HB Racing D216 2WD Electric Buggy Kit

HB Racing D216 2WD Electric Buggy Kit
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This item is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. You may want to search our site for a similar item.

Hot Bodies 2wd buggy - in a class of it's own.

The HB D216 is a pure bred race machine that could revolutionize 2WD off-road racing with its unique features and extreme durability. Sharing the triangulated shock towers, 12mm Big Bore V2 shocks and other details with the multiple ROAR Champion D413, the D216 is much more than a D413 with the front transmission removed. Featuring a triple slipper clutch, adjustable 2-piece caster blocks, mid-motor 3-gear transmission, combined with multiple servo, wing and battery positions.

The narrow carbon fiber chassis allows both transversal or longitudinal battery positions, and the mid-motor-only design provides nimble handling with maximum steering and rear traction. The carbon fiber battery strap and its orange anodized aluminum brace add additional stiffness to the rear of the chassis. The distinct mid-mounted transmission encloses a 3-gear transmission for the most efficient drivetrain possible, with an externally adjustable, large diameter triple slipper clutch. The high volume gear differential is easy to remove from the transmission case for tuning, and can be replaced with an optional ball diff if needed.

The ESC is mounted to the side of the transmission case which helps eliminate the weight of excessive wiring and allows plenty of air flow to keep the ESC cool. The suspension design is an evolution of the D413, with triangulated shock tower mounts, minimalist carbon fiber shock towers, and aluminum camber link plates being some of the obvious design features of the suspension. The biggest single feature, however, are the 2-piece adjustable caster blocks, which allow you to quickly adapt the car to different driving conditions without needing to install different parts. Another innovation is the hinge boss design that sandwiches the hinge pin box between the two halves of the strong and lightweight monococque suspension arms, to make the car super durable and highly adjustable.

D216 Features:

  • Mid-motor 2WD fully-featured racing buggy kit
  • Woven graphite carbon fiber chassis with carbon fiber side braces
  • Centralized low weight distribution
  • Superb chassis balance with increased transitional agility
  • Fully enclosed 3-gear mid-mounted transmission
  • Triple plate externally adjustable large diameter slipper clutch
  • Multiple battery mounting positions to adjust weight balance adjustable fore and aft as well as left to right
  • Brand new 2-piece adjustable caster blocks to change kingpin angle
  • Monococque suspension arms with innovative hinge boss design
  • Aluminum camber link plates
  • Threaded aluminum 12mm Big Bore V2 coil over shocks
  • Extra-rugged triangulated shock tower mounts
  • Fully adjustable suspension with sway bars, multiple camber links, track width, ride height
  • Multiple servo mounting options to adjust weight balance
  • Steel turnbuckles with extra-long rod ends for increased durability
  • Extra-large gear differential
  • Easy-access differential
  • HB universal dogbones
  • Aluminum hex wheel adapters
  • Completely fitted with ball bearings
  • Hook and loop body mounting
  • Adjustable wing height
  • Parts compatibility with the D413, including shocks, rear hubs, CVDs, wing mounts, arm mounts and more
  • Wide array of tuning options include longitudinal battery mounting set, ball differential, long wheelbase chassis, multiple Ackermann arms, rear wings, shock springs, rear shock tower and arm mounts



  • D216 Kit
  • Clear Body
  • White Wheel Set
  • Silicone Diff Oil #1000
  • Shock Oil #500

Needed to Complete:

  • 2-channel surface radio system
  • 7.4V Shorty or saddle pack type LiPo battery & compatible charger
  • 1/10 Electronic speed control & 540 motor
  • Pinion gear
  • Paint for body
  • Tires & tire glue
  • Steering servo
  • Silicone Shock Oil
  • Silicone Differential Fluid
  • Tools for Assembly


  • Optional lengthwise battery layout shown
Verified Owner
Friday, May 20 2016 (about 4 years ago)
HB Racing D216 2WD Electric Buggy Kit
Amazing buggy! The quality in this kit is top notch.
The parts are all in separate bags labeled and flow with the instructions, meaning you only need one bag per step in the build process it's easy and painless. The factory esc mounting location would work best with a smaller esc with out a fan otherwise there is plenty of room to relocate the esc onto the chassis. As far as balancing the weight of your buggy this kit allows you to have multiple battery positions. from shorty to saddle,also the battery is held by a support arm/brace, and it's constructed of orange anodized aluminum and carbon fiber looks great and with the extra room for esc and rx you can definitely balance your buggy perfectly. Hot bodies has a very competitive line up from 10th to 8th scale I will be getting the d413 next followed by the d815.......

