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Verified Owner
Friday, Oct 23 2009 (about 7 years ago)
XRAY XT8 2009 Spec 1/8 Luxury Racing Truggy Kit
Have run this truck three times now, one was a double meeting club title. The build was a cinch and came together very nicely. Couple of improvements, get the carbon brake shoes u wont regret it, and I have had both the rear lower outer pivot pins back out past the washers! Replace the standard washers with ones that have a larger outside diameter and are thicker, losi ones work a treat. This truggy is awsome to drive and jumps, no change that, FLIES really well. That and the build quality with all the Hudy steel diffs, cvd's and outdrives, I love it. -//- Just received this kit, v nice finish on all parts and the glossy colour manual is a stand out! Will be leaving another review once I have put the kit together and given it a drive round my local track.
Kevin Vendeville
Wednesday, Jul 13 2011 (about 5 years ago)
XRAY XT8 2009 Spec 1/8 Luxury Racing Truggy Kit
I bought this truggy because I had a XB8 buggy and some of the parts are inter-changable. This truggy drives and Jumps like a dream and is extremely durable. When XRAY uses the word luxury they mean it. The build was flawless with no hand fitting required. The only thing I noticed was that the lower shock screws kept backing out on the left rear and right front. It was easily fixed by using left hand threaded screws that are used on the 808 buggy. I have had fantastic success racing this truggy and I race against all major brands. I run an RB B9 and win on a very regular basis. If you are looking for a new truggy than look no further, you won't be diappointed!
Anthony Voulamandis
Sunday, Sep 6 2009 (about 7 years ago)
XRAY XT8 2009 Spec 1/8 Luxury Racing Truggy Kit
Believe me when I say that I did a TON of research before buying this kit. If you want a high quality, durable Truggy look no further. I have an RB RT28 engine on this and I kick serious butt with it. I race an RC8T all the time and that thing cant even steer properly. This XT8 stays so composed when you go fast. Just point and shoot. It jumps further and straighter than ANY truggy out there with the exception of the Losi, but the Losi can only dream of being as durable as this kit. YES, parts are a little expensive but its a rare thing to break an XRAY and if you do, learn to drive! It out handles, out jumps, and out lives almost every truggy on the market. European made, TOP SHELF MATERIALS. When you build it you will have the biggest smile on your face. No Toys R' Us plastics like on other kits. Just quality, quality and some more quality. Drive one and you will never go back! This I promise you. This is further proven by how well this kit did in the ROAR NATS this year (2009). I bash it, I race it and when you drive it you will see how well it does just what you want it to do. Like I said point and shoot baby! Its worth the money, and dont get caught up in all the Losi/AE hype. Those trucks can only dream of being the on the same level quality wise. Spend the extra dollar and do the right thing and by the only kit you will own for the rest of your life (exaggeration lol)! The only other choice would be the Mugen in my opinion. Even the steel brake disks stop as hard as fiberglass disks! I dont know how the hell they do it at xray! Huge amount of tunability as well. More shock and camber link mounting positions than you can dream of! Dont worry about parts availability, most likely your LHS may not have XRAY parts but AMAIN does as well as ebay. Theres no reason to complain that you can't get parts when you have the internet at your disposal. Just get it and you will see. Parts broken to date...None! Parts broken on my friend's RC8T...Axle pins, hinge pins, motor mounts, rear hubs, steering servo, that crappy rtr motor from AE that they give you with the rtr kit went the 2nd say after break in due to a faulty slide carb, and IT DOES NOT STEER! Dont give me that whole AE won the roar nats speech cuz last year Maifield was driving kyosho just to prove to you that its not the car its the driver, and unless you're a sponsored pro, you should not buy a kit that breaks ever 2 runs or so. Go xray or even mugen for that matter....they just work!