Not only is upgrading and customizing your RC car fun, but it also increases performance and longevity. Although there are endless possibilities when it comes to upgrades, we'd like to share a few that we think are right for any Ready-to-Run ride.

Servo Upgrade

Steering Servo Gif

Over time stock servos can wear out and give up. As a vital electronic in your RC car, having a servo you can trust is a must. High torque, metal gear, waterproof servos from EcoPower can handle all the extreme driving you can dish out. On top of their durability, they are rebuildable, so if they ever do give out, you can replace the gears and be on your way.

Super Tough Plastic Replacement Parts


RPM parts are made from a special blend of plastic that flexes rather than breaks. This means they can take abuse better than most other plastic parts. Replacing high impact parts such as a-arms, bumpers, and shock towers can help you keep your ride off the workbench and on the road.

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Bash Armor & Tough Color Bodies

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Pro-Line Bash Armor bodies are twice as thick as typical polycarbonate bodies and are ultra-durable to reduce the chance of cracking or shattering. If you drive hard, and your body shows it, it may be a good idea to invest in a Bash Armor body from Pro-Line. The less time and money you have to spend replacing bodies is more time enjoying your RC.

Protective Chassis Covers

Not only is dirt and dust annoying, but it can harm valuable electronics such as your motor. Dusty Motors chassis covers are hand-made, dustproof, and water-resistant. Keeping dust and debris out of your chassis and away from your electronics makes clean up a breeze.