Kyosho Ultima RB6 1/10 2WD Competition Electric Buggy Kit

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This is the Kyosho Ultima RB6 1/10 Scale 2WD Competition Electric Buggy Kit. The Ultima RB6 is the latest development in the Ultima line of vehicles. All the enhancements that have been designed by Kyosho engineers and tested over the last couple of years by Kyosho International factory drivers like Jared Tebo and legends of the RC world are included in this kit. This type of development, along with the uncompromising manufacturing standards and the vast experience that can only be gained from decades of high-level competition, makes the Ultima RB6 a strong choice as the car to beat for the 2013 season. 

In-Depth Features:

  • Chassis: The RB6 uses a hard-anodized, high-tech chassis built from 7075 aluminum. With kickup at the front and angled side trays, the RB6 mirrors the chassis technology of the 1/8 scale scene. Plus, with an additional length of 13mm added to the chassis, the model is effectively supported leading to increased stability.
  • Transmission: The redesigned gearbox unit is designed especially small and easy to manage. The motor and transmission are placed very low in the chassis lowering the center of gravity. The transmission uses a three-tier gear system with the use of the rear-motor configuration; while the mid-motor configuration utilizes a four-tier gear system. A ball differential is used in both systems and can be adjusted from the outside of the vehicle with dust covers provided at the set points. 
  • Rear Axle: The entire rear axle is symmetrical results in low maintenance and costs. The toe and caster angle can be adjusted by varying the mounting arm shots. The upper arms are equipped with threaded rods and pivot on ball heads in a turnbuckle fashion. Through the use of spacers, the angle of the upper wishbone can be changed. Power is transmitted to the rear wheels through the use of efficient propeller shafts which shine with a perfect finish. The a-arm wishbones are angled upward providing high stability even on rough surfaces.
  • Front End: The front is symmetrical and has particularly long and narrow arms. Thus, the entire front axle is compact and light. The front wheel ball bearings are a special low-friction bearing that is fitted with a fiberglass plate effectively sealed against dust. All parameters such as toe, camber and caster can be adjusted with little effort.
  • Battery Layout: You can use the same batteries, stick packs, saddle-packs or shorties, regardless of what motor configuration the RB6 is in.
  • Steering and Servo Saver: The redesigned ball-bearing steering geometry is the same angle as the front control arm; thereby forming the Ackermann effect over the entire steering range. 
  • Shock Towers: The shock towers are also made from a special synthetic material with fibers. This material has the required hardness for a race, but also has the necessary flexibility in the event of a hard crash. Both shock towers have numerous mounting points providing numerous fine-tuning options.
  • Hex Clamp System: The hexes on the front and rear axles are each secured with a single screw. This means that the pins are secured against falling out and can be changed with a driver.
  • “Triple” BigBore Oil Shocks: As the name implies, consist BigBore oil filled shocks are used on the RB6. Three components make up the BigBore shocks: the upper shock cap, the damper housing and the lower damper cap. The shock absorbers are made from high quality aluminum and are characterized by their ease and smoothness. Preload can be adjusted with a fine threaded knurled nut. A special feature of the knurled nut is an O-ring that keeps it in place during the action and movements of racing. 
  • Springs: X-Gear springs are used front and rear. These springs will go through quality control to ensure proper hardness. Thus, a constant damping characteristic is ensured.
  • Body: More than 10 different body styles were tested in the wind tunnel and track testing, to achieve the perfect blend of performance and appearance. Uniting the shapes between performance-oriented designs and cab-forward designs radiates a touch of the first Ultima 20 years ago. The finished result is a high-tech body that ensures the best possible output for any situation.


