Kyosho Fazer Mk2 Mad Van VE 1/10 4WD Readyset Monster Truck w/2.4GHz Radio

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Kyosho Fazer Mk2 Mad Van VE 1/10 4WD Readyset Monster Truck
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Mad Van styling, and brushless motor tech adds a high power boost for more speed! 

The Kyosho Fazer Mk2 Mad Van VE 1/10 4WD Readyset Monster Truck features enhanced scale features combined with a brushless motor for a 50% increase in maximum speed! The included TORX 10E brushless motor and BRAINZ 10 speed controller increase the maximum speed from 25mph to 37mph (40km/h to 60km/h). The FZ02L-BT chassis base includes reinforced gears and optimized gear ratio with the previously optional aluminum HD center shaft L to manage the extra power and RPM.

In addition to chassis improvements, the body styling has also received a 3-D enhancement with molded plastic grille and light buckets replacing the decals, and a roof guard has been added to protect the body from rollovers. With elevated performance and appearance, you can experience the exhilaration of running wild at high speed with the MAD VAN VE.

  • Pre-assembled chassis is sold as a Readyset including installed R/C system and pistol-grip transmitter. Battery for the chassis and charger are sold separately
  • Includes Syncro KT-231P+ pistol-grip transmitter with various custom setting adjustments
  • Robust construction of the full-time 4WD FZ02L-BT chassis is tough enough to handle the hard punishment of rough-road bashing
  • A belt type battery mount enables compatibility with various battery sizes and shapes
  • Full ball bearing specifications improve drive efficiency and durability
  • Compatible with a wide range of optional parts for the existing FAZER Mk2 for further tuning and performance improvement
  • Includes American-style van body that has been enhanced with an even greater level of scale detail
  • Detailed body with plastic parts
  • Equipped with Front and Rear light buckets and compatible with optional LED Light unit (KYO97054-4CR - not included)
Length: 460mm
Width: 323mm
Height: 197mm
Wheelbase: 274mm
Tread (F/R): F:250mm/R:250mm
Tires (F/R): F:110×70mm/R:110×70mm
Gear Ratio: 11.803:1
Weight: 2180g (approx.)
R/C system: Syncro KT-231P+
Motor: TORX10E (3652 kv4000)

  • Completed chassis with R/C radio installed
  • Factory assembled body complete with color scheme
  • Syncro KT-231P+ transmitter
  • Installed 60A electronic speed controller
  • Spanner
  • Customization decals
Needed to Complete:
  • (4) AA batteries for transmitter
  • Battery for chassis
  • Charger for battery for chassis
  • Tools

This product was added to our catalog on June 11, 2021

Verified Owner
Thursday, Jul 15 2021 (about a year ago)
Kyosho Fazer Mk2 Mad Van VE 1/10 4WD Readyset Monster Truck
Please keep in mind what this is....not a basher or Arrma rig. There are Youtube videos showing you bashing and jumping the Mad Van VE but this is NOT what it is designed for. Yes...small little hill something simple, all good. This is a lightweight RC for the cost but a bag of fun on 2S power just amazing to see it move so fast. If you have the right place to bash it you will enjoy it I do and I would recommend more open terrain of any type but not big jumps. I have my Arrma rigs for the bigger stuff. For the cost, it does have soft plastic but if you keep it in its range for what it is it will be fun. I think the YT reviewers got this one right but on the downside at the time of this parts hard to get...they are coming but a lot on backorder.
Saturday, Oct 30 2021 (about a year ago)
Kyosho Fazer Mk2 Mad Van VE 1/10 4WD Readyset Monster Truck
This little guy is a blast! On the smaller and lighter side of 1/10 scale imo. 2s has served me well through it. It rips around the yard, jumps well (not at skate parks or launching it on huge jumps etc) on my home ramps, the body is just beautiful and LED ready. I normally (not always of course) go for the largest battery size my rig is capable of handling, but I enjoy this one more on 2s.

It’s hard for me to believe that someone would feel disappointed by this truck, especially at this price point. Even the radio is nice.

