ProTek RC LiFe Mugen/AE/8ight-X Receiver Battery Pack (6.6V/1600mAh) (w/Balancer Plug)

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ProTek RC LiFe Mugen/AE/8ight-X Receiver Battery Pack (6.6V/1600mAh)
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This is a ProTek R/C 1600mAh LiFe Flat Receiver Battery Pack. Lithium battery technology is evolving. With cell dimensions that fit anywhere a standard Li-Poly battery will and rapidly increasing capacity, LiFe chemistry will soon set the standard that all others are judged by. With the ability to deliver 1000+ usable cycles, and a life span up to 4 times longer than Li-Poly batteries (when cycled under the same discharge conditions), these batteries offer the user an excellent balance of performance and value. LiFe batteries are more durable than Li-Poly and are able to handle a higher level of abuse when compared to Li-Poly without the risk of pre-mature failure. Unlike Li-Poly, LiFe cells can be stored in a fully charged state with little to no loss in stored power, and can be discharged deeper with less risk of damage to the cells. Most importantly, LiFe batteries are SAFE! There is no risk of combustion! LiFe cells will not catch fire or explode when over charged, or after a deep discharge.

What about the voltage?
A 2 Cell LiFe battery produces 6.6 volts nominal, which is almost a full volt less than a 2 Cell Li-Poly battery. The LiFe battery is not meant to replace the performance of a Li-Poly battery, it is simply another option. LiFe offers the user a battery with a good discharge curve that is better than that of a NiMH battery, but without the risk of damage or fire that exists when a Li-Poly battery is abused. Additionally, when used as a receiver pack, a LiFe battery eliminates the need for a voltage regulator, which reduces the risk of failure by eliminating a component that could potentially fail.

NOTE: Brand new LiFePO4 batteries have been found to fail prematurely if they are deep discharged below 33% capacity too early. A break-in period of 20 cycles is currently recommended. While testing has shown that this battery can be charged at up to 3C rates, it is recommended that this battery not be charged at rates higher than 1C to maximize the lifespan of the battery. Additionally, LiFe batteries should not be discharged below 2.5V per cell to avoid pre-mature failure and maximize battery life span.

We also recommend you REMOVE the batteries from your cars or radios when you are done, or at least unplug them to avoid accidental over discharge if the unit is left on.

1) You will need a LiFe specific charger to charge the pack (NiMH, NiCD or Li-Poly only chargers WILL NOT WORK!)
2) You must not discharge the LiFe battery pack below 33% capacity during the break in period or below 2.5V per cell after break in.
3) It is not recommended that you charge this LiFe battery pack at amp rates higher than 1C.
4) Read the instructions carefully before operating this battery.

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  • Safe chemistry will not explode or catch fire
  • More mAh per gram compared to NiMH cells, meaning lighter models, and longer run time
  • Virtually no "self discharge", so the battery is always ready to go even weeks after charging.
  • Superior voltage performance under load compared to NiMH cells, with consistent torque and speed.
  • Fast charge time
  • Voltage: 6.6V
  • Capacity: 1600mah
  • Chemistry: LiFePO4
  • Balance Charge Plug: XH
  • Charge Rate: 1C (1.6A)
  • Discharge Plug: JR/Futaba
  • Weight: 80g
  • Dimension (LxWxH): 90x30.5x17mm

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Verified Owner
Sunday, Dec 7 2014 (about 8 years ago)
ProTek RC LiFe Mugen/AE/8ight-X Receiver Battery Pack (6.6V/1600mAh)
This LiFe pack fits perfectly in an Airtronics M12 and works really well as a transmitter battery.
Verified Owner
Sunday, Apr 5 2020 (about 2 years ago)
ProTek RC LiFe Mugen/AE/8ight-X Receiver Battery Pack (6.6V/1600mAh)
Bought one a couple years ago as a reliable power source for my Futaba transmitters for my TEKNO's and my 5-T. Last a long time with a charge.

Today the receiver pack in my old little Revo took a dive and I just pulled this out of my Futaba TX, threw it in, and bashed the afternoon away.

I hadn't charged it since last year. Still showed 58% at the end of the day. I'm ordering another one.
Verified Owner
Wednesday, May 29 2019 (about 3 years ago)
ProTek RC LiFe Mugen/AE/8ight-X Receiver Battery Pack (6.6V/1600mAh)
VOLTAGE Accuracy for the goodness that is for your model be flying! TRUST! much yes please. Quality? LOTS. Buy..YES ALWAYS NOW!
Verified Owner
Thursday, Aug 3 2017 (about 5 years ago)
ProTek RC LiFe Mugen/AE/8ight-X Receiver Battery Pack (6.6V/1600mAh)
I use this battery as a tuning option in my buggy. If your Lipoly battery feels too responsive for the track conditions, drop this battery in for a smoother feel. Nice quality construction with good connectors which is important in a gas buggy.
Verified Owner
Sunday, Dec 4 2016 (about 6 years ago)
ProTek RC LiFe Mugen/AE/8ight-X Receiver Battery Pack (6.6V/1600mAh)
Bought on sale for 20 to use in my Futaba radio. Perfect!! I was paying $10 for energizer lithium 4 pack, so well worth the money.
Friday, Nov 28 2014 (about 8 years ago)
ProTek RC LiFe Mugen/AE/8ight-X Receiver Battery Pack (6.6V/1600mAh)
I have used this battery for three seasons in my 1/10 nitro car. It has performed flawlessly' and holds a charge for three qualifiers, or 1 qualifier and a 30 minute main race.
Monday, Mar 25 2013 (about 9 years ago)
ProTek RC LiFe Mugen/AE/8ight-X Receiver Battery Pack (6.6V/1600mAh)
Not worth it. Me and buddy purchased these for our mbx6t. They both went belly up after about 6 races. Will not purchase again.
Verified Owner
Saturday, Jan 12 2013 (about 10 years ago)
ProTek RC LiFe Mugen/AE/8ight-X Receiver Battery Pack (6.6V/1600mAh)
So far I have received 3 of these, 2 of which have been replacements by amain. All three have been duds in a 4 week span. I will send this last one back and not purchase another protek.