Hobbywing Xerun SCT Pro Sensored Brushless ESC/Motor Combo (4700kV) w/Program Box

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This is the Hobbywing Xerun SCT Pro Sensored Brushless ESC and 4700kV 4-Pole Motor Combo, with an included LCD Program Box. The included 4-Pole 4,700kV motor is 2-3S LiPo capable and is intended for 1/10 4WD Short Course Applications. The motor provides large output power and high efficiency, and features both sensored and brushless technology to get the job done. The SCT Pro ESC is 2-4S LiPo capable and also features brushless and sensored technology, but can be used for either 1/10 or 1/8 applications.  

NOTE: This motor features a 5mm motor shaft. 

ESC Features: 

  • Sensored ESC and sensored motor have the best control feeling.
  • The switch mode BEC has powerful output to supply all electronic equipments.
  • Excellent start-up, acceleration and linearity features.
  • The major electronic components are sealed against splashing water or dust.
  • Plenty of programmable items, suitable for various of chassis's, tires and racing tracks.
  • Electric brake function, also compatible with mechanical disc-brake system.
  • Multiple protection features: Low voltage cut-off protection / Over-heat protection / Throttle signal loss protection.
  • Internal timing can be changed easily to make the ESC suitable for various of motors.
  • Easily programmed with the SET button, LED Program Box, Multifunction LCD Program Box and USB Link Software.
  • ESC firmware can be updated through the USB adapter in the LCD Program Box.
  • These is a mounting stand for installing the ESC on chassis easily and firmly.

Motor Features:

  • Sensor motor has the best control feeling and best performance.
  • XERUN-3656SD has 4 poles rotor, it has bigger torque, higher efficiency and larger power, best for 1/10 scale 4WD SCT.
  • Top quality materials:
    • Aluminum shell (case)
    • High quality magnets       
    • Copper wires of high temperature endurance       
    • Good quality bearings
  • Dust-proof.
  • The "U" shape connectors are easily for soldering.

ESC Specifications:
Continuous 120A, burst  760A;
Input: 6-12 cells NiMH/NiCd or 2-4S Lipo;
BEC: 6V/3A (Switching mode);
Resistance: 0.0004 Ohm;
Motor Supported: Sensored and sensorless brushless motor
Suitable Motor:

  • With 6 cells NiMH/NiCd or 2S Lipo:   KV≤6000;
  • With 7-9 cells NiMH/NiCd or 3S Lipo:  KV≤4000;
  • With 10-12 cells NiMH/NiCd or 4S Lipo:  KV≤3000;

Suitable Car: 1/10 and 1/8 scale short course truck / buggy / truggy
Cooling fan: 5-6V;  * Note #1
Size: 53.5mm(L) * 36mm(W) * 36mm(H).
Weight: 99g;
* Note #1: The cooling fan is powered by the built-in BEC of 6V.

Motor Specifications:
Motor Diameter: 36mm
Motor Length: 56mm
Shaft Diameter: 5mm
Shaft Length: 18.1mm
Rotor Poles: 4
Volts: 2-3 LiPo
Weight: 220g

LCD Program Box Specifications:
90mm (L) * 51mm (W) * 17mm (H)
Input Voltage:
4.5-12.6V (If the ESC hasnít a built-in BEC, you must use an additional battery pack to supply the program box)
16x2 characters LCD.
Mini USB interface, ESC interface (Futaba plug), Power supply interface (Futaba plug)

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Joshua Lotts
Verified Owner
Saturday, Jun 13 2015 (about 2 years ago)
Hobbywing Xerun SCT Pro Sensored Brushless ESC/Motor Combo (4700kV)
Forget the nay sayers! This combo is awesome!
I did a lot of research before I decided to go with this 4700kv HW motor/esc combo over a few other popular brands for my SCTE 2.0, and I am pretty happy with it after three weeks of running it almost daily.
The included LCD programmer is a really nice touch as well and is very simple to use. No need to bring a laptop!
The power and grunt is near ballistic, but the smoothness is really good and can be tamed down considerably in a matter of two minutes with the programmer.
The motor and ESC seems to stay pretty cool throughout a typical track run, but will get a bit more warm with the included mod1 15T pinion when constantly ripping around/bashing for the heck of it off track. I have only thermaled the ESC once, due to forgetting to reconnect the fan plug after programming.
All and all, if your looking for something that can easily hang with the tekin guys at half the price while staying cooler, this is your combo.
As a personal recommendation, I would consider immediately updating the firmware for both the programmer and the ESC. It seems to have a more precise voltage cut off/BEC limiter after I did this.
Keep in mind that the SCT Pro ESC has a permanently preset BEC voltage of 6v @ 3amps. If you run a high current draw digital servo like the Futaba 9352HV like I use, you will want to bypass the onboard BEC power output with an external BEC such as the castle 10amp adjustable BEC. The CC BEC has to be programmed with the castle link to output a constant 7.4v @ 6 amps.
If you don't you will likely be sorry when your SCT turns like a mack truck half way through a pack and cost you a few races like it did me.

As for the powerhouse 4700kv motor, it can draw heavy loads with moderate timing and punch settings, so do yourself a favor and buy a decent quality pack with a high C rating to prevent puffing typical low C packs. Also consider you should at least run 5600mah+ for an 8-10 minute main expectancy. I ran a protek 100c 5300mah for my first few races and finished out with only 12% left in the gas tank a few times on small technical tracks. I would not have finished had it been a larger one with longer straits and large jumps.
As a final suggestion, go ahead a buy a taller pinion set with 16-17t mod-1 if your running a lighter short course truck like the SCTE 2.0... I know it sounds counter intuitive, but you will actually reduce some of that front wheel ballooning and gain efficiency in the long run on the 17t since you wont red lining the RPMs as often creating unnecessary resistance.

All in all... This is truly a hard hitting combination! It can hold its own anywhere any time and will do what others do at half the price in the power department outside the BEC issue.
If you already have a Tekin RX8 ESC, this is the motor to have hanging off it's cords regardless!)
Bobby R
Thursday, Aug 13 2015 (about 2 years ago)
Hobbywing Xerun SCT Pro Sensored Brushless ESC/Motor Combo (4700kV)
Running this combo in my scte 2.0 (a friend let me try it) and it is amazing! Plenty of power and have not over heated in any amain races. I bought it from him so that should give you an idea of why it deserves 5 stars. Also, I read the other review, I am running 100c 6000 2s lipo; had 51% left after my last amain race, no drainage issue with my unit.)