DragRace Concepts Redline Inline Pro Mod 1/10 Drag Racing Kit

DragRace Concepts Redline Inline Pro Mod 1/10 Drag Racing Kit
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The DragRace Concepts Redline Inline Pro Mod Kit is the ultimate option for Pro Mod class radio control drag racing. As RC Pro Mod Racers continue to push speeds past the 100 mph mark, more is required from the chassis to accommodate the needs of this ultra competitive class. The Redline comes out of the box packed with the precision machined components you need to take the win, and offers a tightly engineered package for racers that demand a premium grade, straight line machine. 

The Redline Inline Pro Mod is the predecessor to the DRC1, a proven platform in the highly competitive IMDRA and RCDRL Pro Mod class. These cars are true hot rods, offering a variety of updated features that deliver proven performance gains on the drag strip. 

The biggest improvements come from the updated rear pod design. The rear weight bias was improved by way of an aluminum pod that allows the rear axle and drivetrain to move up and down in the chassis to suit different track conditions. The 2.5mm carbon fiber frame rails are tied directly into the aluminum pod to create ultra responsive launch characteristics.

The updated pod uses smaller 1/4x3/8" rear axle bearings to increase rear axle RPM while reducing drag on the drivetrain. Four bearings are used to provide additional support to handle the loads created by 2S LiPo power. Finally, the motor mount has been changed to a "Block" style mount that features a circular bolt hole pattern to make installation and alignment of the motor easier than before. DRC recommends the DRC-1088.5 Motor Alignment Tool (not included) to help simplify the motor alignment process. 

So if you are ready to take on the best of the best in prepped track RC drag racing, you need the best drag car. The Redline Pro Mod fills that roll with superior engineering and premium level components that will get you off the starting line faster - in a platform that is not a glorified short course truck. 

Inline Motor
An inline motor configuration positions the motor inline with the chassis. A driveshaft connects the motor to a coupler/pinion gear that turns the ring gear connected to the rear axle to create a true direct drive system. This setup is similar to the drivetrain of real NHRA Pro Mod. The overall performance of inline cars comes from a combination of the motor, esc/radio settings, tire size, and gear ratio working together, and racers typically have a specific combo for the gear ratio they are running. 

  • Pros: The chassis has a better all around balance with the motor centered in the chassis. The distribution of power goes through the rear axle and causes the chassis to move forward rather then lifting the front of the chassis. Inline cars tend to run a lower .430 gear ratio and can accelerate quickly, with the battery placed farther back in the chassis to help with rear weight and traction.
  • Cons: The inline chassis has a limited amount of gear ratio options. The included .430 gear ratio has shown to work well in Top Fuel, Funny Car and Pro Mod racing and is DRC's recommended gear ratio choice. With limited gear ratio options inline cars have a tire size "window" with a 2.75" diameter tire being the recommended choice. As the rear tires wear down you loose gear ratio. In a inline car you can't adjust the pinion gear size to compensate for the loss of gear ratio as the rear tires wear down like you can with a Sidewinder car. In most cases you can let the rear tires wear down as much as .125 without a major impact on performance or handling. Since you can't quickly change gear ratios in an inline car, the performance of the car is dictated by how well the motor, esc/radio, tire size and gear ratio are working together.

NOTE: Finished kit shown in photos is for illustrative purposes only. See needed to complete list below for a list of items required to complete the model. 


  • 12" Wheelbase, Pro Mod Kit
  • Premium grade, precision machined 7075 aluminum components
  • Predecessor to the DRC1 with updates that improve performance
  • Inline drivetrain configuration offers better left/right weight balance and more forward drive on the launch
  • Full aluminum rear pod design
  • "Block" style motor mount makes motor installation and alignment easier
  • 2.5mm carbon fiber frame rails 
  • 90% assembled chassis


Wheelbase: 12"
Construction: 2.0 & 2.5mm Carbon Fiber
Chassis Components: 7075 High Strength Aluminum
Gear Ratio: .430 Included, .460 Optional
Drive Shaft: 5mm Included
Wheel Hubs: 4 Bolt Pattern
Steering Linkage: Included
Body Mounts: Included
Wheelie BarIncluded

Needed to Complete: 
  • ESC & 540 Motor w/5mm Driveshaft 
  • Micro Size Steering Servo & Servo Horn
  • 2 Channel Radio System
  • 2S Shorty LiPo Battery & Compatible Charger
  • Foam Rear Wheels/Tires (2.75" Tall tire recommended - DRC-207 or DRC-208)
  • Front Wheels/Tires (DRC Ultra Lock recommended - DRC-2000 or DRC-2001) 
  • 12" Wheelbase Pro-Mod Body 
  • DRC-1088.5 Motor Alignment Tool 
  • Tools for Assembly
  • Threadlock

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