HB Racing D413 1/10 4WD Off Road Racing Buggy Kit

HB Racing
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The Hot Bodies D413 is the long-awaited successor to the D4 buggy, and was designed for adaptability, durability, and win-ability! With the D413, drivers can choose the best battery layout for their driving style and the track surface. Plus, its extreme toughness means you can drive it like you stole it, and not have to worry about over driving the car. The D413 can dish out the punishment, and take it just as well.

The Hot Bodies D413 first turned a wheel at the 2013 ROAR Nationals in the hands of Ty Tessmann, one of the fastest racers on the planet and lead test driver for all of the off-road HB projects. Ty stole the show at the World's Warm-Up, winning both the 2WD and 4WD classes, and when he showed up at the ROAR Nationals at the same track just a few months later with the D413 in hand, no one could stop him from taking another ROAR Nationals victory - this time in electric!

Adjustable Chassis Configurations
The D413 is the only competition 4WD car that allows racers to choose between a "shorty" type LiPo or a  conventional saddle pack arrangement. This adjustability is one of the hallmarks of the D413 and allows drivers to change the balance of the car front-to-rear.

Triple Gear Diffs
Front, center and rear gear differentials are used to allow drivers to use various diff greases to tune the the steering, traction and corner handling. Gear diffs are much stronger than ball diffs and allows racers strap to in extra-powerful brushless motors for maximum power without the hassles of ball diff maintenance.


  • Highly adjustable suspension geometry (roll center, kick-up, anti-squat, camber, toe-in) for a total tuning package
  • Innovative triangulated shock tower mounts for increased survivability during crashes
  • 12mm big-bore shocks with threaded bodies and mud guards
  • Versatile steering system with minimal bump-steer and highly adjustable Ackermann geometry for complete steering control
  • Signature HB Monocoque suspension arms for stiffness, strength and adjustability

Width: 250mm
Wheelbase: 278mm

Needed to Complete:
  • 2-channel surface radio system
  • 7.4V Shorty or saddle pack type LiPo battery & compatible charger
  • 1/10 Electronic speed control & 540 motor
  • Pinion gear
  • Paint for body
  • Tires & tire glue
  • Steering servo
  • 500cts Silicone Shock Oil
  • 10,000wt Silicone Differential Fluid
  • 100,000wt Silicone Differential Fluid
  • Tools for Assembly

This product was added to our catalog on October 24, 2014

Leigh Helmrich
Tuesday, Oct 7 2014 (about 4 years ago)
HB Racing D413 1/10 4WD Off Road Racing Buggy Kit
Since most of the reviews here are terrible, I will actually give some useful feedback on the car.

