ST Racing Concepts CNC Machined Transmission Layshaft

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ST Racing Concepts CNC Machined Transmission Layshaft
Price: $11.99
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This item is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. You may want to search our site for a similar item.
This is the ST Racing Concepts CNC Machined Transmission Layshaft and is intended for use with the Traxxas Slash. This Layshaft allows the use of the Associated slipper clutch system providing a more consistent slipper feel, as well as more spur gear options to accommodate for the gear ratios needed for today’s brushless motors. The AE clutch system also allows the spur gears to run more true and are less likely to tweak during rotation.  

NOTE: AE slipper clutch components are required to complete this conversion and are not included.

AE Parts Needed:
Available Spur gear choices:

This product was added to our catalog on November 3, 2010

James Barnum
Verified Owner
Thursday, Jan 10 2019 (about 4 years ago)
ST Racing Concepts CNC Machined Transmission Layshaft
I've used this shaft on five different traxxas transmissions ranging from an 1/8th scale Chuckworks SCB buggy-build to several Factory Works chassis carpet builds. I have had zero issues and highly recommend this upgrade. Replacing the stock drive shaft with this piece allows the use of several different slipper set-ups, my favorite so far is the VTS system. This is a must do upgrade for me whenever I have a transmission apart. Many others who are part of the Traxxas forum have done this upgrade and I haven't heard anyone have issues.
Wednesday, Nov 21 2018 (about 5 years ago)
ST Racing Concepts CNC Machined Transmission Layshaft
The idea is there but the design has its flaws. The top drive gear off the stock traxxas 2wd vechicles does fit but not snuggly on the shaft. It should be a snug fit but isn’t. Because it isn’t, you would need to re-shim it with custom shims/ washers. Also, because it isn’t a snug fit, tightening down the slipper too much would also cause the gear to slip off the shaft. And if you do nothing mentioned above and just leave it loose, it will make a loud clicking noise every time a throttle adjustment is made which will slowly deteriorate the drive gear. Overall good concept to get rid of the terrible traxxas slipper but it’s not a big step up.
David Kautz
Verified Owner
Saturday, Nov 13 2021 (about 2 years ago)
ST Racing Concepts CNC Machined Transmission Layshaft
This is junk. The threads were not formed correctly. Threw it out and purchased the Exotec shaft.
Joseph Sias
Verified Owner
Wednesday, May 12 2021 (about 2 years ago)
ST Racing Concepts CNC Machined Transmission Layshaft
So i order this to use with parts I already have from my T and B6.1. Doesnt fit with the slipper hubs(91806,91802) or the slipper spring(91801). Bummer but I will search for a solution(B6/V2 slipper hubs. Also, cant find a nut that will fit on the threaded end for the slipper.
If it is m3 then it was not machined correctly. Different thread than normal bolts/nuts.
Jerry V
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Aug 4 2020 (about 3 years ago)
ST Racing Concepts CNC Machined Transmission Layshaft
This product does what is says and helps convert your Traxxas setup to the AE slipper. The AE setup has smoother, more consistent performance and has a greater range of useable spur gear options. The shaft is heavy duty and has a solid pin for the top gear that won't break under high power applications. My stock slipper weighed in at 33g but this setup, complete, is only 22g - a 33% reduction in rotating weight! And despite another review, the top gear fit perfectly and there is NO slippage on the shaft. Take note that the slipper clutch nut, ASC6629, had been discontinued but any 5-40 locknut will work. And the slipper pads are now part ASC91197. Finally, the slipper hubs noted are the older ones for the B4 (and work well) but you can also order the new hubs/spring for the B6 series of buggies and use the standard slipper setup or the VTS. Overall, the conversion produces a slipper that is significantly better than stock!