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Thursday, Mar 27 2014 (about 2 years ago)
XRAY XB9E 1/8 Off-Road Electric Buggy Body
Not impressed. I was a bit upset to begin with considering that this body wasn't included in the kit that it was designed for. Then they add salt to the wound by charging almost $40 for it. The final straw? I find that it doesn't fit very well unless you have a very small ESC and lower than average lipo. This is total nonsense. Why design a body that doesn't allow for proper clearance of taller lipos and moderate size ESC's? Why? The only saving grace to this atrocity is that it at least looks nice. I guess I should count my blessings that they didn't opt for those hideous cab forward designs. I have found that my old Pro-Line Slipstream body, for an 8ight-e 2.0, fits better and has good clearance for electronics. I'm going to experiment with some others. This represents the last Xray body I will ever purchase for this buggy.