ProTek RC "TruTorque SL" Metric Hex Driver Set (4) (1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm)

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ProTek RC "TruTorque SL" Metric Hex Driver Set (4)
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The ProTek R/C "TruTorque SL" Metric Hex Driver Set features large 20mm diameter handles with machined relief holes and cross hatch knurling to reduce weight and provide a high grip surface. The end of the handle features a rotating end cap that allows the tool to spin in your palm, maximizing comfort during long wrench sessions. Plus, the tip size is laser etched in not one - but the THREE different spots on the handle to help simplify identification. 

TruTorque SL tools also feature proven HSS steel tips. These tips are precision cut to create an exceptional fit with the fastener, and will continue to hold their edge throughout repeated use. The 80mm long tip is secured in the handle with an M3 set screw, and a full range of replacement tips are available so they are easily replaced if needed.

ProTek R/C has raised the bar again, with investment grade tools that will outlast the life of the model you are working on...and remain with you for years after. Grab a set and see why TruTorque tools are used and trusted by professionals and weekend warriors around the world. 



  • CNC machined knurled aluminum handle with relief holes
  • Rotating aluminum end cap
  • Durable, precision cut, 80mm long HSS Steel tip
  • Tip size is etched in three places on the handle for easy identification


  • (1) 1.5mm Hex Driver
  • (1) 2.0mm Hex Driver
  • (1) 2.5mm Hex Driver
  • (1) 3.0mm Hex Driver

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This product was added to our catalog on August 7, 2019

vinh ky
Verified Owner
Thursday, Mar 26 2020 (about 4 years ago)
ProTek RC "TruTorque SL" Metric Hex Driver Set (4)
It was between these and the MIP (standard) and am happy with these.

We all start with the dynamite set and eventually.. they start stripping our screws and if you're still in the hobby... you'll start researching : )

The thing i like about these are the size and also the end of the handle spins which is my personal main Criteria why I choose this set.

Box: it's cool but i just toss them in my regular storage and use the case to hold other items (batteries).

The holes i believe are to make the tool lighter (they are light) but i do sometimes use the holes with another driver to make a T-handle depending on what i am working on.

They also look cooler than the MIPs.... cause you know.. that's what matters most :D
Verified Owner
Sunday, Jul 26 2020 (about 3 years ago)
ProTek RC "TruTorque SL" Metric Hex Driver Set (4)
Alexander Adams
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Feb 22 2023 (about a year ago)
ProTek RC "TruTorque SL" Metric Hex Driver Set (4)
Had an issue I contacted Amain we tried to rectify the problem and with no issues at all they took care of me. If anything I was kinda shocked I feel like nowadays it's a fight at store to prove your item has an issue. The drivers are great especially with the added collar identifier set but with the added fact of Amains customer service towards there own products alone was definitely the cherry on top. I'm 100% confident in the Protek name now.
Robert Rowe
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Feb 22 2023 (about a year ago)
ProTek RC "TruTorque SL" Metric Hex Driver Set (4)
OK, this is the most I have ever invested in a set of smaller tools dedicated to my RC addiction.
The pro's:
Nice little storage case to keep things safe and clean, although it is bigger than it has to be.
The handle is big enough and grippy enough for delicate work as well as heavy work. It is so good that you could easily over torque your hardware if not being careful.
Quite ergonomic, no fatigue in my old hands, even though the handle is just slightly larger than I would prefer. Just slightly.
The bit is very precise, and it held tiny little beadlock screws with ease.
They are very good looking, almost sexy. I mean, even the color is nice.
With the palm wheel, they roll in your hand very nicely once you give a few turns.
Did I say sexy? Yes, I did. These are high quality RC tools. Not for the brakes on your full size truck, but definitely for the dash board or stereo.
The con's:
If you mistakenly set them down on the work bench, they roll.
When they roll, they may go as far as rolling off the bench.
When they roll off the bench, they may hit the ground!
If they hit the ground, they may hit with the bit side down.
If they hit with the bit side down, they may damage the tiny little 1.5mm tip, and then you need a new bit!