Oh, and my kiddos LOVE it!
Verified Owner
Monday, Jan 30 2023 (6 days ago)
Kyosho Fazer Mk2 Mad Van VE 1/10 4WD Readyset Monster Truck
I did my homework and read tons of fantastic reviews so I bought one, I'm new to the hobby so I didn't even get Lipo batteries; I got Nimh because I planned on taking it easy with my new pride and joy. My very 1st run was literally on a grass soccer field with one tiny lazy 12" grass jump. Within about 20 minutes the entire back of the van body was destroyed, split and blown out on both corners all the way to the roof because of the cutout for the wheelie bar, the grill pulled out and split the body in the front. And I double-layered duct tape wherever I could for reinforcement beforehand. After getting over that mega disappointment, one of the front steering arms popped right off it's delicate ball and socket (NOT a hollow ball with a bolt)and I didn't realize that when that happens the steel swing (drive)shaft can fall right out and it did and it's lost forever. So my first flat grass run and the gorgeous body is ruined and I'm missing a swingshaft. I think I bought an expensive trailer queen. I was NOT bashing this truck at all or abusing it in ANY way. My goal was to have fun and NOT kill it and it just fell apart in front of my eyes. I figured even without Lipo batteries it would still do a wheelie and it won't no matter how I tried. I can't be the only one that had a similar experience. There went my fun money for half a year. Its hard to even talk about the several positives when its lying here trashed after one gentle run. I'm extremely bummed and disappointed in my choice. I had no idea it was gonna be so fragile. This in no way reflects poorly on Amain hobbies.
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Jan 17 2023 (3 weeks ago)
Kyosho Fazer Mk2 Mad Van VE 1/10 4WD Readyset Monster Truck
Tiny Terrier. Willing to do what ever you put it up to. Push the limits and it will surprise you. That's all the fun. This is not a Basher but Very easy to work on. Tons of fun!
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Dec 20 2022 (7 weeks ago)
Kyosho Fazer Mk2 Mad Van VE 1/10 4WD Readyset Monster Truck
Nice little independent suspension MT, is based of the fazer chassis.

Seems to be a nice little RC for just running in the grass or back yard area.

Tires are pretty nice, relatively soft.

Esc is 3s capable even tho motor is not could be a easy upgrade. Has enough power on 2 cell though.

Comes with two option windshield visors. The plastic one accompanied with the roof rails makes for good body savers when flipping over on pavement.

Very scale body looks really nice.

Wheels Do not use a traditional wheel nut, is held on by a m4 metric screw. (Have not had any issues with this)

Overall a pretty cool little RC for the price.
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Sep 7 2022 (5 months ago)
Kyosho Fazer Mk2 Mad Van VE 1/10 4WD Readyset Monster Truck
Super sweet. I love this thing. I put it through about 2 packs and still haven't rolled it over. It has great stability and plenty of power out of the box. I haven't done any big jumps yet, but it takes the small ones like a a champ and lands with a nice squat and keeps on going. It's not super great on tall grass, but on short grass and pavement or dirt it handles amazing. Seems like a solid build and it looks incredible. Lots of extra decals to customize your own style. The rear wing piece is pretty worthless and would require a lot of time and effort to fit it nice and still keep your roof rails. After an hour of messing with it I decided it wasn't going to look that great anyways. Other than that unnecessary add-on, everything else is top notch so far.
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Aug 24 2022 (5 months ago)
Kyosho Fazer Mk2 Mad Van VE 1/10 4WD Readyset Monster Truck
Awesome little Monster truck runs great. (Red) Kyosho Mad Van
Got some issues But! nothing you can't handle check all screws, grease before run it.
Verified Owner
Thursday, Aug 4 2022 (6 months ago)
Kyosho Fazer Mk2 Mad Van VE 1/10 4WD Readyset Monster Truck
The Kyosho Fazer Mk2 Mad Van is visually stunning! The paint scheme screams 70's old school. This is my very first R/C van purchase. I've never come across an R/C van that moved me the way this one does.
Sunday, Sep 18 2022 (5 months ago)
Kyosho Fazer Mk2 Mad Van VE 1/10 4WD Readyset Monster Truck
3.5 stars, I'll round up to 4.

I bought this car to do some light bashing with my dad, who has an Arrma Typhoon. Looking into it, Kyosho and the Fazer line in general are better known for street RC.

I love the look of the Mad Van and the handling is fantastic - this is my first RC car since I was a kid and I'm glad I bought it. That said, the Arrma has had nothing break on it so far, but I've already managed to strip both outer gear differentials on the mad van doing some jumps.

I still recommend this car, though maybe not as a first car. you might want to pre-buy some
KYOFAW229's if you do.
Friday, Jul 9 2021 (about a year ago)
Kyosho Fazer Mk2 Mad Van VE 1/10 4WD Readyset Monster Truck
I watched all the videos of people bashing the heck out of this thing and all the glowing reviews. So like a knuckle head I purchased one, I have tried to run 3 2S lipo packs through it and every time something has broke. Folks trust me parts are few and far between. Loved the look as I had a Lunchbox as a kid but this is a shelf queen for sure! Looks the part just can't perform! Should of spent my 300.00 on something else. I just have an expensive model now?