Serpent 811-Be "Cobra" 1/8 Off Road Competition Electric Buggy Kit

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Serpent 811-Be "Cobra" 1/8 Off Road Competition Electric Buggy Kit
Price: $549.99
Discontinued Online
This item is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. You may want to search our site for a similar item.

This is the Serpent 811-Be "Cobra" 1/8 Off Road Competition Electric Buggy Kit. The Cobra 811-Be is based on the same platform as the nitro powered buggy, but features a variety of original design concepts that are sure to impress even the most critical racers. The 811e has been developed with a state of the art chassis layout that features an advanced integrated standing servo mount, a unique receiver and ESC mount, as well as an ingenious motor-mount. The 2 x 2S lay-down LiPo-pack configuration provides incredible balance and features a unique lid-system that will keep the batteries safe in the harshest conditions. The extremely narrow and low design has been optimized for overall weight balance, while the low slung body and low height rear wing/wing mount have been designed for pure performance.

The Serpent Cobra-Be follows the same design philosophy as with the gas powered Serpent buggy, and shares most of the same components as well. The central section with battery-slots, esc and receiver holder, servo mount, motor mount, chassis plate, rear wing/wing mount and body shell are the items that are unique to the Cobra-Be. Keeping the weight as low as possible, with easy access to batteries, ESC and motor, while at the same time retaining a perfectly balanced and fast car in any track condition were the main goals when developing the 811-Be. This Serpent/Easton design is not about just replacing gas powered components with electric power, but a dedicated design which uses the available space in an optimal way, fully aimed at electric power use and ready to cope with extreme power of today's brushless motors.


  • Battery-Cases/Side-Guards: One of the most eye catching features are the extremely low lay-down longitudinal placed battery-packs at each side of the car, that are molded into the side-guards, securely fastened with a flip-lid, for fast and easy battery changes. The weight sits low in the car, in the right position and well balanced. The LiPo holders comply with ROAR legal packs/dimensions.
  • Super Low Profile Body: Improves the appearance as well as keeps the profile low and even from front to rear.
  • Mud Guards: In moist or wet dirt conditions these mud guards reduce the amount of dirt that will stick to the rear drive shafts and shocks.
  • Larger 3.5mm Outer Rear Hinge Pins: These provide better impact resistance in crashes, silky smooth suspension operation and longer pin life.
  • Captured Universal Joints: Guarantees you will finish a race without loosing a pin or set screw. All parts, axles and drive train components have captured pins
  • Hinge Pin Suspension Balls: This relieves stress on the hinge pin when adjusting the kick up, or anti squat. Your pin is free to rotate to any angle without binding.
  • Captured & Bolted Hinge Pins: All hinge pins are either captured or bolted in place.
  • Lightweight 3.5mm Drive Shafts: These drive shafts are equal length front and rear, and have been precision machined from spring-steel. The included flanged/serrated wheel nuts guarantee that you will not loose a wheel nut in a race.
  • Motor Mount: The motor is placed in the most optimal position in the car, keeping motor-forces and transmission parts / alignment in mind. Only one-screw is needed to secure the motor, in the nicely designed and durable machined aluminum motor mount. Space for additional motor cooling available as needed.
  • Lightweight Differentials & Center Spur: The diffs are compact and light weight. By reducing the rotating mass, you can further increase the amount of out of the corner acceleration. The Cobra-E uses a 13T/44T ring and pinion gearing combo with a 46T central diff gear.
  • Carbon Fiber Shock Towers: 4.5mm thick Carbon shock towers improve visual appeal, and are light weight.
  • Aluminum FR & RR Suspension Brackets: The CNC machined, anodized and laser-engraved suspension brackets are very strong and durable, yet remain lightweight and keep the pivot-inserts captured.
  • Symmetrical Inner Pivots: The front and rear pivots are on the same plane, helping to keep the car more neutral under cornering.
