.)
Marcus Myer
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Mar 2 2016 (about 2 years ago)
Team Associated B44.3 Factory Team 1/10 4WD Off-Road Electric Buggy Kit
Team associated always produces first class kits. The B44.3 is no exception. I run it hard on high grip clay surfaces and it feels like it's on rails, even if the setup is off slightly. Only drawback is the weak parts that break easy on hard impacts or crashes, a team associated parts trait. Must invest in quality aluminum upgrades for every part that's available to swap out. Now my B44.3 is lighter but more solid than out of the box. Rarely breaking parts since. Great go for the dough but expect to spend another $150 or so to get the car reliable.)
Zachary Porter
Sunday, Dec 27 2015 (about 2 years ago)
Team Associated B44.3 Factory Team 1/10 4WD Off-Road Electric Buggy Kit
Excellent kit, build quality top notch as with any AE kit. Extremely fun to drive, and the choice of saddle packs or shorty is a welcome feature, seams to have better balance in shorty config. Not sure if a center diff. is the best over slipper but time will tell. This buggy is as good as any on the market and less expensive to boot.)
Tuesday, Jul 19 2016 (about a year ago)
Team Associated B44.3 Factory Team 1/10 4WD Off-Road Electric Buggy Kit
Horrible buggy. Leaky diffs, all three. Cant do nothing to get the front end to stick. This car can not stick a inside line at all. The front end pushes and understeers like crazy. Simple as that.)