If you are looking for a quality build this is it.
Monday, Sep 25 2017 (about 3 years ago)
HB Racing D216 2WD Electric Buggy Kit
I bought this kit from another hobby store when A-main couldn't adjust their price to compete. Sorry, A-main I gave you a shot. Now they dropped the price. Wow. This is the nicest kit I have EVER built. I haven't build a ton of kits but this quality of this kit is second to none. fit and finish is superb. Absolute joy to assemble. the engineering of it is ahead of its time and it is very well thought out. Only a little confusion on friction disk order for slipper during the build but apart from that, a real treat. performance wise this thing handles amazing. I chose to build my shocks emulsion style since I am running on a loose outdoor track and this thing just rallies. turning is wonderful and the chassis is extremely responsive. Jumps awesome. I find the gear diff works well with the 1k fluid. I mounted my esc in front of the battery since it was too big to fit on the spur cover. I love how responsive the car is to turning input and mid-corner correction. It just snaps right back to where you want it. this is my first 2wd MM buggy and I am thrilled with it. a lot of guys running other brands complain about the rear end of the mm buggies rotating too around quickly at the outdoor track and wanting to step out on power. I have not experienced that with this car. hook up is very good and the weight transfer seems right. no over-ration. drive out of corners is very precise and controlled. At this price..(sub $200) it's just and incredible car and still very worth it even at the 350-400 range. can't speak about carpet or high grip clay, but on a looser dirt track it's Ultra competitive, and in the hands of a good driver can easily hang with the other brands. I was seriously considering the Xray xb2 dirt and decided on this. Parts are cheaper, and it looks like part availability is not and issue (at least here at A-main), and I am convinced the quality of this kit is better, but I admit I haven't had hands on the XRAY kit. Car is tough, haven't broke anything yet! carbon and billet throughout. fit and finish is next level, very intuitive design and tuning adjustments are a breeze. Well worth the asking price even at $300+ If you are on the fence.. pull the trigger. You won't regret it. this is an outstanding car.
Saturday, Jan 7 2017 (about 3 years ago)
HB Racing D216 2WD Electric Buggy Kit
This thing goes together like butter. I assembled this and a XB2 17' recently and I can tell you if I had to choose, I'd buy this first. The buggy is made in Taiwan and quality is high. Many parts are carbon and shocks come with aluminum caps in the box. If i had to guess, Team Magic makes the car for HB. I'm surprised more folks haven't jumped on this.

I can't comment on run time, I'm still getting the motor and electronics together.

Edit: Sold my xray xb2 17 and keeping this. Running Xr10 pro and schuurspeed custom motor. Very tunable platform. You'd be a fool if not picking one up at the current sale price. Even at regular price, one of the baddest out there.
Tuesday, Jan 31 2017 (about 3 years ago)
HB Racing D216 2WD Electric Buggy Kit
Guys, I got this car on a whim and have been DESTROYING my local and regional competition. I race in an area that is so competitive that dudes want to pit fight after mains! I was keeping up with my Kyosho RB6 but now I am lapping everyone with the HB Racing D216!

Car is so easy to put together, everything is easy to understand, the shocks are smoother than my Kyosho shocks and the platform works great indoors and outdoors! I'm buying a second one so I can run modified and stock classes together and I'm selling my RB6 and ZX6 because they are so much more expensive and I'm winning with this platform.

Try one for yourselves and start TQ and Winning every main!
Verified Owner
Monday, Jan 29 2018 (about 2 years ago)
HB Racing D216 2WD Electric Buggy Kit
Kit goes together smooth. Just pay close attention to the slipper clutch assembly, the diagram is not very clear. Part quality is very good. The use of aluminum hinge platers on the swing arms is brilliant! Just little details makes a huge difference. The box setup is pretty spot on for loose dirt.
I built mine with the exotech aluminum chassis. Using JC dirt webs tires in the front and PL blockades in the back. Not a lot of track time yet to fine tune the setup but pretty happy.
Verified Owner
Monday, Jan 29 2018 (about 2 years ago)
HB Racing D216 2WD Electric Buggy Kit
I got my first D216 last November 2017 and I like it much. I bought another one for "spare parts" when they went on sale around Christmas time. I built it per instructions but the steering was too much for my driving skill. I replaced the servo arm with a 16mm from the original 18mm. Now I can drive it on the race track. I also have the B6D and I can not tell which is better performance-wise. They are both great buggies but the D216 wins because of the price. I have not broken any part yet.
Also since I have several 10th scale buggies I change the 10mm front hex with AE b44.3 12mm hex and glued the hex pin with a dab of shoe goo so it does not fall off during tire changes. This way I am able to switch tires among my 10th scale buggies.
It is a great buggy. You won't regret getting it.
Note: I do not race, I just go to an indoor clay track to run my rc cars, buggies, SCT's, stadium trucks and enjoy the practice.
Verified Owner
Thursday, Dec 21 2017 (about 2 years ago)
HB Racing D216 2WD Electric Buggy Kit
Just like the others have already said the quality of this car is amazing and the build is super easy. I built mine in less then 2 hours. It's one tough racer to. I'm racing it at my local carpeted short course track and I'm no pro by any means. I've hit just about everything on the track. I've barrel rolled it down the back stretch at full speed and even tangled and broke short course trucks with it during practice. I have yet to break a part or even pop a ball end off. As a bonus I'm the only one at the track with a D216 its nice to be different from the usual pack of RC10's, Losi's and Xray's.
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Dec 20 2017 (about 2 years ago)
HB Racing D216 2WD Electric Buggy Kit
Excellent kit all around and by far the most different of all on the market. Top quality parts, hardware and a professional build from beginning to end thanks to easy to follow instructions and clearly numbered bags.(Only downfall is being limited to using 8.9mm front rims)
Has easily become one of my favorites to put on a track having prior experience with the 413 that reflects into the overall drivability and durability of this buggy. And thanks to vast setup options and adjustments this car will be competitive on any track surface!
Don't get fooled by the reduced pricing. The performance out of the box makes it every bit the worth of its original.
Tuesday, Nov 21 2017 (about 3 years ago)
HB Racing D216 2WD Electric Buggy Kit
Awesome car..super easy build as with all HB's and also very easy to drive...works really well outdoors..I used to struggle with a 22 3.0 and I won the first time I raced this thing..