Simple Upgrades for your Traxxas R/C Vehicle

Traxxas Upgrades

Traxxas Slash

One of the biggest questions we are asked from new Traxxas owners is, “what can I do to upgrade my vehicle" so we are going to show you some simple things that will boost performance and make your truck more durable.

Upgrade Your Tires

One of the best things you can do for performance is upgrading your tires. Having the right tires and tread pattern for your application and terrain is the most important thing you can do to make your truck perform.

JConcepts Goose Bumps Short Course Tires (2) (Green) JCO03041-02

LiPo Battery

The next super simple upgrade is a LiPo battery. Adding a LiPo battery to your Traxxas vehicle will provide huge benefits in speed and overall performance.


Save Time

You may want to consider upgrading to a fast charger. Traxxas has created these completer packs so you can upgrade your battery and charger at the same time.

Traxxas EZ-Peak 2S Single Completer Pack Multi-Chemistry Battery Charger w/One Power Cell Battery (5800mAh) TRA2992
Traxxas EZ-Peak Live 4S Completer Pack Battery Charger w/One Power Cell Battery (5000mAh) TRA2996X

Pro TipWe recommend a dual charger for longer run times.  With two batteries, you can play with one while the other is charging.

Traxxas EZ-Peak 2S Completer Pack Dual Multi-Chemistry Battery Charger w/Two Power Cell 2S Batteries (7600mAh) TRA2991

Satisfy Your Need for Speed

Another important item to increase performance is a brushless system. If you have a Traxxas vehicle with a brushed system, this VXL-3s system will upgrade your truck with a brushless compatible ESC and motor. Brushless motors last a lot longer than the brushed motor that comes in this particular truck. It provides a system that just rips, especially if you use a 3S battery.

Traxxas VXL-3S Velineon Brushless Power System Combo (Waterproof) TRA3350R

Performance Parts

So, you've got the tires, the motor, and the battery. Now you need to bulletproof your truck. RPM offers everything you need, from ball cups and hub carriers to A-arms. In addition, RPM aftermarket parts are made from durable nylon, to last through all of your turns and tumbles. Plus, tons of R/C manufacturers produce aftermarket performance parts and upgrades.

RPM Short Traxxas Turnbuckle Rod End Set (Black) (12) RPM80472
RPM Front Bearing Carrier Set (Black) (2) (Slash, Bandit, Rustler, Stampede) RPM80372
RPM Front A-Arms (Black) (Rustler, Stampede & Slash) (2) RPM80242

We used the Traxxas Slash 2WD in this example, but you can easily find both OEM or aftermarket parts and upgrades by using our “Parts Finder” tool.  Be sure to check the compatibility tab on each item to make certain it works for your vehicle.

AMain Parts by Model Tool - Traxxas Upgrades