The car is not the easiest to work on. There are 18 screws to get the center diff out, because the car is assembled in layers. Less with some creative twisting and electronics mounting. The car has a bit of slop in it. The front suspension is fairly loose. The rear arms and hubs also move around a lot. The arms with plastic inserts are pretty flexible. Super gluing the plastic insets in will help stiffen the arms up quite a bit. Replace the motor clam screws with cap head 3mm screws. This way you can tighten the motor down better. This prevents it from coming loose and ruining the spur gear. Now you may be thinking, man this guy hates this car. Not true. It is the most durable 4wd car on the market. I have had the kind of crashes where I hear many people say, "The car is broke". Then I drive away. I am talking about clearing a large triple and landing straight into a pipe nail. The car is very easy to drive hard. A great balance of traction and steering. As posted before, the kit springs are a little soft for high bite tracks, but other brand 12mm springs work fine. I gave the car 4 stars because of the durability and performance. It lost a star due to all the play in the suspension.
J. Fisher
Verified Owner
Friday, Jan 9 2015 (about 3 years ago)
HB Racing D413 1/10 4WD Off Road Racing Buggy Kit
First off, this was the smoothest kit build I've ever done. Second, this car is just so much easier to drive than any other wheeler out there and I have driven them all. I got faster times just switching cars, from a 44.2 and 44.3. It stays glued to the ground even when pushed hard. I have raced it a dozen or so times and countless practice with no breaks. Just won my first A main ever in wheeler. Faults, Steering is loose, needs the bearing aftermarket steering rack. However, having said that I have not noticed any negative affect from the loose steering. I put stiffer springs, changed the oil weight in the shocks, and put 5k diff fluid in the rear. This is one clean driving super fast buggy. Leaps and bounds better than anything out there except maybe the Xray, which drives ALMOST as nice but is much less durable. Get a D413! You will love it!
adam davis
Sunday, Jun 1 2014 (about 4 years ago)
HB Racing D413 1/10 4WD Off Road Racing Buggy Kit
Love IT!! While I have only owned the Associated B44.2 Other Then this for 4wd Buggys i LOVE IT. I have driven the Durango the losi , i just liked what i hear about the D413. So i ordered one with out driving it. I was debating on this or the new XRAY. someone at our track has the X-Ray and it is dialed. So i built and and first one with it was race night . I TQED and took 2nd first time ever with car. Average 2 seconds faster then my b44 with same electronics set up . The build was super easy . I would not trade this buggy for anything it is SUPER Durable handles amazing and has more tuning then you could ask . Only complaint right now is not able to get parts but haven't needed any and no aftermarket parts . VERY VERY HAPPY
Friday, Jul 14 2017 (about a year ago)
HB Racing D413 1/10 4WD Off Road Racing Buggy Kit
I know this is a older car but being my first wheeler and my skill level not being great this was a perfect choice because of durability and how easy it is to drive. The car is very agile and fast. I had a few issues with the build. I was missing a front wheel bearing and had some plastic parts that were bad. I was bummed but bought the parts to get the car going. I emailed HB and told them of my issues and they no questions asked sent me everything to fix it for FREE. They back there product and there customer support is great. I would recommend this car to anyone based on my experience with HB and the performance of the car. It's a very competitive car with great aftermarket support as well.
Mike Hudson
Sunday, May 4 2014 (about 4 years ago)
HB Racing D413 1/10 4WD Off Road Racing Buggy Kit
Really enjoy this buggy. Super smooth and plush ride. Gear diffs are amazing. Shocks are very nice. Durability is awesome.
Tyrone Dark
Monday, Nov 16 2015 (about 2 years ago)
HB Racing D413 1/10 4WD Off Road Racing Buggy Kit
Love this buggy! I'm only running it in stock class at the moment but it is a sweet chassis, heaps of tuning options and has such a nice feel to it. Beginners through to Pro racers will love this car! I can't wait to run it in Modified, should be a winning platform!
Todd Dooley
Verified Owner
Friday, Jan 9 2015 (about 3 years ago)
HB Racing D413 1/10 4WD Off Road Racing Buggy Kit
Being new to 1/10th indoor offroad racing I was looking for a 4wd buggy that would best suit my needs. I needed a buggy that was durable, fast, and most like a 1/8th scale lol. With that being said I bought this soon after buying the b44.3 and now the b44.3 is a dust collector. I love this thing, it's so amazing, suits my needs in every way. The designers of this buggy did a fantastic job, from the build, to its durability, to its performance on the track. I couldn't be happier with this buggy. Great job Hotbodies I'm extremely impressed!
Corvan Kotlarek
Tuesday, Jan 6 2015 (about 3 years ago)
HB Racing D413 1/10 4WD Off Road Racing Buggy Kit
This is a great wheeler, but there are a few things to know though. If you follow the book its going to drive really soft. Especially if you use the included servo horn. The servo saver that they include is a nice idea, but steering slows down a lot. There's that and I personally don't like the screw together body and will be replacing it soon. I would greatly prefer a one piece body mainly for painting purposes. Besides those two small things it's great. You know you have a good buggy when you slam into a short course that stopped on the straight away while using a 6.5 turn motor and not break a single part.
Chris Abbott
Thursday, Oct 23 2014 (about 3 years ago)
HB Racing D413 1/10 4WD Off Road Racing Buggy Kit
This was my first venture into anything 1/10 buggy related, I gave up 4x4 SCT to start running 4w Buggy. The kit was fun and easy to build, the steps and bags were setup perfect with all the hardware in the designated bag for that step. I've been running the car for a few weeks now and its super fun to drive and feels like a mini Ebuggy, the car is a beast. About a week ago it did about 4 kart wheels into the wall, had the turn marshal flip it back over and took off driving. Accessing the diffs are really not that bad, I was able to change out any of the diffs in about 20-30mins depending on which fluids putting in. I really like the style of the HB body, but wish it was 1pc instead of 3pc with tiny screws. In the end this is an awesome car, and I would buy it again.
