Axial SCX10 II Trail Honcho RTR 4WD Rock Crawler w/2.4GHz Radio

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Axial SCX10 II Trail Honcho RTR 4WD Rock Crawler
Price: $349.99
Discontinued Online
This item is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. You may want to search our site for a similar item.
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The Axial SCX10 II Trail Honcho RTR 4WD Rock Crawler combines the classic Honcho truggy cage and body, with the proven SCX10 II platform to create a next gen Honcho that truly is trail ready. This truck is ready to tackle the trail and provide the reliability you need for adventure. Equipped for heavy duty trailing, this truck includes the proven AX10 transmission, updated single-piece AR44 axles, licensed Method Hole wheels and Falken Wildpeak M/T tires, as well as a set of LED headlights and tail lights. If you are ready to put your skills and stamina to the test, let the Trail Honcho take the lead and get you there. 



  • AR44 SINGLE PIECE AXLE: The updated AR44 front and rear axles feature a single-piece design with molded truss for extreme durability. Integrated C-hubs and lockouts offer optimized performance as well as improved ground clearance. Metal dogbones, helical cut internal gears and high-quality bearings are all standard equipment. The ring gear/locker is a single-unit piece made of strong sintered metal, and the pinion is CNC cut for durability.
  • AX10™ TRANSMISSION: The ultra compact transmission allows for a wide range of gearing choices. The overall ratio can be adjusted using different pinion and spur gear choices allowing super high speed or competition level crawling speed. The updated transmission housing design still retains the basic function of the original transmission, in a more scale looking case.
    • Final drive ratio (FDR) 42.00 – Original SCX10 was 33.06
    • 20T metal drive gear, plastic idler gear and plastic lower gear (Optional: upgrade to all metal gears with this gear set: AX31585)
    • Scale looks – silver color looks like cast aluminum
    • Better mounting points at the base of the transmission – no more stripped screws!
  • FRONT TUBE BUMPER: Classic Honcho scale front tube bumper with aluminum skid plates with two factory installed and functional PIAA LED light buckets.
  • LED LIGHTS INCLUDED: Two white LED lights in the front Two red LED lights in the rear
  • AE-5L ESC WITH DRAG BRAKE, WATERPROOF: The Axial AE-5L ESC is 3S LiPo capable yet easily switched “in the field” between LiPo and NiMh battery types with a simple jumper – no more complex procedures.
    • LED Light controller built-in with dual LED outputs for headlights/taillights.
    • Male Star Plug lead - compatible with the most common polarized plug.
    • Jumper 1 provides a simple plug and play choice between LiPo or NiMh.
    • Jumper 2 switches Drag Brake settings.
    • Waterproof design with Star Plug / laser etched heat sink.
    • NOTE: LED LEADS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH OUR OLD LED LIGHT STRINGS, or THIRD PARTY LED LIGHT STRINGS. Connecting your old LED light strings to these leads will cause damage to the AE-5L ESC and the light strings.
  • 1.9 METHOD HOLE WHEELS: Clean, simple and strong, these officially licensed METHOD Hole Wheels are replicated in true form for durability and a clean line look.
    • 26mm (1.02") wide
    • 53.9mm (2.12") tall
  • 1.9 FALKEN WILDPEAK M/T (S30 COMPOUND): The Axial version of the Falken WildPeak M/T tire stands 4.7" tall with a width of 1.5". The extra height of this tire will offer additional ground clearance for those tough trails.
    • 38.1mm (1.5”) wide
    • 119.4mm (4.7”) tall
  • TACTIC TTX200 TRANSMITTER: The TTX200 2.4GHz transmitter is a two-channel pistol grip radio with digital channel reversing for both steering and throttle along with digital trim and end point adjustment. The radio is powered by four AA batteries (included) and also features SLT (Secure Link Technology), which creates an unbreakable link between the receiver and your transmitter featuring an auto-bind design.

Length: 19.25" (489mm)
Width: 8.9" (226mm)
Height: 9.4" (223.4mm)
Stock Wheelbase: 12.3" (312.4mm), adjustable to 11.4" (289mm) or
12.0" (305mm) with optional link kits sold separately
Ground Clearance: 3.0" (77mm)
Weight: 4.5lbs (2.04kg) approximately, with electronics
Optimized Gear Ratio: 3.75:1
Final Drive Ratio (FDR): 40.44, stock (33.69-54.15 with different spur/pinion gear combinations, extra
spur and pinion gears must be purchased separately)

Needed to Complete: 

  • 2S/3S Battery Pack w/T-Style Connector (or NiMH Battery w/T-Style Connector) 
  • Compatible Charger
  • (4) AA batteries for transmitter

