XRAY XB4 1/10 Electric 4WD Buggy Kit w/V2 Upgrade!

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This is the XRAY XB4 1/10 Scale Electric 4WD Buggy Kit. The XB4 is a typical XRAY car a premium, professional, high competition model racing car for the most demanding racers, developed and designed with attention to the smallest details. Manufactured from premium European materials, machined using state of the art Swiss and German machines and backed by premium service and support, the XB4 is a typical XRAY, a luxury masterpiece. 

Includes V2 Upgrade Package:

  • Reinforced Front Bulkhead V2
  • Differential Bevel Gear 35T Front & Rear V2
  • Front Shock Tower Protector
  • Rear Shock Roll Center Reinforcement
  • Replacement Differential Satellite Gear - 2 Sets


  • Designed for highest performance at all levels of racing
  • Developed for brushless motors and saddle pack LiPo batteries
  • Engineered with typical attention to the smallest details
  • Manufactured with legendary artistic craftsmanship from premium European materials
  • Unique XRAY Multi-Flex technology for easy chassis flex adjustment
  • Swiss 7075-T6 hard coated 2.0mm aluminum chassis
  • Composite chassis frame with tray design featuring plenty of space for electronics
  • Chassis designed to provide maximum traction and steering
  • Precise front to rear balance as well left to right side balance
  • 2.0mm Graphite upper deck, rear braces, front steering connecting plate
  • 3.0mm Graphite front & rear shock towers
  • Unique & innovative front & rear bulkheads which allow access to the differentials using only 4 screws
  • Innovative aluminum motor mount with independent bayonet style motor plate allows quick, easy and secure gear mesh adjustment
  • Front & rear gear differential with adjustable oil viscosity featuring 35T crown gear and 14T pinion gear
  • Robust central 81T spur gear molded from exclusive secret blend of composite material
  • Internal drive ratio 1:2.5
  • Adjustable center slipper clutch with easy tuning featuring lightweight HUDY Spring Steel outdrives hardened for extra life and reliability
  • Hardened slipper plates from Swiss 7075-T6 with black surface treatment
  • Molded front & rear gear differentials included to provide increased on-power steering, and featuring maintenance-free design using premium materials like the XRAY special custom composite mixture and lightweight, hardened, HUDY Spring Steel out drives
  • Constant velocity drives (CVD) are manufactured from special HUDY Spring Steel for reduced weight and increased durability. The shafts are hand ground for maximum precision.
  • Safety collars for all drive shafts ensures that the mounting pins are securely captured
  • Swiss 7075-T6 aluminum suspension holders front and rear
  • Integrated Suspension Settings (I.S.S.) for super fast, easy and comfortable suspension geometry setting (caster, toe-in, roll-centers, kick-up, anti-squat, wheelbase, track width) using eccentric bushings inserted into aluminum suspension holders
  • Specially designed suspension components manufactured from carefully formulated custom composite mixtures to ensure proper flex and durability. Geometry has been tuned for performance versatility in all racing conditions.
  • Lightweight 1-piece caster blocks with preset 9 caster with easy adjustable roll center position featuring larger openings for quick and easy disassembly of CVDs; optional 6 caster block available
  • Front chassis feature pre-angled caster of 8 and with the variable I.S.S. settings a range 16~20 of total caster can be achieved
  • Tiny yet robust steering blocks molded from a special composite mixture for maximum strength featuring adjustable lower roll center.
  • Very compact 0 toe-in rear uprights feature 2 different roll center positions and 3 different upper roll center positions and with included shim on the pivot pin wheelbase is easily adjusted.
  • Oversized bearings are included on outboard suspension positions to carry increased dynamic loads.
  • Ultra-lightweight 14mm wheel hex drive hubs CNC-machined from Swiss 7075-T6 and additionally black-coated have ultra-true hex clamping design which ensures solid mounting of the wheel
  • Optional -0.75mm and +0.75 off-set wheel hex drive hubs available for super fine adjustment
  • Very simple yet effective steering system with integrated adjustable servo saver ensures perfect steering featuring easily adjustable Ackermann and bump steer
  • HUDY Spring Steel turnbuckles specially hardened for maximum strength used for front and rear upright linkages, steering system and servo saver
  • Consistent and reliable membrane-free big bore shocks with bleed-screw shock cap design feature up-stop shock rod travel adjustment via o-rings and downstop adjustment using shims under pistons
  • Swiss 7075-T6 aluminum shock bodies and lower nut are hard coated in black
  • Delrin pistons molded using super precise molds featuring multiple types of pistons including different holes and diameters for precise shock adjustment; for custom adjustment a set of blank pistons are also included
  • Shock rods are machined from a special steel material, precision hand-ground for maximum smooth operation and additionally hardened for increased lifetime
  • Premium shock springs designed specifically for big bore shocks; manually measured, selected and matched into pairs to guarantee equal length and damping characteristics; laser engraved for easy identification
  • Full line of linear and progressive shock springs available
  • Premium silicone oils laboratory tested and calibrated to ensure highest possible consistency and quality
  • Anti-roll bars manufactured from special spring steel material to stabilize the car at both front and rear are mounted to the diff cases & can be easily adjusted via linkages; laser engraved for easy identification and available in all different sizes for fine-tuning
  • Full set of 22 high-speed, blue-sealed ball-bearings used throughout the drivetrain to ensure maximum efficiency, degreased and oiled with Aero Shell Fluid 12 for maximum smoothness and long life
  • Stylish & effective rear wing designed to work perfectly with the original XB4 body; made from strong Lexan material, supported by extra flat shims
  • High performance low profile aerodynamic body designed by XRAY to perfectly fit the XB4 and work in most track conditions effectively
  • Beefy 6mm thick body posts from special composite material for maximum strength
  • Specially designed 14mm hex hub aerodisk wheels for high competition racing; featuring reinforcement ribs to eliminate deformation and molded from very flexible material to remain durable against impacts
  • Aluminum self-locking wheel nuts
  • Super easy to build, set up, maintain, and drive

