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ProTek RC 4S 100C Silicon Graphene HV LCG LiPo Battery (15.2V/5600mAh) w/5mm Connector (ROAR Approved)

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The ProTek R/C 4S 100C 5600mAh Silicon Graphene HV LCG LiPo Battery is a great battery option for anyone looking for a high capacity, high output COMPACT 4S battery. Weighing 470 grams, the 4S HV LCG is 90 grams lighter than the 6500mAh 4S pack, with a 10mm lower overall height. This offers high capacity output, in a compact package perfect for weight conscious racers.   

ProTek R/C Silicon Graphene 100C LiPo batteries are the next step in the evolution of LiPo battery technology. Silicone Graphene construction offers improved efficiency, lower operating temperatures, lower internal resistance, better run time, increased cycle life and increased voltage!

When compared to standard LiPo and LiHV, Silicon Graphene cells deliver an array of benefits! Lab testing has shown that ProTek R/C Silicon Graphene packs have double the cycle life when charged at 1C rates, and can be charged at higher amp rates, with less risk of damage to the pack. More importantly, the discharge curve is flatter, meaning the cells maintain higher voltage throughout the discharge cycle - with no significant drop off. Additionally, when compared to conventional LiPo batteries Silicon Graphene batteries are lighter, providing a higher capacity per gram ratio. With 7.6V nominal voltage, 100C discharge ratings, incredibly high charge rates and ten different models to choose from, ProTek R/C Silicon Graphene packs are perfect for racers and bashers that demand the absolute best.

"The SG packs are worth .1 to .2 tenths of a second per lap in the 17.5 classes because they have more punch and they don’t fade. They are legit!” - Randy Pike, Tekin Team Manager

"The power drop off is noticeably later in the run using the Silicon Graphene LiPo batteries. The IR rating keeps getting lower and lower with every cycle and the battery temp after a run is much lower than our old 100C packs." - Chad Bradley, ProTek R/C Product Specialist

While these batteries are technically LiHV cells, they can still be charged with a standard LiPo charger. The overall voltage and capacity will be slightly less than if charged to LiHV specs, but the performance will be better than a standard LiPo thanks to the reduced weight and low internal resistance.


  • Lighter and smaller than the PTK-5106-17 4S pack
  • Great runtime, with a dramatic increase in voltage and punch
  • Silicone Graphene can handle more abuse and deliver more current than a standard LiPo battery
  • Improved efficiency, lower operating temperatures, and lower internal resistance!
  • Increased run time, increased cycle life and increased voltage!
  • More capacity gram for gram when compared to standard LiPo cells
  • 10C max charge rates - 1C charge rate recommended for longest life
  • 15.2V nominal voltage
  • Replacement XH4S balance adapter also available separately (PTK-5331)

Battery Model 4S HV LCG LiPo
ROAR Approved Yes
Type Silicon Graphene 
Voltage 15.2V nominal
Capacity @14.8V
Capacity @15.2V
470 g
Connector Type
5mm Bullet
Balance Connector
XH4S Adapter
Number of Cells 4 Cell
Configuration 4S1P
Dimensions (WxLxH) 47x138x38.5mm
Maximum Charge Rate 10C (56A)
Continuous Discharge 100C (560A)
Watt Hour @15.2V


  • (1) ProTek R/C Battery
  • (2) 5mm to 4mm Bullet Reducers
  • (2) 5mm Bullet Connectors
  • (1) 4S Balance Lead


1) DO NOT leave the battery in your model when charging
2) DO NOT leave unattended when charging
3) ALWAYS balance charge the battery
4) ALWAYS use a LiPo charging bag
5) YOU MUST use a Li-Poly specific charger to charge the pack (NiMH or NiCD only chargers WILL NOT WORK!)
6) YOU MUST not over discharge the Li-Poly battery pack
7) READ & UNDERSTAND the instructions carefully before operating this battery

NOTE: When using high energy Li-Polymer Batteries, please do not over-discharge or over-charge batteries as this will result in over heated batteries. Discharging capacity can't exceed 80% of the max capacity of the pack after full charging to ensure a good cycle performance. It is recommended to fully charge a brand new battery before using and only discharge the battery 50% for first 5 cycles. Always monitor race time and/or set a low voltage warning on ESC (End voltage cannot be lower than 3.2v per cell). Do not use the battery that has too low a voltage.

Do not expose batteries to sunshine or store/charge batteries at the temperature above 35°C or in a closed car. The high temperature environment could cause damage to the pack or make it burst. If the battery becomes hot while fast charging, high current discharging or racing, do not charge the battery until it has cooled completely. Wait about 20 mins, then inspect prior to recharging.