This product was added to our catalog on January 3, 2018

Mike Creley
Verified Owner
Thursday, Mar 1 2018 (about 6 years ago)
Axial SCX10 II Trail Honcho RTR 4WD Rock Crawler
This is a great rig for the money and it looks great too. It runs great out of the box. Lots of support for ideas to to costumize it and make it “yours”. Hands down one of my favorite rigs I’ve purchased.
Verified Owner
Thursday, Feb 1 2018 (about 6 years ago)
Axial SCX10 II Trail Honcho RTR 4WD Rock Crawler
Very good goods. The driving performance of the crawler is very good and also good for a steering. Thank you very much.
Sergey Karamyshev
Verified Owner
Sunday, Jan 13 2019 (about 5 years ago)
Axial SCX10 II Trail Honcho RTR 4WD Rock Crawler
Buying a car for dad. Very pleased with it. Thank you very much!!!
Dale Standfill
Verified Owner
Saturday, Jan 12 2019 (about 5 years ago)
Axial SCX10 II Trail Honcho RTR 4WD Rock Crawler
Great truck... all but the servo made it through Axialfest 2018 with no problem at all. Amazing out of the b
Cory Benton
Verified Owner
Tuesday, May 26 2020 (about 4 years ago)
Axial SCX10 II Trail Honcho RTR 4WD Rock Crawler
I bought 5 different Crawlers last month. AMain was perfect to deal with. They called me back pretty quickly and I did not have issues with shipping. Highly recommend them. The vebsite is easy to navigate and the YouTube channel is very informative!
Of the 5 rigs i bought the AXIALTrail Honcho was the the least expensive but by far the best built rig out of them all! I am so impressed with the quality and the precision from AXIAL. Of the 5 crawlers I got, Redcat Gen 8 AXE, TRX4 Defender, Wendigo and Gen 8 Scout the Axial Trail Honcho is hands down more fun and dependable. All of them have had one issue at least but NOT the AXIAL!! I also bought a Protek Battery charger, PTK-8519. That too is awesome! Does everything and does it fast!
Tony Silva
Verified Owner
Monday, Jan 14 2019 (about 5 years ago)
Axial SCX10 II Trail Honcho RTR 4WD Rock Crawler
Great trail truck and easily modified to be an excellent crawler! I highly recommend this truck
Steven Gray
Verified Owner
Friday, Jan 11 2019 (about 5 years ago)
Axial SCX10 II Trail Honcho RTR 4WD Rock Crawler
This is a very good 4 by 4 Trail truck just wish you had a little bit of a better controller the Tactical 300 other than that it's a great vehicle.
Justin Murray
Sunday, Aug 12 2018 (about 5 years ago)
Axial SCX10 II Trail Honcho RTR 4WD Rock Crawler
this truck was my first rock crawler. it is an unstoppable beast over ANYTHING. it is a little slow but that is expected with a crawler. the servo is very nice also.
Ryan Strawn
Sunday, Aug 7 2022 (about a year ago)
Axial SCX10 II Trail Honcho RTR 4WD Rock Crawler
It's not a bad crawler for the price does pretty much everything , but the tires are not the best
Booth Sen
Verified Owner
Thursday, Jun 30 2022 (about 2 years ago)
Axial SCX10 II Trail Honcho RTR 4WD Rock Crawler
This is my first hobby grade rc and I love it. That combined withe the great customer service of Amain hobbies and it was win win.
Casey Holmes
Verified Owner
Friday, May 20 2022 (about 2 years ago)
Axial SCX10 II Trail Honcho RTR 4WD Rock Crawler
Bought this in December 2021 to have something to do during the winter months when the track stays muddy, preventing running laps with the nitro buggy & ebuggy. This is the only RC rock crawler I've ever owned or driven, so I'm new to this. It's been fun so far though and this truck hasn't been all that problematic.

As with seemingly everybody else, my shocks were leaking before I even got it out of the box, but I contacted Axial and they sent me extra o-rings, bushings, and oil for the shock internals. I saw where someone recommended replacing the spacer that sits in-between the 2 o-rings on each shock with simply a 3rd o-ring to fix the leaking, so I rebuilt mine that way before the first day on the trails. I'm happy to report that it worked, and my shocks are still leak free here in May 2022.

The other changes I've made have been more for preference rather than repair. I put in a Send-It RC HV626 steering servo right away because I always like a responsive servo that has solid strength. I used the optional Axial servo horn that's all metal. I got a no-name aftermarket set of suspension links, but the only link that was the correct length/shape was the drag link for the steering, so that's the only one I put on. Funny enough, that particular link is actually the main reason I bought the whole set of links in the first place since I doubt I'll have issues with the stock links being plastic. That drag link paired with the SSD Pro44 axle shafts up front gave the Honcho a nice bump in steering angle which it was lacking out of the box.

