OXY Heli OXY 3 Tareq 2018 Edition Electric Helicopter Kit

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OXY Heli OXY 3 Tareq 2018 Edition Electric Helicopter Kit
Price: $372.99
Discontinued Online
This item is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. You may want to search our site for a similar item.
The OXY 3 Tareq Edition Electric Helicopter Kit was designed by Oxy Heli and Lynx for Tareq Alsaadi. The OXY 3 - Tareq Edition is the diamond standard of the OXY 3 line. Tareq has helped with testing since the inception of the OXY 3, and thanks to his experience and insane 3D skills, he has helped to create an OXY 3 that is worthy of wearing the Tareque Alsaadi signature edition badge. The OXY 3 Tareq Edition Kit is not only more capable than the standard OXY 3, but it has been equipped to handle more power and stand up better to hardcore 3D punishment.


OXY 3 Tareq Alsaadi 2018 Edition Features:
  • Simple & update main gear Jesus bolt system - no pliers required
  • Updated DFC Rod & Main Grip Design - Improved maintenance & fast serviceability
  • Improved CG - Updated frame design, unique muscle canopy profile, and lower weight parts
  • Improved Tail System - Lower vibrations transferred, improved wear resistance, & different tail ratio

Oxy 3 Tareq Edition – Specifications:
  • Frame & Canopy:
    • Canopy: Updated "Muscle" style & 100% 3K Carbon Fiber Epoxy construction
    • Frame:  Improved CG & Battery Volume
    • Bearing Block: Triple bearing block design
    • Landing Gear: Ultra light & flexible
    • Main Gear: CNC POM Copolymer
    • Motor Mount: CNC Sandwich Stiffener System Lock
    • Tail Boom Clamp: CNC Aluminum, CNC Sandwich Stiffener System Lock
    • Anti-Rotation Guide: Plastic-Carbon
  • Head System:
    • Main Blade: Accepts between 250-287mm (sold separately)
    • Head System: DFC with CNC Aluminum Arm
    • FBL Head: Optional (not included)
  • Tail System:
    • Boom: Stretch – max main blade 287mm
    • Tail Grips: Improved ratio system
    • Tail Servo Support: CNC Aluminum
    • Tail Case: Reinforced System with Carbon Fiber and Aluminum parts
    • Tail Blades: 50mm Plastic Black
  • Swash Plate Leveler Tool
  • 11 and 14T Pinions
  • Vertical Fins Colored Stickers
  • Colored Stickers

Needed To Complete:

  • 6-Channel Helicopter Transmitter System
  • (3) Micro cyclic servos
  • (1) Micro tail servo
  • (1) Flybarless System
  • (1) 3S-4S (1300 to 1600mAh), or 6S (800 to 950mAh) LiPo Battery
  • (1) 2214-4100Kv (4S) or 2214 – 2600Kv (6S) Motor
  • (1) 40A/50A Helicopter ESC
  • (1) Set of main blades
  • Compatible Battery Charger

Tareq Alsaadi Flying Set-up List (not included):

  • Main Blade - 287mm Zeal Carbon Main Blade
  • Tail Blade - 50mm Tail Blade
  • Battery - 4S 1500 or 6S 1000mAh LiPo
  • For 4S Battery Configuration X-Nova 2216-4100
  • For 6S Battery Configuration X-Nova 2216 – 2600 KV Motor
  • Vbar Neo
  • (3) MKS DS95 cyclic servo and 1 x MKS DS95i Tail servo
  • Head Speed 4500 – Pitch +/-14 – Cyclic +/-11

This product was added to our catalog on December 31, 2018

Jason Richey
Verified Owner
Friday, Sep 10 2021 (about 2 years ago)
OXY Heli OXY 3 Tareq 2018 Edition Electric Helicopter Kit
Nice quality parts……. However, spending $325 for a 300 size heli kit that does not include any main blades is absurd. What makes matters worse is that the only blades that truly fit this kit are lynx 287’s and they are out of stock everywhere with no release date in sight! (Perhaps this is why they now sell the kit without blades - because you can’t find them anywhere….). Tried flying it with SAB 280’s and they don’t fit correctly. Need to fabricate micro bushing that has proven quite tricky. Also tried lynx 255’s and it flew terrible. To make matters worse, the tail wags like an anxious golden retriever despite using Vbar pro 6.5 with a Vbar control touch radio with full set-up wizard. I’ve built over a dozen helicopters and this one is a massive disappointment. It’s been sitting on my shelf since construction and test flights. Don’t wast your money - get a Trex or a Goblin - much better value & more importantly, they fly well. This thing looks cool but flys like s…
Robert Stumpus
Verified Owner
Monday, Jan 4 2021 (about 3 years ago)
OXY Heli OXY 3 Tareq 2018 Edition Electric Helicopter Kit
This build has by far been the most enjoyable. Most parts require little to no tweaking which make assemble a breeze for experienced builders.
yeon seung yu
Verified Owner
Thursday, Jul 18 2019 (about 4 years ago)
OXY Heli OXY 3 Tareq 2018 Edition Electric Helicopter Kit
First of all, thank you so much for sending me the package with great care. After receiving it, I was so happy.

The Oxy 3 tareq edition 2018 helicopter was so cool and magnificent that I thought it was really good to buy it.

I'm going to put it together slowly and fly it nicely. Thank you.