Losi 1/10 TEN-T Truggy RTR

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The 1/10-scale TEN-T Truggy RTR packs all the innovation and performance of Losiís groundbreaking 1/8-scale nitro platform into a 1/10-scale truggy. Built to take on any terrain or track, this fierce machine includes a ton of features in a compact, agile design, including a chassis with the engineering characteristics of the 8IGHT-T. And to give you intense acceleration and top speed, power from the Losi 3.4 performance small-block engine is routed through a 2-shoe clutch and a bulletproof 4-wheel drive system.

The TEN-T is equipped with a Losi firstóthe revolutionary Remote Onboard Starting System (R.O.S.S.). With the push of a button on the included Spektrum DX3S transmitter, you can instantaneously heat the glow plug and engage the electric starter. Getting to the action has never been so easy.

Of course, the Spektrum DX3S radio system does much more than start the engine. With genuine Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM technology built in, the TEN-T offers precise, connected control not found on other vehicles. And with integrated telemetry, the DX3S displays up-to-the-second information such as speed, temperature and receiver battery voltage right on its screen.

The TEN-T from Losi. From top to bottom itís packed with innovationóand a whole lot of fun.

Key Features:

  • R.O.S.S. module to control one-touch remote starting
  • Lightweight black anodized aluminum chassis
  • Oversized 12mm anodized, threaded shocks
  • 4mm tie rods with captured ends
  • Losi digital steering servo for precise, powerful steering
  • Twin disc brakes for quick and reliable 4 wheel stopping
  • Large-capacity 75cc fuel tank for longer run times
  • Tank clunk for fuel pickup even when rolled over
  • 2-shoe centrifugal clutch
  • 320-series Zombie Max tires mounted on chrome 320 Force wheels
  • Losi 3.4cc performance engine with slide valve carburetor
  • High-performance tuned pipe designed to maximize the 3.4ís potential
  • Two-stage air-filter system to ensure a clean air intake
  • Sway bars included for better control and handling
  • R.O.S.S. on-board ROSS starting system


  • Type: Truggy
  • Scale: 1/10
  • Length: 17.75 inches (450.85mm)
  • Width: 13.5 inches (342.9mm)
  • Wheelbase: 11.75 - 11.875 inches (298.45 - 301.625mm)
  • Weight: 6.2 lb (2.812kg)
  • Chassis: Black Anodized Aluminum
  • Tire Type: 320-Series Zombie Max
  • Motor or Engine: Losi 3.4 Performance Engine
  • Radio: Losi Radio System with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM Technology
  • Batteries: 7.4V LiPo Receiver Pack (Included)
  • Charger: LiPo Wall Charger (Included)
  • Kit/RTR: RTR
  • Body: Pre-Painted and Decorated; Available in Green or Orange

Needed To Complete:

  • Nitro Fuel
  • Fuel Bottle

This product was added to our catalog on December 18, 2009.

Marc Robinson
Monday, Dec 21 2009 (about 7 years ago)
Losi 1/10 TEN-T Truggy RTR
I saw one these in action this weekend. A Losi team driver was running this in the Expert Truggy class and was actually competetive with it. I was really impressed. Lap times were comprable with the 1/8's(1-2 sec slower per lap) and it held up really well to the abuse. This should be a fun class to your race weekend, or a nice rig to take out and bash with.)
David Beam
Monday, Jun 14 2010 (about 7 years ago)
Losi 1/10 TEN-T Truggy RTR
While I do not own a Losi Ten-T, I would highly recomend one for someone wanting to get into Nitro racing or bashing. There are a couple of these at my local track, and the performance is phenominal on any level, much less in a RTR with on-board starting.

This is basically a Losi 1/8 Scale Buggy (most of it is identical to a Losi Eight 2.0, just on a shorter chassis), so it performs like one.

They have had allot of luck with using 1/8 scale buggy wheels and tires on it (allot lighter wheels and better tire options availalbe). On the strait-aways, they hang with my 1/8 Scale 4 cell lipo Associated RC8Be.

Only drawback is the fuel tank size. It has a (or what I think is a) legal 1/10th scale fuel tank, and with this motor you are looking at about a 5 minute run time. I think if one could get a larger fuel tank in it, this would be a perfect car.