The rest of the truck has been fine, with no issues. I purchased the 2 softest springs Axial makes for these shocks as it seemed to resist compression a bit too much on most obstacles. The durability has been top-notch, so I'm satisfied thus far. I appreciate starting with a platform that's already got a vast amount of aftermarket support and a solid knowledge base out there, so I certainly recommend this to anybody else looking to try out RC rock crawling.
Brad Cowart
Verified Owner
Tuesday, May 17 2022 (about 2 years ago)
Axial SCX10 II Trail Honcho RTR 4WD Rock Crawler
One of my favorite go to rigs. Price and quality is unmatched.
Robert Price
Verified Owner
Saturday, Apr 16 2022 (about 2 years ago)
Axial SCX10 II Trail Honcho RTR 4WD Rock Crawler
Great crawler, is really fun before upgrading, also lots of upgrade options
Kahn McHugh
Verified Owner
Sunday, Apr 3 2022 (about 2 years ago)
Axial SCX10 II Trail Honcho RTR 4WD Rock Crawler
Great truck for the price, the front bumper sticks out quite a bit though but an easy replacement
Captain Spalding
Verified Owner
Friday, Aug 6 2021 (about 2 years ago)
Axial SCX10 II Trail Honcho RTR 4WD Rock Crawler
The Good: Solid starter truck. Good grip, good motor RTR. Climbs most things it comes across. The coilovers leaked all the oil the first run. Also the servo is garbage. Already replaced with an upgrade. All and all, I would recommend this truck. It's fun and you won't be disappointed.

Update: Added a few extra parts nothing fancy, better wheels and tires, 90mm coilovers. This truck is such a capable truck and at times, will exceed your expectations. It will keep up with the best.
Lance Malmassari
Verified Owner
Thursday, Dec 9 2021 (about 2 years ago)
Axial SCX10 II Trail Honcho RTR 4WD Rock Crawler
Honest opinion: spend the extra $25 and buy the TRX4 kit. Unless you’re already planning an all out build, this is not the best truck to start with. Upon receiving I had to completely disassemble the transmission and differentials to put in grease because they made horrible crunching sounds. Additionally, after one use the shocks have completely lost all shock oil and will need to be replaced. The transmitter is also horrible to use and it’s extremely sensitive in terms of control. Also, the stock tires are horrible on any sort of dusty terrain. Overall, the quality is nothing near the TRX4 and most all parts will need to be replaced to even keep up with most other stock trucks.
Josue lopez
Verified Owner
Friday, Nov 19 2021 (about 2 years ago)
Axial SCX10 II Trail Honcho RTR 4WD Rock Crawler
super capable out of the box. I did some small mods and different tires and this rig is keeping up and sometimes out performing some very expensive rigs. Its a great buy!
Dustin Stewart
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Mar 24 2021 (about 3 years ago)
Axial SCX10 II Trail Honcho RTR 4WD Rock Crawler
Only 1 pack through it but has done well no break downs or anything good power from the motor and esc servo is weak but it is expected from a rtr shocks are less than desirable they are ok if you fill them up with oil and use green oring slime they will hold oil for a bit its not my first scx10 ii so I changed the tires and shocks before the first run anyway thing is very impressive with just changing the tires to proline hyrax all around good rig
F. C.
Friday, Mar 19 2021 (about 3 years ago)
Axial SCX10 II Trail Honcho RTR 4WD Rock Crawler
I had originally bought a backbone Rock Racer. I did not have a good experience, since one of the plastic steering wheel pieces broke, and parts were not readily available. The manufacturer agreed to return my money, and I went ahead and bought an Axial Trail Honcho.

Not a fast car, but it has a powerful motor, four-wheel drive, and a powerful steering wheel that allows you to come out of tight places. I'm having a blast.

I will eventually buy one that is faster trucks, as my little puppy loves to chase after RC cars.

If you are into RC rock crawling, this is a good entry level car. I am sure there are more sophisticated, and more expensive options, but if you are a newbie like I am this is a wonderful option.

I'm very happy with my purchase. Two thumbs up.

If you happen to have have firewood, you can make some nice and challenging obstacle courses for your new toy.

Justin Borja
Verified Owner
Monday, Oct 5 2020 (about 3 years ago)
Axial SCX10 II Trail Honcho RTR 4WD Rock Crawler
Awesome truck, SCX10II is a nice truck to do all around general trail/crawling with the family. The included headlamps and tail lamps are a nice touch.