EcoPower "Electron" 3S 35C LiPo Battery (11.1V/4100mAh) w/T-Style Connector

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Price: $46.99
Discontinued Online
This item is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. You may want to search our site for a similar item.

This is the EcoPower "Electron" 3S 4100mAh, 35C Lithium Polymer battery pack with a T-Style Connector. Every hobby enthusiast is unique, each with their own specific needs and expectations. Not everyone needs a professional grade, high performance LiPo battery, while others simply don’t want to spend big bucks on the latest “flavor of the month”. The common thread between these customers is they both want a reliable and affordable battery that provides good runtime, good power and reliable performance, and AMain Sports & Hobbies is ready to deliver with EcoPower!

EcoPower batteries are tested in house, allowing us to provide batteries that deliver accurate specifications and reliable power, at a price that is geared towards our value conscious customers. Plus, if we say it’s in stock, you know we have it. And when you buy it, we will back it up with the outstanding customer service and support that you have come to expect from AMain Sports & Hobbies. So stop beating yourself with cheap batteries, and buy from a trusted source that proves itself time after time with quality products at affordable prices! 

This pack includes an integrated balance charge lead with a Deans style T-plug installed for a convenient connection capable of handling extremely high amp rates. While the 3-pin Align/E-Flite style XH balance connector provides compatibility with one of the most common varieties of balance tap connection. These batteries also have a nominal voltage of 11.1V compared to the 7.2V of regular NiMH batteries, and have dramatically reduced internal resistance. This leads to increased top speed and improved 'punch' off the line. 

Note: The T-style connector on this battery pack requires an adapter to be compatible with the traxxas connector.



  • Type: Lithium Polymer
  • Capacity: 4100mAh
  • Voltage: 11.1V nominal
  • Connector Type: T-Style Ultra (10GA Wire)
  • Balancer Type: Align/E-Flite compatible (XH)
  • Number of Cells: 3
  • Weight: 319g
  • Configuration: 3S1P
  • Dimensions (WxLxH): 43x141.5x26.5mm
  • Maximum Charge Rate: 2C (8.2A)
  • Maximum Continuous Discharge: 35C (143A)

1) DO NOT leave the battery in your model when charging
2) DO NOT leave unattended when charging
3) ALWAYS balance charge the battery
4) ALWAYS use a LiPo charging bag
5) YOU MUST use a Li-Poly specific charger to charge the pack (NiMH or NiCD only chargers WILL NOT WORK!)
6) YOU MUST not over discharge the Li-Poly battery pack
7) READ & UNDERSTAND the instructions carefully before operating this battery

NOTE: When using high energy Li-Polymer Batteries, please do not over-discharge or over-charge batteries as this will result in over heated batteries. Discharging capacity can't exceed 80% of the max capacity of the pack after full charging to ensure a good cycle performance. It is recommended to fully charge a brand new battery before using and only discharge the battery 50% for first 5 cycles. Always monitor race time and/or set a low voltage warning on ESC (End voltage cannot be lower than 3.2v per cell) Do not use the battery that has too low a voltage.

Do not expose batteries to sunshine or store/charge batteries at the temperature above 35°C or in a closed car. The high temperature environment could cause damage to the pack or make it burst. If the battery becomes hot while fast charging, high current discharging or racing, do not charge the battery until it has cooled completely. Wait about 20 mins, then inspect prior to recharging.

This product was added to our catalog on September 3, 2012

Tuesday, Jan 15 2013 (about 9 years ago)
EcoPower "Electron" 3S 35C LiPo Battery (11.1V/4100mAh)
I'm with Howard, I think the other reviewer's name is. I am running a Slash 4x4 w/Velineon brushless with Mamba Max esc. I bought two 2 cells and one 3 cell. Initially they seemed a great value. I thought they were too good to be true for the price, but I trusted the A Main brand. However a month or two in their runtimes became inconsistent. Every once in a while one may give expected runtime, but mostly they only last a few minutes. Not sure if I got a bad batch or not but these may in fact be too good to be true.
Sunday, May 25 2014 (about 8 years ago)
EcoPower "Electron" 3S 35C LiPo Battery (11.1V/4100mAh)
Spend the extra 100$ and get some better batteries, theser are incosistant and i have had issues with cells dieing in the 2s packs. only thing i buy anymore are Rev-tech.
Verified Owner
Friday, May 17 2013 (about 9 years ago)
EcoPower "Electron" 3S 35C LiPo Battery (11.1V/4100mAh)
Update, returned the battery after it puffed, awesome return policy!!! I will give another review when I get it, the battery is on back order.
Verified Owner
Saturday, May 18 2013 (about 9 years ago)
EcoPower "Electron" 3S 35C LiPo Battery (11.1V/4100mAh)
I bought two of these for my savage xl brushless conversion on 6s. they have been great so far but have notice inconsistent run times. sometimes only last 8-10 min others it will last 30-40 min. rather irritating being the only batteries i have right now for my xl... but no puffing or very bad nasty things with them so far. good punch good power but inconsistent run times.
Verified Owner
Thursday, Sep 27 2012 (about 10 years ago)
EcoPower "Electron" 3S 35C LiPo Battery (11.1V/4100mAh)
I bought two of these batteries. They arrived quickly, which is usually the case with Amain. Once fully charged, one battery totally rocks in my Slash 4x4 with heavy bashing running a 550 size brushless motor. The other battery lasts about two minutes. May be a bad cell, I'm guessing. If they can get some consistency, these would be some great batteries.
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Jan 18 2017 (about 5 years ago)
EcoPower "Electron" 3S 35C LiPo Battery (11.1V/4100mAh)
this brand of lipo has been negative , I bought 4 3s lipos two for rally,stapede and a set for my HPI Savage Flux. the two i put in the HPI crapped out after about 4 runs. puffed and all the other two lasted just a bit longer. still dumped bout 200 on a temporary battery. not worth the trouble of returning etc.
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Jun 9 2015 (about 7 years ago)
EcoPower "Electron" 3S 35C LiPo Battery (11.1V/4100mAh)
Been using it now for over 2 yrs , never puffed, never had any issues what so ever. Highly recommended . If this battery comes with 5000 mah , there's no excuse for anyone to buy 3 digit $ lipo packs seeking for high performance because this one is the high performance itself . You can't tell the difference between it and other high end manufacturers similar voltage packs .
Thursday, Nov 27 2014 (about 7 years ago)
EcoPower "Electron" 3S 35C LiPo Battery (11.1V/4100mAh)
I own one 3s lipo and three of these in 2s. Either you guys are having bad luck, you have a cheap charger and don't balance charge them correctly( mine was over $250 or your not looking at other prices. In a short course race of any kind, I run 7200MaH, 100C Orien but these are great for tuning, practice and letting my son run his cheap Slash. The Orien's I buy are basically $140 for a 2s. Why would you complain if you got two months from a 3s battery for a price tag in the $30's? You can buy 4 of them for cheaper than the price of one of my race batteries and they work fine.
Friday, Oct 10 2014 (about 7 years ago)
EcoPower "Electron" 3S 35C LiPo Battery (11.1V/4100mAh)
Bought 4 of these and had to send one back after first use due to bad cell,one month later have another with a bad cell. Spend a little more and buy a better battery.