This product was added to our catalog on December 19, 2017

Verified Owner
Monday, Jul 1 2019 (8 months ago)
ProTek RC 4S 100C Silicon Graphene HV LCG LiPo Battery (15.2V/5600mAh)
Best batteries on market!! I've been running these for a few years and super happy with the performance and reliability.
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Sep 4 2018 (about a year ago)
ProTek RC 4S 100C Silicon Graphene HV LCG LiPo Battery (15.2V/5600mAh)
Love this battery. Perfect capacity size for 10 minute mains with a warmup in my E-buggy. Shorter height so lower CG and less weight! So much to like! :-)
Verified Owner
Friday, Jan 24 2020 (4 weeks ago)
ProTek RC 4S 100C Silicon Graphene HV LCG LiPo Battery (15.2V/5600mAh)
like the push in pin style. Case cracked around perimeter of bottom after 3 races and then battery puffed. Cells still good, not chancing burning up electronics, running the reedy brand now.
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Dec 17 2019 (2 months ago)
ProTek RC 4S 100C Silicon Graphene HV LCG LiPo Battery (15.2V/5600mAh)
Overall I really like this line of batteries from protek. The punch level of the lihv is great along with the weight savings of the smaller size than other brands really adds up to an advantage in my opinion. My only personal issue with these are durability. I have purchased all three of the 4s being the 4100mah which puffed on me. The 5600mah my personal favorite but has cracked three of the balance port areas on three out of six I've purchased. But overall grade I'd say 8.5 out of a 10 score.
Thursday, Nov 14 2019 (3 months ago)
ProTek RC 4S 100C Silicon Graphene HV LCG LiPo Battery (15.2V/5600mAh)
I bought (4) Protek LIHV from Amain and all four had one cell go dead in them and I was religious about keeping in storage voltage. 2 were 2S for a 1/10 scale and 2 were 4S batteries for a 1/8 scale ebuggy. I have 5 year old Lipos that are still perfect in storage from other companies. Something is wrong with Protek.
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Oct 8 2019 (5 months ago)
ProTek RC 4S 100C Silicon Graphene HV LCG LiPo Battery (15.2V/5600mAh)
waste of money, case started to puff after a month of use.
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Oct 2 2019 (5 months ago)
ProTek RC 4S 100C Silicon Graphene HV LCG LiPo Battery (15.2V/5600mAh)
I have been using these for almost a year now, the power to weight ratio is unbelievable and the customer service is even better.

I don't ever see a loss in performance, when after a 5 minute qual voltage is roughly 4.0v per cell

8 minute main about 3.85

Great product. I don't see performance loss until I get close to my voltage cut off of 3.6v which rarely happens unless I run 20 minutes of practice.

One time the race coordinator accidentally ran our race 15 minutes and I made the whole race without hitting cut off.

This is the shortest and lightest battery you can buy. Can't be beat....

I had broken one on a track with a poorly designed triple jump (no lander.... ) and the team replaced it out of warranty and also sent me an absorption pad to prevent further damage free.
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Jun 26 2019 (8 months ago)
ProTek RC 4S 100C Silicon Graphene HV LCG LiPo Battery (15.2V/5600mAh)
I enjoyed the life and power this bay has. It keeps my buggy going until I am ready to go
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Jan 16 2019 (about a year ago)
ProTek RC 4S 100C Silicon Graphene HV LCG LiPo Battery (15.2V/5600mAh)
Only tried this pack out one practice day so far, but I am loving it compared to the 6500mAh version of this battery which is what I was using before. Maybe it's a placebo, but the lower weight and center of gravity really seems to improve handling and jumping when trying both size packs back to back. I am replacing all of my 6500mAh packs with these, and I know that since it's Protek, any warranty issues will be taken care of ASAP.
Verified Owner
Monday, Sep 17 2018 (about a year ago)
ProTek RC 4S 100C Silicon Graphene HV LCG LiPo Battery (15.2V/5600mAh)
So far I am very impressed with these batteries. I raced 3 rounds of qualifiers, 3 mains in buggy and truggy. Raced, charged, raced etc. The power hold out was awesome and they never got warm or swelled at all. I highly recommend.
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Aug 1 2018 (about a year ago)
ProTek RC 4S 100C Silicon Graphene HV LCG LiPo Battery (15.2V/5600mAh)
It was good , but it got puffy after about 4 months ..... very disappointing......was offered a $60 discount on a new one.... hope it lasts longer...... update bad cell after three runs...... went to a different brand
Tuesday, May 28 2019 (9 months ago)
ProTek RC 4S 100C Silicon Graphene HV LCG LiPo Battery (15.2V/5600mAh)
This is a nice size of mah for a 5mins race , but to expensive for a battery that does not have a burst rate , there is other HV lipo with the same 100c for less then $100.00 dollars.