Team Associated ProLite 4x4 RTR Brushless 4WD Short Course Truck w/2.4GHz & 7-Ce

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This is the Team Associated ProLite 4x4 1/10 Scale Electric Ready-to-Run 4WD Short Course Truck, with an included XP 2.4GHz Radio System. The ProLite 4x4 is the first release from the Qualifier Series from Team Associated. It's a fully assembled, Ready-to-Run, Reedy brushless-powered 4WD short-course truck that even includes a Reedy WolfPack 7-cell battery pack wired with a Deans power connector.

Additional features include the XP waterproof speed control and XP2G 2.4GHz radio system. The front and rear sealed gear differentials are connected together with a tough aluminum drive shaft, and an adjustable center slipper clutch handles all of the Reedy brushless power. The bumps are managed by four fluid-filled, adjustable, coil-over shocks and aggressive, short-course racing tires mounted on KMC style hex drive wheels. 

The Qualifier Series is Team Associated's exciting line of sport-level products that are designed to be FUN above all else, yet are lower cost, easy to use, durable, and provide an easy way to get into the RC hobby. When great looks and high performance are combined with quality features and value pricing, it becomes the ultimate sport product. When all this is offered from a company like Team Associated, it's nothing short of awesome.

The included 7-cell/8.4V Reedy Wolfpack is assembled using Reedy's high-tech NiMH sub-C SC-R cells that provide extended run times and maximum output thanks to its ultra-low internal resistance. To further minimize power-robbing resistance and heat, welded connections between each cell and thick 14AWG silicone power wires combined with an industry-standard High Power Connector to ensure maximum performance and reliability.



  • Fully assembled Ready-To-Run shaft drive 4WD short-course truck
  • Reedy 550-SL 3500kV Brushless motor
  • Reedy WolfPack 8.4V NiMH Battery with Deans Ultra Plug Connector
  • XP2G 2.4GHz radio system with XP metal-gear servo and enclosed receiver box
  • XP water-resistant LiPo compatible electronic speed controller with Deans Ultra Plug connector
  • 12mm hex drive KMC replica wheels front and rear with aggressive short-course racing tires
  • Front CVAs and rear dogbones
  • Heavy-duty front and rear gear differentials
  • Durable 32-pitch spur gear with center slipper clutch
  • Adjustable steel turnbuckles
  • Fluid-filled shocks
  • Composite modular chassis
  • Rugged front and rear bumpers
  • Painted and decaled short-course body
  • All metric hardware and ball bearings throughout

Power Source:
Terrain: Off-Road
Body Style: Truck
Scale Size: 1/10 Scale
Assembly Level: Ready-To-Run
Length: 535mm (21.06in)
Width: 305mm (12.01in)
Wheelbase: 324mm (12.76in)
Weight: 2624g (5.78 lbs)
Drive: 4WD

Needed To Complete:

  • (6) "AA" Batteries
  • 7-cell NiMH Battery Charger with Deans T-Style Ultra Plug Connector

This product was added to our catalog on November 20, 2012.

christopher lees
Monday, Mar 11 2013 (about 4 years ago)
Team Associated ProLite 4x4 RTR Brushless 4WD Short Course Truck w/2.4GHz & 7-Ce
let me tell you, i have this truck sitting broken waiting for parts to arrive, the parts that i can buy, body mounts are horrible, broke in first 5 minutes of driving, not from flipping it either. i have written to ae and they know of the problem but not doing anything to help the customers that are broken. shocks on this thing suck also, this is a truck and off a small jump both rear shocks broke along with the differential housing which by the way also holds the body mounts,and if you do have or get this truck plan on loc-tite on all set screws as my came loose in middle of runand could not drive back, i am really dissatisfied with my purchase and should have just bought a traxxas and learn i guess.)
Franklin Celico
Friday, Jan 11 2013 (about 4 years ago)
Team Associated ProLite 4x4 RTR Brushless 4WD Short Course Truck w/2.4GHz & 7-Ce
Follow up. I have driven the Prolite mostly for bashing and not the track. That said negatives for me have been - The most annoying thing about the truck for me is the frequency the grub screws back out even when using locktite and especially since running a lipo. I keep a driver in my pocket when driving it. Second is the body posts, as others have said, they are a real weakness and have broken often. I ended up retrofitting RPM posts for a Slash or Stampede - see YouTube for instructions - and that's solved that. Third - sort of like 2nd - is lack of parts options and (un)availability of them at the local hobby store. 4th it's not the easiest vehicle to work on because of the design - the brace needs to come off for about everything and the differentials are especially a pain to get to.

Positives - except for the posts, it's been as good as if not better than anything I've driven as far as breakage goes and my experience is everything fast breaks fairly regularly. 2nd - It stays wheels down a lot, which is nice. 3rd it really flies with a lipo. 4th it's a well equipped RTR for the price.

The truck is advertised as being good in the back yard and I'd say that's probably true but in hindsight for me a Stampede type truck would have been a better choice because of the type of driving I do where more clearance would have been a better choice. I like me 'Pede but it has had its own set of issues...I'll put a review in the Stampede section.

