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Matthew Zehner
Verified Owner
Saturday, Sep 11 2010 (about 6 years ago)
XTM Racing Rail 1/8 Brushless RTR Electric Buggy w/Airtronics MX-Sport 2.4Ghz Radio
Awesome basher. Had an E-revo brushless and it broke all the time, drove me crazy. This thing is so much better than the revo. I've ran it through pretty much anything I can find, jumps, dirt, sand, pavement, and anything else I can find. I do have to say the alloy cage is on the weak side but is easily fixed with 2 more braces on the side. I installed a vertical post in the middle of the roof plate, and now the cage won't budge. Also found a design flaw on the front suspension. If you do get this car be sure to go ahead and buy the alloy steering hubs. The stock ones are on the weak side and will break after a few days of bashing. I'm also trying to find a metal replacement for the front hub carriers cause why put a metal steering hub in a plastic case which broke also. Once I replace those 2 it will pretty much bend in half before I loosing any steering or suspension. My only issue with the car is finding parts. It is extremely hard, and only a couple places sell parts, and it has pretty much no upgrades. Some are listed in the manual, but it really needs a metal diff housing since that is what ties the L/R lower A-Arm together. All in all I love the car and after a little tweaking I know will last me a very long time. I am so glad I got rid of the revo!!
Kao S.
Sunday, Apr 29 2012 (about 4 years ago)
XTM Racing Rail 1/8 Brushless RTR Electric Buggy w/Airtronics MX-Sport 2.4Ghz Radio
I've owned this car for a few months and it still suprises me how quick the car is weighing 8 lbs. No major issues so far, I haven't had to replace any major parts yet besides the wing. The stock one wasn't that great to begin with and also the tires are suppose to be all terrain but they are more like street tires, I have other 1/8 cars so I didnt have to go far to get better tires. It's a great bash around car landed some huge giants without any damages. The only down side to the car is if you are running just one 4s pack it is a bit tricky getting the battery inside of the roll bar. I got some 2x2s and run those instead and makes it much easier to place inside.
Alex Chen
Saturday, Jul 6 2013 (about 3 years ago)
XTM Racing Rail 1/8 Brushless RTR Electric Buggy w/Airtronics MX-Sport 2.4Ghz Radio
For those of you who want an 1/8 aluminum caged machine this is it. I actually had the opportunity to take one out on a 1/8 dirt track in straight RTR form with no adjustment of any sort just to see if their quality control at XTM is reliable. I threw in a 4s 5000mah Gens Ace hardpack which is what I run in all my 1/8 electric buggies, GT8's, and monster trucks. Well if you can look past the fact that the aluminum is more for looks than protection and the junk steering servo and steering saver plus the so so-ESC you still get an average brushless motor for an RTR. First thing I hated the most besides the crazy understeer which of course would be from the terrible servo and just the wrong type of tires and wheels for a race track. You never want to run beadlocks of any sort if you are racing that is just asking for trouble. Bashing with beadlocks or rock crawling is fine but not on a go-fast machine they say is capable of 45 mph. Second thing I hated was the mix of hardware. You have hex screws then you have phillips? What are they going to do next? Throw contersunk flat head screws?! Third thing I don't like seeing is THREE fans AND a ridiculous looking heatsink. That means the motor has heat issues whether it be too high of a gearing setup to push this heavy monster up to "45 mph" just to stick it on the box. Like they say in this hobby...all the newbies want is speed. 45 mph + 4s battery + aluminum chassis and cage plus electronics plus those ridiculous heavy beadlocks is A TON on unbalanced weight. Recipe for disaster. Name one product XTM actually received an award let alone just praise for. Bottom line....why on earth would you spend your hard earned money for a not so popular buggy that just has cheap aluminum caging on it to make it look somewhat more scale? If you want a tough RTR and don't want to build it yourself look for a proven manufacturer with several titles under their belt. Look for a manufacturer that you know has great customer service. Talk to your local hobby shop owners see what they think. I guarantee you in the long run you will understand. And by the way i bent both rear hinge pins after stripping down the buggy from the test drive. Now where can I go locally to get a replacement piece right away? I am by no means bashing XTM as a company. They have a very interesting niche in the r/c community and that in itself is to be respected. Now we all know what niche that is but come on if you can afford a $400+ 1/8 brushless weak aluminum constructed buggy do yourself a favor and do it right the first time. Go look into other 1/8 machines. I've owned an HPI Apache C1 Flux and loved it. I jumped it off a gravel ramp roughly 40 feet into the air with 17mm Proline Badlands XTR monster truck tires/wheels and landed on the back right sidewall and the only thing that broke was the camber link nut that stripped itself out from the hard landing. I then jumped it a good 8-10 times until I could land it perfectly with those humongous off set monster truck wheel/tire setup. All on again my stash of 5000mah 40C Gens Ace 4s hardpacks. Now where the XTM Racing Rail might be passable for the price is obviously relatively flat dusty ground like a dried up lake bed. Looking at the stock tire tread pattern and actually having about 20 minutes of drive time on a prepared 1/8 buggy race track before going back to my Factory Team RC8Be out of frustration for such a poorly designed r/c. Even my RTR SC8.2e can outmanuever, launch faster, have much more punch from the motor to land a jump, and actually not have to worry about breaking anything or finding any hobby shops that don't carry Team Associated spare parts. If you truly are in love with the looks of the XTM Rail which I think it's just because of the cage...then all you need to do is purchase the cage from XTM separately and find an old Team Associated RC8e chassis roller and re-use as much Associated parts as possible. If the cage doesn't fit simple...go buy yourself a tube bender for $20 at O'Reillys and bend and shape it yourself until it fits. This is of course after you've decided where to mount it onto the RC8e chassis. Hope my detailed write up would help newbies getting into this hobby, and not getting swindled by shiny things or slick LHS owners who just sell Red Cat or XTM and think their items are just as reliable as Traxxas and HPI which I both consider as "beginner to intermediate" cars and trucks. I was ALMOST fooled into buying the XTM Racing Rail too because I'm a big scale r/c crawler fan and I've always wanted to modify an electric 1/8 into a sand rail....well keep dreaming because that chassis is going to have to be custom running transmissions that have to bulletproof and easy to service. Also rear CVD's will have to be a must on any sand rail.
