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Hitec X2 AC Plus Black Edition AC/DC Multi-Charger (6S/10A/100W)

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The expansion of the Hitec charger line continues with the introduction of their X2 AC Plus Black Edition AC/DC Dual Balance Charger/Discharger with built-in power supply. With increased capacity and compatibility, this portable, compact and reliable charging unit affords flexible charging of all battery chemistries whether you are at home or in the field. Its leading-edge power distribution mode allows efficient assignment of output power based on individual battery requirements while the Voice Guide feature makes for easy, user-friendly communication. With a built-in 10-amp power supply, internal balancing circuits and 10 different charge/discharge profiles, the X2 AC Plus Black Edition is an absolute powerhouse. Featuring our "SCAN TO GO" and Smartphone control via Bluetooth, this charger delivers the high performance and convenience that you can always expect from Hitec.


  • Twin Channels for Simultaneous Dual Battery Charging
  • Dual Input and Power Distribution
  • 10 Battery Memory
  • CHARGE MASTER Software
  • “Scan to Go” Smartphone Control
  • Terminal Voltage Control
  • Voice Guide
  • Supports DC Output Power

AC Input:
100-240 Volts AC
DC Input: 11-18 Volts DC
Total Charge Circuit Power: 100 Watts AC Input / 200 Watts DC Input
DC Output Power: 10-100 Watts
Charge Current Range: 0.1 - 10.0 Amps x 2
Discharge Current Range: 0.1 - 2.0 Amps x 2
Discharge Current Power: 10 Watts x 2
Current Drain for LiPo Balancing: 300mA per Cell
NiCd/NiMH Battery Cell Count: 1 - 15 Cells
Capacity Range: 100 - 50000mAh
LiPo/LiHV/LiFe/Lilon Cell Count: 1 - 6 Cells
Capacity Range: 100 - 50000mAh
Pb Battery Voltage: 2 - 20 Volts
Capacity Range: 100 - 50000mAh
Dimensions: 7.24 x 5.74 x 2.75 in. (184 x 146 x 70mm)
Weight: 2.85 lbs. (1293g)

Included Items:

  • X2 AC Plus Black Edition Charger
  • (2) XH Adaptor
  • (1) Power Cord
  • (2) Banana Connectors with XT60 Connector Charging Cable
  • (2) 2 Pin T-Type Charging Cables
  • (2) Receiver Battery Charging Cables
  • (1) Alligator Clip Charge Cable
WARNING NOTE: This charger is not compatible with Traxxas iD equipped LiPo Batteries; only Traxxas iD chargers properly charge Traxxas iD LiPo Batteries. NEVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, use this charger to charge a Traxxas iD equipped LiPo Battery.

This product was added to our catalog on September 27, 2017

Verified Owner
Friday, Jan 5 2018 (about a year ago)
Hitec X2 AC Plus Black Edition AC/DC Multi-Charger (6S/10A/100W)
What a great charger ! I had a Graupner Polaron AC/DC charger and the Hitec puts it to shame for 1/3rd of the price. Very intuitive menu.The PC and Android control and monitor software work very well and allow remote programming of the charger...Fot the price you cannot do better than this ! Oh and she talks too !!
Monday, Dec 4 2017 (about 2 years ago)
Hitec X2 AC Plus Black Edition AC/DC Multi-Charger (6S/10A/100W)
Awesome dual charger, plenty of power. Easy Bluetooth connection using Link Power X App, app is very user friendly, can set up everything needed for battery set up from app in less than 30 seconds, Has fuel gauge showing battery level charge status. Can monitor both channels with App. You don't have to use App, but gives you easy access on 1 screen to all info needed while charging. Bonus has USB charging port for charging your smartphone.
Verified Owner
Wednesday, May 29 2019 (6 months ago)
Hitec X2 AC Plus Black Edition AC/DC Multi-Charger (6S/10A/100W)
A lot of nice features on this device. Mine came with a loose fitting AC power cord, such that if you move the charger the power disconnects under load. So to avoid damage to the electronics on board you have to hook both batteries up before starting to charge either one. You can work around this but it is an irritation.
The charging leads are 6 1/2 inches long. The battery leads are another 4" so the main leads end up being around 10 inches. While the balance leads are only 4" long and the balance lead on the battery is also short. So what happens is you end up with both charging batteries right in front of the charger with the main leads looping over every thing. The balance leads make the hookup almost too short to even use a Lipo bag for charging. It was not well thought out, and not up to the standard of the rest of the device.
I hope Hitec will offer us some 8" long balance leads to remedy this problem.
Monday, Jul 1 2019 (5 months ago)
Hitec X2 AC Plus Black Edition AC/DC Multi-Charger (6S/10A/100W)
I purchased this from a LHS (not AMain) about 18 months ago, although it remained in the box until just a few months ago. I've only used it a handful of times, and, until yesterday, without any problems. Unfortunately, all that changed, as the charger is now useless. Yesterday, I charged three 2S packs (2x 5400mAh, 1x 7400mAh), all of the A-Side (I currently have only one XT90 charge lead), and was in the process of connecting a second 7400mAh (everything EXCEPT the 'positive' charge lead was connected), when, without warning, BOTH displays (A&B side) displayed "EXT.TEMP TOO HI". This sholdn't be possible...especially for the B-Side, as nothing had been connected to it all day. I unplugged the charger, waited several minutes, and plugged it back in. I was greeted with the usual "Welcome" message, followed by the usual display (on both screens)...and then, after 2 seconds, both displays showed "DC IN TOO HI" for 1-2 seconds, followed by both screens indicating "EXT. TEMP TOO HI". Again, I unplugged the charger, waited approx 30 minutes, and then, thinking the problem might be the outlet, I plugged the charger into a different outlet...and, again, the same results presented themselves.

