Lynx Heli Spider 65 V2 FPV Racing Inductrix Frame Kit (Red Shroud)

Lynx Heli
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The Lynx Heli Innovations Spider 65 FPV Drone Racing 3D Printed Frame Kit is a unique concept for the popular 65mm drones such as the Inductrix FPV, & Tiny Whoop. Drones this small perform best at the lightest weight possible, which is a difficult concept to design around considering that durability is also a key factor in the fun aspect.

After months of testing, and many concepts, Lynx has designed the Spider 65 to check the boxes off of both lightweight, and durability. The frame kit weighs in at 4.3g, and 5g*** including the camera mount and roll bar. The Spider 65 is 3D Printed from various materials, such as Nylon, PTEG, & TPU.

***Note: Weights are measured as a fully assembled frame, including flight controller mounts and screws.


  • Lightweight design, 5g with Camera Mount & Roll Bar
  • Designed for improved mechanical strength
  • Impact resistant materials
  • Chemical Treatment added after printing process to solidify all parts.
  • Quick assembly with minimal hardware
  • Each part is quick and easy to replace
  • Compatible with all Inductrix, and Tiny Whoop Flight Controllers
  • 3D Printed Materials offer lower vibration threshold transmitted to the flight controller

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Mat Pankratz
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Aug 15 2017 (about a year ago)
Lynx Heli Spider 65 V2 FPV Racing Inductrix Frame Kit (Red Shroud)
3D Printed Junk

This is a nice looking frame, it goes together "okay" I guess. The motor braces that connect between the shroud and frame barely fit and pop out all the time and the screw holes for the electronic mounts are useless- it's nearly impossible to get the mount screws all the way in.

But those are minor issues compared to the biggest failing: the thing is unbelievably fragile. It's like it was made out of glass sheets and egg shells.

I had it hovering about 3" off the ground when a prop came off. Should be fine right? Wrong. The shroud broke in two places from a 3" fall. That's something.

That fixed as best I could I did some slow flying getting used to the bigger motors I put on. I bumped into my wooden gun cabinet (not hard enough to crash even) and snap! The motor mount piece broke.

It kept going like this, tiny bumps resulting in damages to the frame.

It's nice that it's cheap but Christ, if I were to keep using this style of frame I'd be doing nothing but putting new parts on- and it's not like they go together well either. The old frame didn't have anything wrong with it despite 30+ flights so I'm going to go back to it while I wait for a good carbon fiber frame to arrive.