luke skywalker
Saturday, Oct 5 2013 (about 3 years ago)
XTM Racing Rail 1/8 Brushless RTR Electric Buggy w/Airtronics MX-Sport 2.4Ghz Radio
Response to Alex Chan .... Driving a vehicle outside of it's design goal and then critizising about it makes no sense . Taking a sand rail out on a short course track and expecting it to perform as if had wings and handle jumps with out shattering is utterly ridiculous . My rail performs just fine in the terrain that it was designed for....sand and lots of it . When sand becomes grass , then there are grassy rooster tails to help keep track of where your car is going . I am not ashamed to admit there are some short comings to the Rail , but for the most part never had an issue that stopped me driving due to breakage and had to go home early . Love it or hate it , the Rail has a place with other buggies on my shelf . I "use" my toys , not "abuse" them .
Wednesday, Aug 31 2011 (about 5 years ago)
XTM Racing Rail 1/8 Brushless RTR Electric Buggy w/Airtronics MX-Sport 2.4Ghz Radio
This is an intermediate model and in my expirience you should be ready to replace some parts. Driving is fun with gobs of power with 2x2cell Lipos. Steering response is fair and maneauvering is predictable. Breaking action is nice and straight. Motor/ESC combo are well matched and provide plenty of giddyup. Suspension is highly adjustable, I keep mine stock for rough terrain. Parts are available from Global Services/Hobby People/Hobby Shack and a few on eBay, some are cheap, some really expensive. Ordering online is not as smooth as other retailers Ive dealt with so give them a call, they're nice and helpful. The transmitter works great, one of the best parts of the set-upFront hubs/carriers are widely known to be weak, replace them with Xt2e arms/carriers. Wheels are also weak and the tires are worthless in the dirt, Proline has nice wheels and pick up tires that suit where you drive. Buy or fab the fan filters, yes for both to keep dirt out. All those screws from underneath that go into plastic need some kind of thread-locker on them. Some kind of bumper up front is also nice. Find some way to bolt down the left side of the battery box, I used 3mm screws right into the body.
Jose Hernandez
Thursday, Oct 7 2010 (about 6 years ago)
XTM Racing Rail 1/8 Brushless RTR Electric Buggy w/Airtronics MX-Sport 2.4Ghz Radio
Here is a real review of the xtm rail! I searched for over 3 weeks for the perfect racer/basher/strong and good looking car, so i wanted the e revo brushless but it falls apart with 6cells although it is a great car and the slash cannot handle sand and big jumps. So long story short i finalky bought this car at quicks rc in arizona and when i first opened the box i saw the beautiful silver and the weight made it feel like a mans buggy. The esc is fully programmable with a card and the motor is huge! Let me tell u what i dont write biased reviews but this buggy takes the cake! It is the best for your money but like all cars some things will break but ive been bashing this for two weeks now and not one broken part, i mean 5 foot skate ramps are being owned with this buggy and the jandling is awesome. So dont let anyone tell you otherwise it is the best. The slash is really cool and the e revo is cool but this thing is tough and fast. I give it 4.5 out of 5 and yes i choose it over the revo and the slash 4x4.
Joseph Mercado
Sunday, Nov 14 2010 (about 5 years ago)
XTM Racing Rail 1/8 Brushless RTR Electric Buggy w/Airtronics MX-Sport 2.4Ghz Radio
Great Job XTM- you just created a new class of race buggies :) I hope every major manufacturer of rc's offers their own version of a 4wheel drive 1/8th scale Rail Buggy. This looks great and the true to life detail is awesome. I will buy one- that's for sure :) thank you for creating this cool looking buggy. I'm going to sell my Brushless E-Revo and use that money towards this Rail Buggy Purchase :)
Friday, Sep 3 2010 (about 6 years ago)
XTM Racing Rail 1/8 Brushless RTR Electric Buggy w/Airtronics MX-Sport 2.4Ghz Radio
I wouldn't buy this buggy even just for fun. Felt even more ridiculous after watching the video.