Seems quite relaible, and since it comes with the nice stuff (the spektrum radio with the temp sensor is a GREAT idea).)
raul ortiz
Monday, Oct 8 2012 (about 5 years ago)
Losi 1/10 TEN-T Truggy RTR
me parece un RTR muy bueno resistente, potente y para aprender el mundo de los RC Nitro perfecto lo recomiendo se lo carbura y queda perfecto con Nitro 20% cambiar las llantas por unas pro line o una mas adecuadas para pista y listo muy bueno el unico problema que tuve fue con el sensor de los rpm y las velocidad mph y kph ademas de una falla en el lector de los volteos de la bateria lipo pero como tal el funcionamiento del carro no afecto)
matt nelson
Monday, Jan 2 2012 (about 5 years ago)
Losi 1/10 TEN-T Truggy RTR
this truck is far better then hyper tt nitro, handels better, more durable, just a fun 10th scale to have. I have had this truck now from it's relaese and it is a good one.)
thomas meloy
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Jul 13 2011 (about 6 years ago)
Losi 1/10 TEN-T Truggy RTR
i love this truck it is phenomenal it rips i love this thing it is so fast for a little truggy the only thing that makes me mad is i can only drive in my back yard bc of the telemetry i cant go that far or else ill go out of range and have a run a way but other than that its awesome if u want to buy this do it im not positive u wont have problems iveread that some ppl have problems but some dont i only had a minor problem but i love this truck so if u like this and want to buy it go for it im pretty sure u wont regret it)
Jeremy Shaver
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Apr 27 2011 (about 6 years ago)
Losi 1/10 TEN-T Truggy RTR
This truck is awesome but you need to buy another 300 dollars in parts for when something breaks, including a- arms, hubs, metal gear servos, shock towers, body mounts, starter parts. It's not if something breaks, but when something breaks.)
john wolf
Verified Owner
Sunday, Mar 27 2011 (about 6 years ago)
Losi 1/10 TEN-T Truggy RTR
This truggy is a great deal because of its overall package. However, be prepared to buy a better steering servo rite away. It lasted only one day at the track. The support you get from HORIZON HOBBIES is TERRIBLE, the worst that I have experienced. So don't look for any help there. Other than that, it seems to be a good truck.)
Tuesday, Oct 12 2010 (about 7 years ago)
Losi 1/10 TEN-T Truggy RTR
I dont have one but I did see this at a local track (XRC Raceway Quarryville PA) racing in the 1/8 pro truggy class and I was amazed at its ability to pass the bigger trucks! It jumped over them and was nimble. Just couldnt bump with them as he broke a rear hub tangling with the bigger trucks. I talked to him about the truck and the only thing he did was chang the tires every thing else is stock! Truck is amazing made me smile watching A+++++++)
Brandon Phillips
Sunday, Apr 11 2010 (about 7 years ago)
Losi 1/10 TEN-T Truggy RTR
i simply love this truck it is very fun and handles so well the 3.4 engine runs great losi couldnt of done a better job on this truggy this is my favorite rc vehicle)
Jesse Olson
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Apr 6 2010 (about 7 years ago)
Losi 1/10 TEN-T Truggy RTR
I race 1/8 truggy, buggy, and occasional monster truck. This is simply a very fun truggy. Sealed the engine, moved the air filter from binding on the brake linkage, charged the included LiPo, remounted the ROSS ground to the base of the engine, and broke it in on 25%. No problems whatsoever since then. Take my time to break it in over the course of 10 tanks. Yeah, the telemetry is not 100%, but is definitely nice to have a rough figure just by looking at the transmitter. So nice to just push the button on the transmitter to fire it up. This little thing is an absolute blast to drive. Once broken in and leaned out a bit, the engine really comes alive and just flat out rips. Handling is superb - floats over bumps and easy to maintain control of this thing. No regrets at all with this kit.)
Dan H.
Verified Owner
Sunday, Apr 4 2010 (about 7 years ago)
Losi 1/10 TEN-T Truggy RTR
I just received my Ten T this weekend. It is the most awesome and one of the very best Nitro's I own. Not one problem out of the box. Easy start and break in. I was considering going to electric but not now! Losi did a great job on this car. So easy, this could be your first nitro and really enjoy the fun without the hassle.

Thanks A Main Hobbies! Shipping was fast and the customer service is great!)
Canius McCready
Verified Owner
Friday, Mar 5 2010 (about 7 years ago)
Losi 1/10 TEN-T Truggy RTR
I just pickup up the losi ten-t truggy & this truggy is awesome. I presently own & race in the 1/8 scale buggy & truggy classes. I brought this to play around with & race in the 1/10 scale class agains revos. I also own a tricked out Revo with center diff & .18 tm os motor that's been modified. This truggy started with very little effort & the break-in was super easy. I have 10 tanks thru the losi 3.4 motor & the power continues to increase with every tank. The motor runs around 160-170 & still has plenty of power. I live on the eastcoast, so the highspeed needle was a little too lean. Also I am running 30% nitro fuel. The ross system has been flawless & the concern that people had with the lipo lasting is not even a concern. I've been running 3-4 tanks per day for the last 3 days & finally got a low voltage warning when starting the truggy on the last tank today. There should be no problem on race day with the lipos. Anybody considering this kit will be pleased with the workmanship, quality & performance of this RTR truggy. I read so many forums before purchasing the kit & none of the concerns raised in the forums have surfaced. Go to youtube & watch the many ten-t videos if this review does not convince you that this is a great losi product. For those people thinking I am a losi lover, this is the first losi product I've ever purchased and it will not be the last. Buy it you will be very happy!)
Christopher Grabner
Verified Owner
Sunday, Feb 28 2010 (about 7 years ago)
Losi 1/10 TEN-T Truggy RTR
I just received my Ten-T, and it is awesome!! Runs great, starts flawlessly (initial carb setup is WAY too rich). I was leery about the run time of the Lipo, but after initial break in I go through 5-6 tanks and still have plenty of juice left! Absolutely awesome to drive!)
mitch mahoney
Sunday, Oct 16 2011 (about 6 years ago)
Losi 1/10 TEN-T Truggy RTR
Love it losi had out done themselves again, a few minor things, the ross motor connectors slip of a lot! So solder them straight on to the motor, the battery is not large enough to support the glow plug electricity load and runs the battery down so use a glow starter, itís a little cramped on board so you haft take apart a bunch of stuff to get to a single part and the gas tank is small. But thatís all I can think of have a nice day)
Larry Varner
Saturday, Nov 6 2010 (about 6 years ago)
Losi 1/10 TEN-T Truggy RTR
This truck is totally AWSOME!!!! It's not very often when you buy an RTR truck and alls you need is fuel!)