LRP ZR.32 Spec 2 Monster Truck Engine w/Pull Start (Standard Plug)

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This is the LRP ZR.32 Spec.2 Pull Start Monster Truck Engine. The LRP ZR.32 Spec.2 is a large displacement engine, developed specifically for 1/8 Off-road fans that believe there is no such thing as too much power! To harness this enormous power, the ZR.32 Spec.2 engine is equipped with a heavily reinforced heavy-duty XTEC T6 engine case. A standard plug head button is included to simplify tuning, while the heavy-duty "Cool-Down-Max" cylinder head features a unique cooling fin arrangement that provides improved and efficient cooling characteristics. The LRP ZR.32 Spec.2 pull start engine is equipped with the same LRP XTEC PowerCarb 2 15S-2 carburetor as its “little” brother, the LRP ZR.30 Spec.2 pull start, so every drop of fuel is converted into 100% power! Its flow-optimized design provides maximum power and easy adjustability at the same time. There is no replacement for displacement, except for more displacement! The LRP ZR.32 Spec.2 Pull start engine is the perfect example of this statement.

  • Cool-Down-Max Cylinder Head: Improved cooling and higher efficiency
  • through new cooling fin arrangement.
  • XTEC PowerCarb 2 15S-2 Carburetor: Flow optimized carburetor with 9mm
  • opening for maximum power.
  • Universal Fit: Fits all major .21 engine mounts.
  • Standard Plug Head Button: Guarantees easy adjustment of the engine in all conditions.
  • XTEC T6 Engine Case: Specially reinforced heavy-duty engine housing for toughest off-road action.
  • Massive Con Rod: Extra reinforced con rod. Specially adjusted for .32 engines.
  • Ultra Strong Pull Start: Pull start specifically developed for big-block engines.
  • 5 + 1 ports
Suitable For:
1:8 Buggies, Truggies, and Monster trucks
Displacement: .32 (5.24ccm)
Horse Power: 4.34hp
Max RPM: 33,000rpm

This product was added to our catalog on February 14, 2012.

Verified Owner
Wednesday, Feb 13 2013 (about 4 years ago)
LRP ZR.32 Spec 2 Monster Truck Engine w/Pull Start (Standard Plug)
Best engine in my eyes. Takes power to a whole new level, and talk aout wheelies get the throttle control down and wheelie all day)
Joshua Mooney
Thursday, Apr 4 2013 (about 4 years ago)
LRP ZR.32 Spec 2 Monster Truck Engine w/Pull Start (Standard Plug)
This engine was a replacement for my Ofna Force .28 (Which was a great engine and more than powerful enough). But, like most people I wanted even MORE power. This engine comes packed up very nice and looks great. I think is should be noted that the pull start and back plate on this engine is larger than most engines. So it does not "just fit right in" in some applications. I had to make some chassis mods on my DM-1 but other than that it broke in very well and now that I started tuning let me tell you, WOW. This thing RIPS and while I put it in an on-road car I have no doubt that when I move it to a monster truck it will be perfect.)
Max Lindberg
Sunday, May 5 2013 (about 4 years ago)
LRP ZR.32 Spec 2 Monster Truck Engine w/Pull Start (Standard Plug)
I put this brutal engine in my Revo 5309 and it is awesome! Smooth and extremely powerful! If i were to recommend an engine this is it! "BLUE IS BETTER")
Jason Spiteri
Tuesday, Feb 11 2014 (about 3 years ago)
LRP ZR.32 Spec 2 Monster Truck Engine w/Pull Start (Standard Plug)
I have in. My mind to buy this engine . Any help wihich tune pipe should i use for great performance pls thanks)
Leonardo David Bravo Suarez
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Sep 25 2013 (about 4 years ago)
LRP ZR.32 Spec 2 Monster Truck Engine w/Pull Start (Standard Plug)
I have this engine for a while in my savage x, carry a gallon and some nitro over 25% with average spark this engine hot ... MONSTER because that is his real name is EXTREMELY POWERFUL. After him 8 tanks and start closing high this gem needle teeth I ate the clutch taking the main differential swing open as indicated by HPI. Now that I had to Replace the bell swing open but the main difference is hardened steel. the truck up very fast on two wheels like this is incredible ... it is necessary to use rigid rear anti-roll bars on the front and soft that I assure you will be very difficult to drive a savage x with this motor.Yo'll open a farm field land and is a pleasure to drive this motor. IF YOU HAVE A MONSTER TRUCK THIS IS THE ENGINE THAT ... THAT IF YOU MUST BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THE RADIO TRIGGER.)