Exotek D413 +4 Aluminum Chassis Set

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The Exotek D413 +4 Aluminum Chassis Set allows you to update your D413 to world caliber spec's and performance The +4mm 7075 PRO'17 chassis set features machined delrin side rails to makes the D413 easier to drive on all track surfaces and easier to work on. The machined aluminum center chassis uses front and rear alloy 'back bones' that bolts to the chassis and reinforces the chassis without the need of a top plate much like other top level buggies. Raised and angled machined side rails then bolt to the chassis for improved ground clearance, debris blocking and allows the use of velcro for body retention.

Eliminating the top plate structures makes differential access much easier and eliminates the chance of broken or cracked top plates. The added weight of the chassis (+80gr) lowers center of gravity, while improving flex, makes the D413 faster and more consistent over a full race.

  • Alloy servo mounts
  • Heavy duty alloy steering crank arm
  • Front and rear alloy center back bones
  • Left and right side rails
  • Center chassis
  • Hardware
  • Instruction sheet

Needed to Complete:

  • Cut top plates (for experienced modelers only)- view instructions in resources tab above for reference
  • OR Optional Exotek D413 PRO'17 CARBON DECK PLATES (EXO1698)
  • D413 KIT

This product was added to our catalog on November 9, 2016.

Verified Owner
Sunday, Jan 1 2017 (about a year ago)
Exotek D413 +4 Aluminum Chassis Set
Chassis works great! Provides more grip on clay. Lap times are down.
Noticable difference so I highly recommend it if you like winning.)
Thursday, Feb 9 2017 (about a year ago)
Exotek D413 +4 Aluminum Chassis Set
I got this chassis on kind of on a whim. Having used exotek stuff before I was willing to give it a try as the setup on the D413 can be a bit funky with the upper braces compared to newer designs of other vehicles.

As far as the build goes the only issue I take with exotek is that the battery posts need a 2mm or so shim to sit correctly. If you recall from the stock chassis, the posts ride on the battery trays. This is not the case on the exotek chassis and the screws included will bottom out. Confirmed this with a HB team driver that they are using shims under the battery posts. Few shims included would have gone a ways there, especially at this price.

My opinion, including the top decks also would have been a nice touch at this price point. Maybe it something they can address in the future with newer vehicles coming out to keep sales going.

Handling wise, vehicle felt great. In comparison to another D413 with a stretched chassis, i felt this one was a bit more planted and predictable, probably due to the weight down low.

The big selling point for me though was that I get to things a lot easier without the top decks in the way.

Exotek should really consider making a revised center diff mount that is a split 2 piece design. It is pretty much my only grip with the vehicle at this point as I don't mind all the extra screws front and rear as I don't have to remove a chassis protector to get to the diffs, but here unless I cut the screw holes I will have to do that and I prefer not to. Being able to quickly access the center diff would be great. Maybe in a D4'18 lol.)
Engine Guy
Verified Owner
Thursday, Sep 28 2017 (6 months ago)
Exotek D413 +4 Aluminum Chassis Set
Fabulous part, looks good and it is very well made; when it comes to aftermarket parts I am a hard person to please and I was very happy with this item! It makes maintenance and tuning way easier. Pulling the center diff is a easy task not having to deal with the upper deck plates tying everything together .

I recommend not buying the really short Exotek Top plate replacements. Just cut your own but leave most of the length on the diff sides, On the back you can drill a few holes in it and then use them to Zip tie servo wires to going to your receiver. Plus on the front it leaves you with a nice place to mount your lap counter to, especially if you have an IR one that needs to be able to shine up through a front window.

Unlike stated in one of the other reviews you can mount your servo in-front of the motor on the left side. I do not know if this is due to a revision from older chassis plates but you could on the one I have.)
Janner Redera
Sunday, Dec 4 2016 (about a year ago)
Exotek D413 +4 Aluminum Chassis Set
I have mixed feelings about this chassis after having it for about a week and running it for 2 packs.

First, anyone interested in this chassis should know that if you have your car set up with the steering servo mounted on the motor side, you won't be able to do it with this chassis because of the new front chassis backbone brace that helps to stiffen the chassis. This is because the brace has a notch cut into the side of it for clearance of the servo mount but this notch is only on one side of the brace and you can't just flip the brace over. Most people probably have their servo on the battery side, but just so you are aware.

Second, I think Exotek could have provided screws for the two braces that are slightly longer for added strength than the really short 6mm screws that attach the braces to the chassis for extra strength. 8mm screws would have been perfect probably.

Lastly, I think they should have included (or at least make available) a chassis protector because I've tried both the JConcepts +4mm and the Schelle +4mm chassis protectors and both don't fit this chassis shape perfectly.

As for the way it drives with this chassis I think it's GREAT so far. The car jumps very level and my biggest worry was that it wouldn't be able to take a crash. It definitely was able to take some hard crashes and even a few landings where I took a jump too lightly and landed on top of the 3rd jump on a triple and hit directly on the middle of the chassis. It took the hit with no problems whereas I've done this with the stock chassis and it flexed so bad that the screws holding the top braces popped up and caused a stripped center diff gear. I think time will tell how this chassis holds up but these are my initial views.)