richard davitto
Wednesday, Aug 20 2014 (about 4 years ago)
HB Racing D413 1/10 4WD Off Road Racing Buggy Kit
A must have for wheeler. the car is planted and you can push it unlike b44.
If they were available would be most popular wheeler around.
ryan beauchamp
Monday, Jun 16 2014 (about 4 years ago)
HB Racing D413 1/10 4WD Off Road Racing Buggy Kit
Great wheeler and very durable. However, it does seem to have an issue with parts support. If you break, be prepared for a nice car sitting on the shelf for a long time.
One rule racing
Sunday, Jun 1 2014 (about 4 years ago)
HB Racing D413 1/10 4WD Off Road Racing Buggy Kit
Hands down best wheeler out there. Insane durability and build quality. Super nimble. Suspension is buttery smooth. Technology in this car is far beyond any other buggy out there. A racer designed this car and it shows. Springs in the kit are a little soft for my home track but all the major brands fit so finding a spring rate I liked was super easy. This car is in a class of its own. Can't wait to see the 2wd when hpi releases it.
Vincenzo Martino
Wednesday, May 14 2014 (about 4 years ago)
HB Racing D413 1/10 4WD Off Road Racing Buggy Kit
I havent had the chance to run mine yet but I will say that I have owned almost every 4wd buggy out there, and this one was the easiest build of all them. I just love how each bag contains the parts to build a certain section of the buggy without having to open another bag to get screws. Just awesome!!!
Abdel Rahman Labban
Verified Owner
Monday, Aug 28 2017 (about a year ago)
HB Racing D413 1/10 4WD Off Road Racing Buggy Kit
This car is a master piece in Design, Durability and Handling. It is Great but can be Better. The truth is, it is outdated and needs a whole bunch of upgrades: Longer Chassis, Aluminum Shock Caps, Split Center Dif Case, Aluminum Steering Rack, ??new Body, and others. These will cost you a good extra amount of money that can be included with an updated kit from the start considering the price.
Darren Dorlarque
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Jan 13 2016 (about 2 years ago)
HB Racing D413 1/10 4WD Off Road Racing Buggy Kit
The car is amazing, the kit is amazing! Anyone looking for a rad 4WD Buggy, this is it!
Peter Lee
Verified Owner
Monday, Aug 3 2015 (about 3 years ago)
HB Racing D413 1/10 4WD Off Road Racing Buggy Kit
Amazing car. If you are coming from a ball diff platform (like myself), you will notice that the car 'hooks up' better on medium to high traction tracks. It jumps incredibly well, and has tons of steering and it is aggressive and agile in general. The durability is outstanding. A few suggestions: 1. Get the aluminum shock caps - the stock ball-cup system is as sketchy as it looks and I have already popped the top of one of the shocks off in a race. 2. Be careful with the motor mount - the mount system that is used is excellent, but be sure to thread lock every screw on the mount (this is obvious, but just don't overlook it). My motor came loose and I destroyed the spur gear. 3. Other than the spur gear, the only thing I have busted is a shock shaft - be sure to get extra shock shafts as well as shock shaft eyelets to screw onto the a-arms in case the shock breaks right at the edge of the eyelet. 4. I would lighten the rear diff oil to 7k or 5k - it will give you a little extra bite and smooth out the response a bit. At 10k in the rear, you will be doing wheelies.
Robert Bilicki
Monday, Jul 13 2015 (about 3 years ago)
HB Racing D413 1/10 4WD Off Road Racing Buggy Kit
First off, this is not an easy build. The directions are weak. This won't be a real problem if you have built other cars before. I built it for shorty packs. It does drive incredible right out of the box. I had my local tracks two best drivers take some laps and were impressed with it after they had me put in heavier shock oil. They race the 22-4 and it takes a lot to impress them. I had a great first night racing it and so far it seems pretty low maintenance and durable. For people like me who liked their SCTE and love their SCT410 this is a great choice because it's drive line layout is similar, but unlike a short course the D413 is light and nimble.
Sebastian Vasan
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Apr 15 2015 (about 3 years ago)
HB Racing D413 1/10 4WD Off Road Racing Buggy Kit
Since most reviews on this buggy aren't very helpful, I'll give you some useful information. This buggy is actually really nice to drive. If you're on the fence about it... JUST GET IT. This buggy is a joy to own and drive. The car has heaps of suspension travel and tons of steering. I know people complain about slop, but that was put there on purpose! I recommend the ExoTek steering rack if you want to get rid of it. I really think that if you want a durable buggy this is really the best option. I know the Xray is out there but I have found that this is better. If you want a next generation 4wd buggy is is your best option!
Nathan Emmett
Sunday, Apr 10 2016 (about 2 years ago)
HB Racing D413 1/10 4WD Off Road Racing Buggy Kit
When i got my 4wd buggy i was still pretty new to racing and had zero experience driving anything near as fast as the 7.5 i put in it would take this car. The result was a series of horrendous crashes and mistakes that I'm sure would have cost me a small fortune in repair parts on other cars. Although there was a steep learning curve (for me anyways) i adapted very well to the D413 and we began to mesh very well and my results quickly put me near the top of the pack. This car is very easy to drive and doesn't seem to punish you like others do when you make mistakes and blow lines, i find that you can be more aggressive than you think and keep the speed up with this car. Driving a friends x-ray proved that to me, small mistakes and bobbles that would really upset his car would have almost no affect on mine.
The real issues had is the odd situation where i do break something and need repair parts there aren't any in my local area, everything I've needed had to be ordered here, I've heard horror stories of long backorders and no parts but Amain has had everything i've needed (and it hasn't been much). Overall I'm very happy with my choice and would purchase another D413 in a heartbeat.
Adam Poreba
Friday, Jun 30 2017 (about a year ago)
HB Racing D413 1/10 4WD Off Road Racing Buggy Kit
A little nervous on slippery surfaces. It's best to give diff oils such as 1/8 buggy. Fragile parts could be made of less fragile material ( nylon or reinforced carbon). Worse screw quality than D4. Much too expensive (some) parts. But anyway still the best :)