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Brandon Dyche
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Jul 4 2012 (about 4 years ago)
X Factory SCX–60CF Conversion Kit
I put this truck together this past Saturday and finished building it (hadn't even broken in the differential) at about 3:15PM. Racing at my local track starts at 4:00PM, so I had to call in my entry. The first laps I put on the truck were my warmups for Q1, and even though I only qualified for the B main I learned what I needed to adjust to make the truck smooth and fast. I handily won the B main and finished 6th in the A main. Since then I've taken another full second off of my fast lap and am now almost 3 seconds faster than I was with my SC10. I can't recommend this truck high enough. Sure, you might have to place a back order and wait a few weeks to get one, but it is worth it!