KO Propo EX-10 Eurus D.D.S 2.4GHz Radio System w/KR409S Receiver & Setting Module

KO Propo
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This is the KO Propo EX-10 Eurus 2.4GHz D.D.S Spread Spectrum Radio System w/KR409S Receiver. The ease of navigation with customizable menus, a larger handle and multi angle wheel extension gives this transmitter erogomic appeal for comfort and balance. Newly designed 3D trigger allows for repositioning of the brake trigger to accommodate different sizes of fingers and allows for adjustable trigger feel.

Other features include a larger backlit LED screen, 40-model memory, jog dial, a larger, more comfortable handle with bigger grips and a wider array of colors, spring tension adjustment for the steering and more.

Li-Poly Voltage Compatible
The KO Propo 2.4Ghz receiver is designed to handle the full voltage of a Li-Poly battery pack (8.4V) without needing a regulator.

Jog Dial - Quicker menu access
The new jog dial allows for quicker access to menu functions. The menu navigation and the increase/decrease of a set value can be quickly done without returning your finger to a key. You will be surprised at the convenience that this offers.

Larger Screen with backlight
The larger screen offers more to see with a backlight function. Settings are now easier to see and navigation is simplified. The backlight feature can be turned on or off.

Multi Angle Wheel Extension (Optional)
During an endurance race or even a short race, the balance and weight of the transmitter are important factors so that you do not think of the transmitter in your hand. The EX-10 Helios has achieved this. Changing the CG of the transmitter can change the way you feel while driving your car. This is one of the design concepts and the proof is in the feedback. Item # 17004

Steering Functions

  • Travel
  • Balance
  • Speed (1~2Way)
  • Curve
  • Center Trim
  • Sub Trim
  • Trim Rate
  • Reverse
Throttle Functions
  • High Point
  • Brake
  • Curve
  • Punch
  • Speed (1~3Way)
  • Acceleration
  • Active Brake System (ABS)
  • Preset
  • Automatic Start
  • Sub Trim
  • Trim Rate
  • Reverse
Timer Functions
  • Up Timer
  • Lap Timer
  • Down Timer
  • Alarm
  • Pre-alarm
  • Lap Navigation
  • Operation Timer


  • 40 model memory support.
  • 3CH and 4CH allow for additional mixing capabilities. 1/5th scale and crawler capabilities.
  • Neutral Brake: The transmitter can control the neutral brake or roll at neutral when using a brushless motor.
  • The three upper LED lighting on the body of the transmitter can be assigned to features.
  • Intelligent Recognition Module
  • 300% better response when compared to a conventional system

This product was added to our catalog on February 1, 2010.

Quintin Martin
Verified Owner
Sunday, May 16 2010 (about 7 years ago)
KO Propo EX-10 Eurus D.D.S 2.4GHz Radio System w/KR409S Receiver & Setting Module
Purchased this radio after holding one at my local hobby shop, I previously ran the 4pk and although it has lots of bells n whistles I rarely used the majority of them. This radio is by far the most comfortable I've ever used with the drop down wheel accessory and very easy to navigate. You can't go wrong with this one.)
Robert Knasel
Verified Owner
Monday, Mar 1 2010 (about 7 years ago)
KO Propo EX-10 Eurus D.D.S 2.4GHz Radio System w/KR409S Receiver & Setting Module
My first Ko Propo, always wondered why the pro racers would race with a FM Ko Propo radios in this day and age, now I know. This radio just feels right in your hand. Has a great feel to it. The foam wheel is truly the first I have ever owned that felt comfortable. The foam doesnt slip or slide. The large grip option and wheel drop option makes it even better. Quality, quality, if you have been racing for awhile, get rid of whatever you have and starting driving with what the pro racers use. This is an example of something awesome getting even better.
Rob Knasel)
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Jul 13 2011 (about 6 years ago)
KO Propo EX-10 Eurus D.D.S 2.4GHz Radio System w/KR409S Receiver & Setting Module
Damn good control. No need to look through the manual to see how to get to the fuctions that you want because it is that simple. Lightweight and comfortable. The front of the trigger for breaking can be adjusted forward, backward, and a little left and right; this makes it very comfortable and easier to use especially when racing. There are also optional handle grips for people who want a thicker handle. Aside from features and high speed reaction, this is the best looking radio. BTW it really doesn't mean much, but the top offroad racers that are winning world championships (Matsuzaki 2wd, Tebo and King 1/8) have been using this control. It's not the radio that wins the race, but it's good to know that it has proven itself, and that it is good enough for the best racers; because top racers don't settle for anything less.)
Marian Miller
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Sep 15 2010 (about 7 years ago)
KO Propo EX-10 Eurus D.D.S 2.4GHz Radio System w/KR409S Receiver & Setting Module
WOW all I can say is awsome transmitter , glad I spent the cash it fits in your hand perfectly , sooo smooth & it's about the best looking radio I have . I was happy with my DX3R but I get way more compliments with this as well . Never been happier with a controller !!! Thanks A-Main Tankgyrl)