MRC Super Brain 960 AC/DC Peak Charger (NiCD and NiMH)

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MRC Super Brain 960 AC/DC Peak Charger (NiCD and NiMH)
Price: $57.99
Discontinued Online
This item is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. You may want to search our site for a similar item.
Model Rectifier Corporation is thrilled to announce the upgrade of one of the most widely sold chargers in the USA.. The Super Brain 959 has been kicked up a few notches with added accuracy, safety and convenience as well as smaller size and weight. And it has a new name too: the Super Brain 960.

Central to the new look and feel of the Super Brain 960 AC/DC charger is the latest internal Switched Power Supply, enabling the charger to not only run significantly cooler, but it is also smaller and lighter in size for the field and flight box. For use in the field, the AC line cord is now detachable and can be left at home. MRC's, patented MicroPeak™ technology always ensures stable, safe charging, but its been "tweaked n' peaked" to ensure increased charging accuracy and safety like never before.

The legendary “Purple Charger” has always been “kool”, but now it’s really cool too! It’s the exciting... Super Brain 960. There’s more than a name change. It’s smaller and less than half the weight of the (good old) 959, thanks to its switched power supply. We more finely honed our MicroPeak™ technology to further increase the uncanny accuracy and safety level of “960”. The control buttons have the latest “soft touch”, for a better feel. The extreme reliability and ease of use remains. The Super Brain 960 charges NiCd & NiMh, 1-8 cell AA – Sub-C and larger packs plus 1.2V single cell for NiCd-starters. The LCD screen shows battery voltage, charge rate of up to 4.5 amps, adjustable peak threshold in MV, and charge time in minutes.

Complete control. Select the current and delta peak voltage threshold. Then monitor status as the LCD displays voltage, current, time, battery status and peak setting. You’re in full charge, coaxing every last bit of power out of your battery.

Or enjoy hassle-free plug ‘n play by taking advantage of its simple “set it and forget it,” operation. The 960 will make all the right decisions for you. It’ll sense battery status, trickle charge when the quick charge is finished, and shut down if left unattended.

Over time, conventional chargers can cook your battery diminishing its capacity, robbing its power and reducing your running time. Super Brain's Patented Micro Peak Technology designed for NiCd and NiMH batteries eliminates false peaks by recognizing a full charge with incredible accuracy. It keeps your battery cooler during charging, extends its life, delivers longer running time and allows for continuous charging. This technology makes other chargers obsolete. Only MRC's Super Brain chargers have patented Micro Peak Technology.

Every charger can charge your battery. Our patented technology not only helps Super Brain charge your battery, but keeps your battery cooler during charging and can extend running time.

Whether RC cars, boats, planes or helicopters are your passion, you'll find a MRC Super Brain, high tech charger to meet your needs and budget.

  • Total versatility-- AC and DC for home and field use
  • Handles NiCd, NiMH, 1-8 cell AA to C packs, 1.2V single-cell Ni Starters
  • Charge currents from 0.5A to 4.5A
  • Adjustable delta peak thresholds

This product was added to our catalog on April 30, 2007

Sunday, Jan 27 2008 (about 16 years ago)
MRC Super Brain 960 AC/DC Peak Charger (NiCD and NiMH)
Love this charger. very user friendly and with the adjustable charging rate , it will have you on the track in less than an hour. the price is awesome too, compared to some chargers that have half the features...sincerely, CEN_BERD
Friday, Nov 30 2007 (about 16 years ago)
MRC Super Brain 960 AC/DC Peak Charger (NiCD and NiMH)
Who is this Samuel Brock in every review of charge this guy starts to talk about Duratrax Ice Chargers thats the best. Instead of talking about the chargers that he is reviewing. Guys do not read his review he wants you to buy the ICE charger buy what you want. This Super brain 960 is very good just read the charge spec and go by that..
Verified Owner
Thursday, Aug 23 2007 (about 16 years ago)
MRC Super Brain 960 AC/DC Peak Charger (NiCD and NiMH)
Awesome charger. It is small and weighs absolutely nothing. It has great features and is user friendly. If you want a great charger for a great price, than go for the new MRC Super Brain 960.
drew zeller
Wednesday, Dec 17 2008 (about 15 years ago)
MRC Super Brain 960 AC/DC Peak Charger (NiCD and NiMH)
I have this charger it is a good charger if you know how to use it...BUT if you dont know how to use it it gets hard. I have a Dynamite IB 6-Cell 7.2V NiMH Side x Side Battery Pack (1600mAh), and i don't know how many millavolts to charge it at any help from anyone that knows?????????