Adjustment Possibilities:

  • Fully-adjustable front and rear suspension geometry: caster, camber, toe, kick-up, anti-squat, ride height, droop, track-width, roll center, wheelbase, roll centers
  • Adjustable gear differential action via oil viscosity
  • Adjustable slipper clutch
  • HUDY Spring Steel adjustable turnbuckles
  • Multiple upper and lower shock mounting locations at front and rear
  • Adjustable Ackermann and bump steer
  • Adjustable front and rear anti-roll bars
  • Chassis pre-drilled holes for weight balance adjustment

245-250mm Adjustable
Length: 352mm
Wheelbase: 279-281mm Adjustable
Weight: 850g
Ready Weight: 1650mm
Primary Ratio:

Needed To Complete:

  • 2-Channel radio system
  • Electronic speed control
  • 540 Motor & pinion gear
  • Steering servo
  • Saddle battery pack
  • Compatible battery charger
  • Polycarbonate paint for body
  • 1/10 scale 4WD buggy tires

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Steve Vance
Monday, Aug 19 2013 (about 4 years ago)
XRAY XB4 1/10 Electric 4WD Buggy Kit w/V2 Upgrade!
I did my research, and decided the XB4 would be the answer to my disgust with Associated's quality and durability. I've had a B44.2 for several months and have suffered countless problems with broken parts, stripped screws, etc. Sad, because I really wanna like AE's stuff.

The XRAY XB4 is exactly what I expected from a European fit and finish product. The plastic is a quantum leap stronger than AE and every single screw bottoms out with a complete secure fit. The steel is top-notch and high class with HUDY engraving/stamping to show you the sizes.

Here's something incredible...EVERY SINGLE SCREW (except for the 1.5mm set screws) IS THE SAME M3 SIZE; which means ONE 2.0mm wrench for the whole build!!!! WOW, WHAT A CONCEPT!! I couldn't believe as I went along, what a time-save this was.

The gear diffs are an absolute DREAM...creamy smooth. Oh, and here's another leg-up on the competition: remove just 4 screws on the diff cover and BAM...instant access to the gearbox. You can service the pinion and pull the diff out for a rebuild. This takes all of about 1 minute to do!!

XRAY says that all their components are low maintenance...what a JOY to not have to worry about rebuilding my ball-diffs ever couple weeks!

I can't wait to get this jewel on the track. If it's anything like my break-in laps on the street, it's going to be a hooked up rocket!

Yes...this kit is more money than the B44 but, for me, it's more than worth it. Heck, do the math on a handful of AE ball diffs, and you'll probably make up for the extra price in about 3 months!

I'm not a pro-racer, so having one high-end kit over the other in terms of "race performance" probably won't make much difference to me. But, fingers crossed, I'm hoping that my XB4 will at least keep me on the track for a lot more practicing and fun racing before anything breaks or needs service.)
Verified Owner
Thursday, May 2 2013 (about 4 years ago)
XRAY XB4 1/10 Electric 4WD Buggy Kit w/V2 Upgrade!
This thing is top notch all the way, it truly is a "luxury" r/c car. The parts fit is flawless and the materials used are the best out there. I've previously owned the durango, and the B44.1 and this thing blows them away. It's easier to drive, offers more tuning options, and has a higher degree of ease of maintenance than anything else out right now. I'm running mine with a Thunder Power 6.5 motor with a 19t pinion, and Orion R10pro speedo. There was plenty of room for the electronics (which is rare for 1/10 4wd buggy) and the saddle packs are very easy to remove for charging.)
Kenny Lutz
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Mar 20 2013 (about 4 years ago)
XRAY XB4 1/10 Electric 4WD Buggy Kit w/V2 Upgrade!
this buggy is great. It was easy to build and all the parts are the best i have seen on any car. it handles awesome and the stock setup is very close just has to be tweaked to fit you. It is a little more pricey then some but it is well worth it.)
Maurice Hayes
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Aug 7 2013 (about 4 years ago)
XRAY XB4 1/10 Electric 4WD Buggy Kit w/V2 Upgrade!
I had to write a review on this car. First, let me say that I have owned many 1/10 scale 4wd off road cars and this is the best one I have owned so far. Not only did it go together with no drilling or filing but it inspires confidence when you drive it with the default setup. Oh yeah, this one gets 5 stars. I was stubborn and set my slipper too tight and went through both sets of diff gears with V2 but now that I have metal gears in both diffs the car is fantastic. The only thing I would change about the car is for XRAY to supply all metal diff gears. It does not get better than this.)
H Lo
Tuesday, Jul 16 2013 (about 4 years ago)
XRAY XB4 1/10 Electric 4WD Buggy Kit w/V2 Upgrade!
Allthough I bougt this car used, I would really like to recommend this car. It's very durable. I also own a Kyosho RB5 and my XB4 has taken a lot of crashes that I know the RB5 would have broken things by the same accidents. The parts are a bit more expensive, but for a reason. I highly recommend this awesome monster consisting of strong Hudy-crafted metal parts. Read more about XRAY here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XRAY_Model_Racing_Cars)
Jiayang Li
Friday, May 3 2013 (about 4 years ago)
XRAY XB4 1/10 Electric 4WD Buggy Kit w/V2 Upgrade!
This car is really nice that I can not find out any other 4wd 1/10th buggy is as durable as this car. The manual is amazing, all parts are perfect that you don't need to do any moderations. Anyway it is a car that really worthy to be owned.)