That was yesterday morning. I left it unplugged until this morning, and attempted a third troubleshooting session, plugging it into a third outlet...and, again, the exact same results occurred. I've been told several times that Hitec chargers are really good, but, after this experience, I've lost all faith with the company, and am now in search of a replacement charger. While I'd really like to go with the Junsi iCharger 308DUO, or 406DUO, both are priced a bit high (especially considering an external power supply is required), thus I am leaning towards AMain's own ProTek 625. "Funny" (not in a good way) thing is, after checking several forum posts, I discovered other people have had this exact same problem with this charger. I'm not going to tell anyone to avoid this, or any other, Hitec charger...but I will state "buy at your own risk".
Verified Owner
Saturday, Mar 30 2019 (8 months ago)
Hitec X2 AC Plus Black Edition AC/DC Multi-Charger (6S/10A/100W)
Came back to RC cars after 20 plus year layoff. This charger is everything I expected after doing my research. Great for my basher batteries and the race batteries that are in my future.
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Apr 25 2018 (about a year ago)
Hitec X2 AC Plus Black Edition AC/DC Multi-Charger (6S/10A/100W)
I should have gotten this one before. This is so far the best battery charger I've had. The process is easy and the smart phone app and the voice prompt adds a touch of convenience to it. I bought a Passport Ultra before this and I was so disappointed with it. I'm very satisfied with this purchase and would always be on my list.
Verified Owner
Thursday, Dec 14 2017 (about a year ago)
Hitec X2 AC Plus Black Edition AC/DC Multi-Charger (6S/10A/100W)
Great charger for the price. Easy to use. Great to have a discharge. Love the fuel gauge too.
Verified Owner
Friday, Dec 7 2018 (about a year ago)
Hitec X2 AC Plus Black Edition AC/DC Multi-Charger (6S/10A/100W)
Good charger. I don't have any other "real" RC chargers to compare it to, but I can't see why I'll ever need to buy another unless this one breaks. My batteries all use deans, which this came with. The phone app works great on my android phone. It's easy to set up and run programs. The only annoyance is the voice that greets you every time you plug it in, but not a big deal.

Update: Revising down to 2 stars. On DC power, this charger is supposed to be able to supply up to 100 watts and 10 amps per channel. My charger hits ~195 degrees Fahrenheit (internal temperature, not battery temperature) and throttles itself back to 1 amp/channel when trying to charge two 2S LiPos at 10 amps, which is about 75 watts per channel. Once it cools off a bit, it will work the amperage back up. This is at around 75 degree ambient temperature. I have done some testing and it seems my charger really only has the thermal capacity to supply about 110-120 total wattage, out of the rated 200, at normal room temperature.

Update: Revising down to 1 star. Same behavior above persists at 70 degrees ambient. It actually drops all the way to 0 amps until the temperature drops to about 170. Would love to have my money back.
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Dec 12 2017 (about 2 years ago)
Hitec X2 AC Plus Black Edition AC/DC Multi-Charger (6S/10A/100W)
no problem, low cost , 1year warranty.
smart phone control very nice.(include Bluetooth module)

best buy charger. thank you
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Nov 26 2019 (2 weeks ago)
Hitec X2 AC Plus Black Edition AC/DC Multi-Charger (6S/10A/100W)
First charger I've purchased, user friendly and easy to use, using it with a lipo battery, shows everything I need to know.
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Oct 16 2019 (8 weeks ago)
Hitec X2 AC Plus Black Edition AC/DC Multi-Charger (6S/10A/100W)
Very good charger. Would be better if the android app connected with bluetooth a little better. hitec has not upgraded the app in some time and the worst thing about it is when you close the hitec app, it turns your phones bluetooth off. never had an app that turns bluetooth off when im done using it before.
Verified Owner
Thursday, Jul 18 2019 (5 months ago)
Hitec X2 AC Plus Black Edition AC/DC Multi-Charger (6S/10A/100W)
Great all around charger. I only charge at 1C, so no need for high powered expensive models. This one does everything I want it to do. The best part is the ability to connect your phone to the charger via bluetooth and control the charger and monitor it remotely. Notifies me when a battery is charged.
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Jun 25 2019 (6 months ago)
Hitec X2 AC Plus Black Edition AC/DC Multi-Charger (6S/10A/100W)
Works good have used multiple times with no problems.
Verified Owner
Sunday, Mar 4 2018 (about a year ago)
Hitec X2 AC Plus Black Edition AC/DC Multi-Charger (6S/10A/100W)
Amazing charger. Does exactly what its supposed to. The bluetooth control using the smart phone app is awesome.
Verified Owner
Friday, Jan 26 2018 (about a year ago)
Hitec X2 AC Plus Black Edition AC/DC Multi-Charger (6S/10A/100W)
Very good charger for the money, with lots of great features. Easy to use and program and small footprint.