LRP ZR.30 X Non-Pullstart Competition Truggy Engine (Standard Plug)

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This is the LRP ZR.30 X Non-Pullstart Competition Truggy Engine. The many years of development, testing, and racing experience of the highly successful Z .28 engine has been incorporated it into LRP’s new ZR .30 Monster Truck and Truggy engines! Each engine is packed with special features designed to maximize performance, fuel economy, and longevity. Truggy Power at its Best!


  • Massive all-new XTEC T6 crankcase
  • Completely new, flow optimized LRP XTEC thermal-protected PowerCarb 2 15SV-2 carburetor
  • New CoolDown cylinder head with extra-thin ribs and additional holes for weight reduction and uniform heat dissipation
  • Standard burn room for easy tuning
  • Ports timed for competition use
  • Extra-strong connecting rod specifically designed for .30-sized engines
  • Flow-optimized backplate
  • Blue anodized 7.5, 8.5, and 9.0mm venturi inserts
  • 7+1 ports
  • Rear exhaust

Displacement: .30 (4.92ccm)
Max. RPM: 38,300
Max. Power: 4.21HP

This product was added to our catalog on June 10, 2009.

lionel lejeune
Monday, Aug 22 2011 (about 6 years ago)
LRP ZR.30 X Non-Pullstart Competition Truggy Engine (Standard Plug)
this engine destroyed my new tires on my hotbodies d8 truggy.I tuned this thing after a seven tank break in (adjusting every 1/8 turn per tank)and waiting for the engine to cool while setting the piston on bottom dead center( the lowest point of the cylinder)after checking the high end needle(set at 3) and not touching the low end needle this thing is making my truggy ride wheelies(bull##??)no itīs not I have other words if you want an engine that will eat your tires and make your truggy ride wheelies;let me tell you thatīs fun for a basher but for a racer you will need to put a high gear on your rig mine is a 48 spur and a 18 bell and let me tell you it still rides wheelies if you hit a bump wrong,way more power than I need,but hell yeah baby! I love it and Iīm older than the hills. great buy for a sirious old hardcore loony like me well thatīs what my wife says anyway.(enjoy the most powerfull engine on the market 4.23 horse power = a lawnmower on nitros atleast my lawnmower.)
Friday, Aug 28 2009 (about 8 years ago)
LRP ZR.30 X Non-Pullstart Competition Truggy Engine (Standard Plug)
this engine is a rihno,if you have a monster truck or heavy truggy its perfect o,use a good starter box for beakin)
Manson Beaty
Tuesday, Mar 15 2011 (about 7 years ago)
LRP ZR.30 X Non-Pullstart Competition Truggy Engine (Standard Plug)
This motor is insane I just put one in a redcat avalanche the ZR30 Competion words can not describe to much power. FYI the sp2 pull start will fit on the ZR.30 competion with no modifications if you want to add a pull start or rotor start. Great engine,)
juan c torres
Tuesday, Jun 30 2009 (about 8 years ago)
LRP ZR.30 X Non-Pullstart Competition Truggy Engine (Standard Plug)
I got this engine on a heavy losi Muggy(15lbs) and boy does this engine move it around in a hurry,, only problem is that it eats fuel like a mother F--ker.)
Mike Meng
Saturday, Mar 11 2017 (about a year ago)
LRP ZR.30 X Non-Pullstart Competition Truggy Engine (Standard Plug)
I put this monster in my traxxas revo and the power is just insane it pulls hard off the line and keeps pulling for about half throttle then the power evens out and it just make the truck super fast. I broke it in using 20% fuel the first tank I let it just idle checking the temp every few mins then the second tank I veryed the throttle from half to stop then the third tank I hit the throttle hard and fast then started to tune the high speed 1/8th turn at a time once it was tuned I switched to 30% nitro and tuned it for the fuel and now it just kicks ass I like the motor so much im going to order 1 more for my tricked out slayer pro. my advice to people looking to upgrade just switch fuels first get away from the traxxas fuel as its junk fuel I use the odonnel 20% for break in then step up to the 30%)
peter micevski
Verified Owner
Saturday, Jun 29 2013 (about 4 years ago)
LRP ZR.30 X Non-Pullstart Competition Truggy Engine (Standard Plug)
Crazy engine to say the least in my kyosho GT2.Very easy to tune.Running O.S 8 plug.
This engine has plenty of torque and power.The sound with the ofna JP-4 pipe is just beautiful.Have done approx 25Litres of 25% fuel and still has great pinch in engine.
Highly recomend this engine.I have purchased a second engine to ge sent away to be moded.Dont let anyone tell you that this engine is cheap and not as good as any italian engine.For the price and quality of this engine,it will definately mix it up with the so called better 'italian' engines.Trust me,the performance of this engine speaks for itself.No hype,just pure power from this LRP.30 monster!,,)
Ken Mehus
Verified Owner
Thursday, Jun 14 2012 (about 6 years ago)
LRP ZR.30 X Non-Pullstart Competition Truggy Engine (Standard Plug)
Run this engine in my bashing truggy. A powerful engine that can make my heavy hyper st tryggy go frome a dobbel backflip straight to a wheely sometimes when you pull the trigger after you hit the ground ;) Its a bit thirsty in combo with some of the pipes iv tried, specially with the dynamite 086 (5-6min each tank, but awsome power) Tried 4 other pipes and ended up using the .28 Hyper pipe. Good power all over and aprox.. 8-10 min on each tank the way i drive. But The SHITTY part is that its almost impossible to get spare parts like a CONROD, on my first i had to change it after the first gallon fuel and it did take over 1month to get a new one (season 2011) And now with my 2nd zx.30x iv been trying to get a new conrod since mid April (2012) and its pissing me off a LOT that they can sell shit you cant you cant get parts to for months. I dont like LRP much just righ now...)