  • Zero Scrub Radii on Steering Knuckle: This feature helps reduce the jacking effect created by your steering knuckle offset. It provides a more direct feel while keeping the cars chassis more level while turning.
  • Shock Mounting Geometry on A Arm: Helps when locating the shock on the arm to re adjust the shock length and angle without the need to change other settings.
  • Front Steering Knuckle Assembly: The front roll center can be changed quickly by moving the steering knuckle shims to their appropriate locations.
  • Adjustable Wheel Base: There is 5mm of wheel base adjustment in the rear, allowing you to adjust the wheel base from 322.5 to 327.5mm.
  • Composite Front/Rear Chassis Braces: Allows the chassis to flex, which helps improve bump handling.
  • Front Bumper: Helps reduce the lawn dart effect on nose down jump landings, as well as helps to prevent scrubbing off speed on moguls, and whoop style bumps.
  • Chassis Kick-Up: Most angle in its class, this will provide more clearance for attacking even the most destroyed jump faces, ensuring you can navigate your way up the jump face without scrubbing off any valuable speed.
  • Eccentrics on Suspension Mounts: There is a range of different eccentrics you can use to adjust your kick up in the front of the vehicle as well as the anti squat in the rear.
  • Long Steering Tie Rods: Based on the bell crank design, the rod length has been optimized to be as close to the same length as possible to further reduce bump steer.
  • 16mm Big Bore Shocks: The benefits of this compact big bore shock design features large o-rings and superb bleeders. The larger o rings provide less overall pressure and a better seal without excess drag on the shock shaft.
  • Threaded Shock Bodies: This is for reducing parts in your pit bag. No more clips to loose. It allows you to make adjustments in much finer increments.
  • Over Sized 4mm shock shafts: Reducing damage to shock shafts from hard jump landings or impacts.
  • Shock Boots with Bump Stop: These shock boots have been designed to increase life, seal and utilize rubber as a cushion to prevent damage to suspension components.
  • Shock Spring Buckets w/Debris Drain & Key Locator: The spring buckets at the foot of the shock have drain holes to get dirt, water and debris out of the usable shock zone. The key locator helps to align and lock the spring bucket into position so it stays put during operation.
  • Captured Ball Cups: All camber links, steering links and steering servo links have been captured. This will help prevent any ball cups from popping off.
  • Anti-Roll Bars: Front and rear anti-roll bars made of spring steel wire and size indicated with engraving. They are ball raced for smooth operation, with a variety of optional bars available. Pillow Ball Sway Bar Joints provide a quick and easy way to adjust the left and right tweak of your sway bar.
  • Roll Center Adjustment: The front roll center can be changed quickly by moving the steering knuckle shims to their appropriate locations.
  • Ackermann Plate: With the design of the steering bell cranks you will not need to adjust your steering tie rods when changing the Ackermann. You will only need to adjust your end points on your radio. Other optional Ackermann plates are available. 
  • Angled Bell Cranks: The bell cranks are angled to reduce the difference in angle between the total caster and steering plane. Therefore you will have less bump steer and a truer steering Ackermann through the entire range of suspension movement.
  • Captured Servo Saver Assembly: Reduces unwanted debris from the servo saver faces, which will prevent a majority of premature servo damage.
  • 3mm Machined Chassis: Improves overall ground clearance on sides for minimal chassis dragging. This is an improvement for jumping and cornering over uneven ground. With less mass out wide the car will pitch less in the corner, but also stay straighter in quick left to right cornering. The light weight chassis also helps to minimize weight and improve overall vehicle performance. Other features include countersunk holes, anodized in titanium color and a laser engraved Cobra logo.
  • Keyed Suspension Mounts: All suspension mounts are keyed into position. This helps to relieve the mount of any side forces from tumbling in a crash. It also takes the pressure off the screws and transmission case and puts that force on the chassis.