  • 7075 Machined and angled hard anodized aluminum chassis
  • Two motor configurations: rear-motor three gear or mid-motor four gear
  • Smart battery tray design – Compatible with short, straight and saddle packs with both mid and rear motor setups
  • Long Wheelbase – The chassis is now 13mm longer than the order RB5
  • Rear gull-wing suspension allowing more agile turns and stability in bumpy terrain
  • Velvet coated big bore shocks with X-Gear springs
  • X-Gear lubricants
  • Redesigned high down-force forward cab body
  • Super low CG design
  • New steering crank design

Scale: 1/10
Length: 395mm (15.5in)
Width: 249mm (9.8in)
Height: 140mm (5.5in)
285mm (11.2in)
Gear Ratio:
1620g approx. (w/body)


  • Unassembled Chassis
  • Clear Body with window masking
  • Wheels (front and rear)
  • Wing
  • Hex wrench
  • Instruction manual

Needed to Complete:

  • 2 Channel Radio System
  • Steering Servo
  • Motor & Electric Speed Control
  • Tires
  • Motor Pinion
  • LiPo Battery and Compatible Charger

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Theodore J. Klotz II
Verified Owner
Monday, Nov 4 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Kyosho Ultima RB6 1/10 2WD Competition Electric Buggy Kit
This is hands down the best buggy I have ever owned, very impressed. Quality is as all have said, very very good, shocks are insane (Best I have ever worked on personally). Moved from a B4.2 to get to mid motor and could not be happier. I have two race nights on the buggy and so far so good (No broken parts, yet), build was not bad, may be a little challenging for a beginner, but I found all that I needed out on the web (If you are a beginner, read up first, then this build will be a breeze). Lap times improved right away, and are only getting better. Only gripe would be the price, but in the end very happy. Will soon be picking up an RT6 to go with this...)
Sam Khadka
Sunday, Oct 13 2013 (about 4 years ago)
Kyosho Ultima RB6 1/10 2WD Competition Electric Buggy Kit
I have recently built mine in rear motor configuration with Orion R10 ESC and VST2 Pro 7.5t motor and this car is wicked, it fly's so nicely and the quality of parts is amazing, the Velvet coated shocks are simply awesome, soooo soooo smooothe. I have to admit Kyosho stuff is one of the best money can buy but it comes at a price which is what deters alot of people, this is a great buggy but its worth all the money. Its closest competitor is the Tlr 22 2.0 and that cost 379.99, so for $70 more its well worth it, especially since this buggy handles 10 times better, If your in the market for a 2wd buggy I highly recommend the RB6.)
simon burke
Sunday, Sep 15 2013 (about 4 years ago)
Kyosho Ultima RB6 1/10 2WD Competition Electric Buggy Kit
I have 2 of these buggies and they are awesome in mid mount on high grip carpet indoor track in adelaide and rear mount on dirt so much grip and turning ability highly recommend to anyone. Yes the price is expensive but you get what you pay for build quality is awesome and after 6 months I have still not broken anything on either buggy.)
Wednesday, Aug 6 2014 (about 3 years ago)
Kyosho Ultima RB6 1/10 2WD Competition Electric Buggy Kit
Right, Its hard to describe just how good this buggy is and i feel normal description of its quality, ease of setup and numerous other strong points will fall short of a true representation.
Let me use an analogy.
Have you seen Avatar©? You know the scene where the Na'vi mount the Direhorse and connect their neural queue to one of the animal's antennae?
Well, once intertwined, the Na'vi rider can communicate motor commands instantly through the neural interface. The apparent lack of effort makes it seem as if the Direhorse is an extension of the rider's own body. This frees up the Na'vi to use a bow and arrow during a hunt or battle.
This is sort of what its like racing this buggy, there is a connection, a feeling, an understanding.. The more the driver wants to win, the more the buggy wants to help. If the driver is having a bad day, the buggy will take up the slack.
It is a special chemistry rarely experienced in RC, and i think that is what makes this buggy truly special.)
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Jun 10 2014 (about 3 years ago)
Kyosho Ultima RB6 1/10 2WD Competition Electric Buggy Kit
Awesome Item!
Kyosho have a very high quality material
for me, definitely the best so far)
Thursday, Apr 25 2013 (about 4 years ago)
Kyosho Ultima RB6 1/10 2WD Competition Electric Buggy Kit
Considering that Kyosho released it's Ultima RB5 off-road buggy back in May of 2007 with an MSRP of $249.99 stateside, I can see the justification of the MSRP of $449.99 of the newer 2012 Ultima RB6 with it's September 2012 USA debut release.)
randy jackson 5
Wednesday, Dec 19 2012 (about 4 years ago)
Kyosho Ultima RB6 1/10 2WD Competition Electric Buggy Kit
would love to try but kyosho needs to bring the price down. looked good at worlds.only a 4 do to price.)