All said I still think this would probably be a good RTR choice especially at the price for mostly track use as it is very fast and flies and drives well but, not that I have driven one, which is a BIG disclaimer, I would have spent the extra to begin with and picked up a Slash if I did it over because there are so many upgrade and replacement part options and parts are much more readily available at the local hobby shop. Anyway, I bought a bunch of extra parts after I realized (I should have thought of it before buying) I needed to have them on hand, so I'm fairly well invested and will keep it. From here all I'll probably do is set up the suspension stiffer and taller, which I think will help for better bashing fun.

Finally, as a general comment, IN MY OPINION 4wd is overrated. It's great for more precise control/easier to drive but doesn't add a lot to the fun factor if you're mostly just messing around especially because the extra differential means more, more time consuming and more costly repairs and driving with 2wd is more just different than better.)
Rusty Heath
Tuesday, Apr 2 2013 (about 4 years ago)
Team Associated ProLite 4x4 RTR Brushless 4WD Short Course Truck w/2.4GHz & 7-Ce
I have recently purchased this truck. I love it and I would recommend this truck to anyone who wants a RTR that is cheap and in expensive to get into the racing scene. Yes the body posts are a weak point and the grub screws do have a tendency to back out but I knew what I was getting into because I did my research on this vehicle. I have yet to break my body posts but I made sure I ordered some as soon as they became available. As for the grub screw, mine has backed on the C-Cup a few times and I have put lock-tight on it but it has backed out still so I just replaced the grub screw with and extra I had. The best thing I can tell people who would like to purchase this awesome truck is research, research, research. Don't talk bad about something if you don't do a little research before hand. All rc car's have their ups and downs, but if you ask around and get a feel for them ahead of time, you will save yourself the frustration in the long run. I hope this review helps other's who are thinking of buying this truck. I am giving this truck 4 stars because yes there are some issue's but they easy fixable issues. Thank you for reading this and I hope it helps.)
Nick Clarke
Friday, Nov 28 2014 (about 2 years ago)
Team Associated ProLite 4x4 RTR Brushless 4WD Short Course Truck w/2.4GHz & 7-Ce
I love this truck. It does everything I want it, and does it better than expected. The only problem I see are the body mounts, so buy some in advance. They will break. Other than that the car runs well and is able to race.)
First Truck Owner
Verified Owner
Saturday, Jun 14 2014 (about 3 years ago)
Team Associated ProLite 4x4 RTR Brushless 4WD Short Course Truck w/2.4GHz & 7-Ce
If you want to learn all about the working of RC Short Course Trucks, this vehicle is for you! After my first time to the track with this truck I broke the cover to the rear differential. It turns out that the rear bumper is hooked tied to this cover... poor design. Since I was this deep... I opened the differentials and replaces stock grease with differential fluid. I also learned that one of the shocks was poorly constructed. So, I also rebuild all the shocks. Good learning experience! Frustrating $100 in repairs after the first run. The second time to the track the wheel bearings on the rear seized (I am told this is rare!) and it ruined the tire and the hub. The plastic gears of the steering servo also became stripped. Updating the servo to a better (aftermarket) brand and new tires took another $100 and new learning experiences. Other minor experiences... like a stripped screw from the factory installation and a broke front bumper brought more learning experiences. Want to learn how to drive and RC truck... buy a different truck. Want to learn how do to maintenance... then this is the vehicle for you!)
Axel Draignaud
Wednesday, Apr 30 2014 (about 3 years ago)
Team Associated ProLite 4x4 RTR Brushless 4WD Short Course Truck w/2.4GHz & 7-Ce
An excellent SC, an only weak point the spur gear does not like the small gravels: it is necessary to remove the mask under the spur gear and to make an overtray has the rear to protect it, electronic and motor are very powerful, never breaks)
Jody McIntyre
Saturday, Aug 17 2013 (about 4 years ago)
Team Associated ProLite 4x4 RTR Brushless 4WD Short Course Truck w/2.4GHz & 7-Ce
Do not buy this truck Team associated has very poor C/S. I love all team associated kits but when it comes to there RTR's I reccomend don't buy them. I learned the hard way when I 1st started out in the hobby 6 years ago. I opened a hobby shop and found out how bad Team Associated customer service was. I bought 5 SC10 2wd's RTR's from great plains to sell and everyone of the rear diff's were shimed wrong. Team Associated would not take them back and fix them unless you paid shipping cost. So they sent the 20 cent shims out for me to have to fix there defective products. Then I sold a prolite to a customer the fisrt double he hit the FR A-arms and pins came flying off in mid air. And the body post broke along with the Fr two shock caps. He brought it back to the shop to get fixed and I noticed the body post were assembled backwards.)
Really, Leslie?
Thursday, Nov 22 2012 (about 5 years ago)
Team Associated ProLite 4x4 RTR Brushless 4WD Short Course Truck w/2.4GHz & 7-Ce
You write a review on how you "think" or anticipate how a truck might be and rate it 5 stars? Come on now. How about getting back to us AFTER you have actually seen, owned or driven one.)