Name: Serpent Cobra-Be / 811-Be
Class: 1/8 scale 4wd off road, electric powered
Type: Kit-version, high end competition
Differential: Front, center and rear
Shocks: 16mm big bore
Includes: Kit, body, wing, full color manual, decals, set-up sheet

Needed to Complete:

  • 1/8 Scale Electronic Speed Control
  • 1/8 Scale Electric Motor
  • (2) 2S LiPo Batteries & Charger
  • Radio Gear & High Torque Steering Servo
  • Tires & Wheels
  • Polycarbonate Paint for Body

This product was added to our catalog on October 25, 2011

Tuesday, Dec 27 2011 (about 12 years ago)
Serpent 811-Be "Cobra" 1/8 Off Road Competition Electric Buggy Kit
Beyond high quality. All of the parts fit perfect and you can tell every single part has been perfectly measured to fit tight and fit the right way everywhere... I recently built a Associated RC8T as well as a MP9e from Kyosho and let me tell you this thing is just so much smoother and its crazy because the Kyosho costs a arm and a leg but I guess your just paying for the name there. Comparing it to the Associated you can just tell there cranking those associateds out of the factorty because the quality of the parts this car uses is so so so much better. This car is also very strong I have taken some high speed hits that a normal car would tear a arm off etc. from and this thing went through it like nothing. So far after a few weeks on this car theres no wear on anything and it has so much steering and drives excellent! A must have for anyone looking to run a 1/8 E Buggy!!!
Friday, Jan 13 2012 (about 12 years ago)
Serpent 811-Be "Cobra" 1/8 Off Road Competition Electric Buggy Kit
Let me start off by saying I am not a Serpent fan-boy. I've owned a few of them (on road and off road) and the quality has always been very high, but I've never stuck with any of their platforms for very long. Having said that, I can't see giving this buggy up until something truly amazing comes out, nothing current can touch it. Like the other reviewer stated, the parts are extraordinarily manufactured. Fit and finish is off the charts. Case in point: the buggy makes so little noise on the track it almost sounds like a 10th scale 4wd... the diffs are nearly silent (assuming you assemble them properly), the only sound comes from the mod1 mesh, which really can't be avoided. The buggy is buttery smooth, suspension is astonishing. It has tons of turn in, yet stays glued to the track. Once this thing is dialed, it will go where you point it, every time. It's extremely forgiving yet incredibly accurate, a combination I believed to be impossible. I have owned every single purpose-built (with the exception of a couple of lower-end) electric racing buggy on the market and this one crushes all of them in terms of quality and performance. I can't say enough about it. My old faithful MP9e (with TKI2 upgrades) is sitting gathering dust since I finished this build. I've been on the podium in every single race I've entered with it. One minor complaint (with an easy fix) is the kit servo horn. It's got an odd offset and fails within 2-3 runs (I know of 3 other people with this buggy and they agreed) so when you build this kit- do yourself a favor and throw out the servo horn (despite it being a little more difficult to setup without it), run your favorite aluminum one and just use spacers on the servo to adjust for the odd offset of the factory horn. Other than that- just keep playing with the various adjustments.. you'll be running your best lap times ever with this buggy. It's really incredible. Eventually you will probably want aluminum rear hubs for the sake of your bearing life, but out of the box you can compete with anything on the track, having purchased nothing but a servo horn.. really!
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Mar 13 2012 (about 12 years ago)
Serpent 811-Be "Cobra" 1/8 Off Road Competition Electric Buggy Kit
It is a great car with parts that all have a snug fit, but this does make it harder to build. While building this car i received one defective part and many screw holes that needed to be pre screwed, unscrewed, and then rescrewed. This all took up a lot of time and at times the instructional manual was vague and made you do more figuring than you should have had to do. Then came the engine, man they designed this think to make you work.... there is literally no place for your wires to go and if you have a censored motor that needs sautering well your screwed. I did however think that it was cool that they made a special dock for your ESC, steering servo, and receiver. Overall this car has taken me at least 100 working hours and around $1300 and i still need to figure out how the batteries and engine wiring is going to go in. I would not reccomend this car to anyone who isn't an EXPERIENCED car builder because trust me, this is not a first time project.
gary dameron
Monday, Jul 16 2012 (about 12 years ago)
Serpent 811-Be "Cobra" 1/8 Off Road Competition Electric Buggy Kit
This buggy is nothing less then 5 stars ..This is one of those cars that don't need upgrades, its built right from the factory of the best if not the best car I've had the joy to build and drive.
Friday, Apr 20 2012 (about 12 years ago)
Serpent 811-Be "Cobra" 1/8 Off Road Competition Electric Buggy Kit
I have mixed feelings about this buggy. First of all you should know that it is a very high quality buggy. One of the best made cars I have ever seen. Fit and finish are over the top. The chassis a work of art. Very beefy. It is a true e-designed buggy and uses a dual pack setup. A pair of well designed lipo trays will keep them safe and from moving at all. On the track it drove very well. It's balanced design allowed for smooth jumping and excellent handling. Very smooth drive train, like the Mugen ECO. Now this all sounds great, but there are some drawbacks to this car. Parts are very very expensive. Think Xray+ type costs. Parts support was non existent in my area, so you might want to consider that. The car is durable, so you probably wont need a lot of replacements, but upgrades will be murder. That brings me to my next point. It needs tuning to get it right. Out of the box, it is super stiff. Obviously, it's designed for hard tracks in Europe. Over here, in the U.S., it's a different story. Once you get it tuned though, it handles very well. Steering is not good out of the box. You can use one of three different "ackermans" to adjust this. Unfortunately, they only provide one in the kit and it's the one that provides the least amount of steering. They are $24 each. Ouch! The e-design has a few drawbacks as well. It's difficult to work on. Putting the servo in is a nightmare. You have to remove the entire radio tray to get to it. Routing the wires is a challenge. Make sure you route them to the rear of the rx box. It has a good motor mount, but it's really tough getting the motor to slide out to work on it. The rx box is a bit too small and doesn't allow for a lot of wires going into it. That being said, it is a good buggy and quality-wise it is worth the money. Once you get it set up right, you will be pleased with it. For what you pay though, it is not leaps and bounds better than other less expensive buggies.
Friday, Jan 18 2013 (about 11 years ago)
Serpent 811-Be "Cobra" 1/8 Off Road Competition Electric Buggy Kit
Awesome! Finally eat the bullet to buy this guy, will build it and get ready for winter! Bought the slim HobbyWing ESC to go with it too. (may go with the RX8 or MMP)
Joel Daigle
Verified Owner
Sunday, Apr 8 2012 (about 12 years ago)
Serpent 811-Be "Cobra" 1/8 Off Road Competition Electric Buggy Kit
The car is very funny to drive. It's my first buggy, and the first electric car. good control and very good steering on power.

For my first buggy i'm start with a VERRY NICE card!!! Thank you Serpent!!! :)