I really like these, and have driven only about 100 little screws.
I really wish that they did not roll...
Can you please update and offer a trade-in program or special pricing for current owners?
Yes, I know we should be careful, we could set them back into the protective case, but we are human, we are sometimes in a hurry. We sometimes want to clean or dry our beautiful tools before putting them away.
So, I knocked off 1 star for the rolling issue, and I'll have to be very careful with my tools, but in the meantime, I'll likely be using my far less expensive DU-BRO set so I don't have to be so careful.
p.s. it would also be nice if the bits would transfer to a standard 1/4" driver as well. ... because I do like the bits.
Thank you for reading so far if you did.
Sean Williams
Verified Owner
Thursday, Jul 7 2022 (about 2 years ago)
ProTek RC "TruTorque SL" Metric Hex Driver Set (4)
A must have in any tool box. I originally had MIP tools, and they are great. However I was frustrated when I had to change the entire tool when the tip was worn out. I made the switch to these TruTorque tools, and I am really impressed. I've been using these tools for a little over a year and I have not worn any tips out, but the best part is if I do, they are easy to replace and cheaper than buying a whole new tool. Nice job ProTek, you really did your homework on these.
Verified Owner
Friday, Jun 10 2022 (about 2 years ago)
ProTek RC "TruTorque SL" Metric Hex Driver Set (4)
I looked at several brands including MIP before deciding on these Protek. They weight significantly less, have longer handles (great for larger hands like mine) and the knurling is perfect for good grip but not annoyingly sharp. Something else I liked is the shafts are replaceable unlike the MIP. Great set of drivers!
Verified Owner
Saturday, Apr 23 2022 (about 2 years ago)
ProTek RC "TruTorque SL" Metric Hex Driver Set (4)
Great set of tools, I bought these to take to the track and trail, and they have exceeded my expectation. Machining us great and feels high quality. No issue with wear even after months of heavy use. Still feel brand new. The rotating "palm ball" is a nice touch and works great!
Verified Owner
Wednesday, May 20 2020 (about 4 years ago)
ProTek RC "TruTorque SL" Metric Hex Driver Set (4)
It is light, construction is perfect, except for the back caps. The back caps does not freely rotate, and I actually bought these instead of the other brands because of the rotating back cap. If you like rotating back caps, do not buy these. That being said, I still like them.
Eric Bonneman
Verified Owner
Friday, Jun 21 2024 (3 weeks ago)
ProTek RC "TruTorque SL" Metric Hex Driver Set (4)
Awesome driver set, great feel and quality - these are in the pit bag.
Edgar Ortiz
Monday, Jun 10 2024 (5 weeks ago)
ProTek RC "TruTorque SL" Metric Hex Driver Set (4)
Love my hex driver set, especially being able to freshen up my tips by simply replacing the hex shaft is very convenient.
Tirthankar Ron Chatterjee
Verified Owner
Saturday, May 11 2024 (2 months ago)
ProTek RC "TruTorque SL" Metric Hex Driver Set (4)
ProTek RC "TruTorque SL" Metric Hex Driver Set (4). So far so good no issues good quality built .
Brian Zamarripa
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Apr 10 2024 (3 months ago)
ProTek RC "TruTorque SL" Metric Hex Driver Set (4)
I have been using these for the last 3 years. And I have not broken any tips. Just like any tool. Make sure it’s properly seated. And have no issues. Excellent quality. Nice tools to have for sure.
Anthony Hogan
Verified Owner
Saturday, Jan 27 2024 (6 months ago)
ProTek RC "TruTorque SL" Metric Hex Driver Set (4)
These tools look amazing and are designed well with one minor exception. The rotating cap on 3 out of 4 tools in the hex wrench kit I received were binding and grinding. I removed the rotating cap, reset the silver retaining ring in the appropriate groove and smoothed any cut areas beneath the cap. I then lightly greased the inside groove, retaining ring and underside of the rotating cap. It now rotates smoothly and quietly without any binding. I performed this procedure on all my Protek SL tools and am very satisfied with the final result. I am an admitted tool addict and am constantly searching for the BEST, spare no expense. I plan to order more!
Matthew Taylor
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Sep 27 2023 (10 months ago)
ProTek RC "TruTorque SL" Metric Hex Driver Set (4)
These Protek tools are awesome! Best I’ve used yet. They are a very tight tolerance, and the knurled handle gives excellent grip. I initially bought one set of metric hex drivers, and now I have the whole set, because they’re just that good.
Nonoy A Ball
Verified Owner
Friday, Jun 23 2023 (about a year ago)
ProTek RC "TruTorque SL" Metric Hex Driver Set (4)
Great set of allen driver set. 10 stars. Grippy and light weight.
Seth Thornton
Verified Owner
Monday, Jan 16 2023 (about a year ago)
ProTek RC "TruTorque SL" Metric Hex Driver Set (4)
still one of the best Sets of Hexes you can get for the Price great in the had when wrenching on your models
Ken M
Verified Owner
Sunday, Nov 13 2022 (about a year ago)
ProTek RC "TruTorque SL" Metric Hex Driver Set (4)
Where have these been the last 20 years? My wrists and fingers appreciate them. The tips are true to size, the handles feel great in hand. Do yourself and your hands a favor and give these a shot. They are wonderful and look excellent!
Aaron Salais
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Jul 20 2022 (about a year ago)
ProTek RC "TruTorque SL" Metric Hex Driver Set (4)
I ordered these the nut drivers and the turn buckle wrenches. They are extremely well made very light and worth every penny. I highly recommend these tools and the tool bag.

I had questions and amain answered my questions. Best customer service very knowledgeable.

Aaron Salais Kailua, Hawaii
Jonathan Hogue
Verified Owner
Friday, Aug 19 2022 (about a year ago)
ProTek RC "TruTorque SL" Metric Hex Driver Set (4)
The reviews speak for themselves. This metric hex set is the standard in RC offroad racing and I couldn't be happier. I put products through the wringer before posting reviews about them, simply because I want things to be as true to life as possible, after all, what's the point of having a product reviewed when it's out-of-the-box stock. Doesn't make sense, does it?

That said, these are the best hex drivers I've ever owned for my racing pit. Period. They haven't worn down over time and spare the screws in my top of the line racing rigs. Do yourselves a favor and get the full sets of these!
Adam Sullivan
Thursday, Mar 10 2022 (about 2 years ago)
ProTek RC "TruTorque SL" Metric Hex Driver Set (4)
I've been using this set for about 3 weeks now and I'm constantly wrenching on RC cars for my LHS. I have been very please with the quality and craftmanship of these tools, they rival anything that Hudy, MIP, or other expensive brand makes. The rotating top is a nice touch for when there is no load on the screw or bolt for faster installation or removal. Light weight, and clearly marked with their sizes, and replaceable tips!