Werks Team Line B6 .21 Off-Road Competition Buggy Engine (Turbo)

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Never willing to compromise, Werks Racing is ready to establish a new set of standards, and change what you expect from a competition .21 buggy engine. When the B5 hit the streets, it quickly became the engine of choice for serious racers, weekend warriors and hardcore bashers. Now, the Werks Mad Scientist is at it again, hell bent on domination with the Werks B6 .21 Buggy Engine!

Developed as a specialized 1/8 buggy engine, the B6 has been designed to provide the precise control that is required to compete at the highest levels of off-road buggy racing. The B6 is a true 5 port engine that offers buttery smooth bottom end power delivery, with a strong mid to top end pull. Most importantly the B6 also posses one of the key ingredients necessary to compete at the highest levels of the sport, efficiency! The B6 provides run times that rival the best in the industry. Combine that efficiency with one of the most linear power bands available and you have everything you could want from a competition buggy engine!

The B6 engine features Werks Racing's unique "Team Line" split transfer case design, a ABC construction piston/sleeve that has been hand matched for optimum performance and life span, a knife edged 7075 T6 aluminum connecting rod and high quality "Swiss" racing bearings. Additionally, the B6 also includes an aluminum body 2010 model 2 needle carburetor that features a heat isolation sleeve and is easily fine tuned to any track condition with a variety of optional venturi's (7mm stock), a turbo head button and a CNC machined low CG cooling head, all machined and assembled with legendary Italian quality and attention to detail.

Like the B5, the B6 engine is packed full of features that are normally set aside for much more expensive models, and this is all offered at a shockingly low price! Smooth power, amazing run time, with Werks reliability and incredible customer support. Werks gives you the tools you need to lead; the only thing missing is you! Get Werks, or get worked!

The tuned pipes recommended for this engine are the Werks 2013 for strong top and bottom power delivery, 2058 for top end power, or 2057 for smooth power with improved mileage.

NOTE: Engine includes Werks TLP5BT (#5 Turbo) glow plug.

Stroke: 16.50mm
Bore: 16.30mm
RPM Range:
3,000 to 41,000
2.7hp at 35,000 rpm
Sleeve: Five Port
Piston: CNC Machined High-Silicon content aluminum alloy
Connecting Rod: Knife edged, double bushed, 7075 T6 construction
Carburetor: 2010 version, Aluminum 2 needle with adjustable venturi and heat isolation sleeve
Head Button: Turbo
Cooling Head: CNC Machined, lightened, low CG design

This product was added to our catalog on June 1, 2010

derek rooks
Verified Owner
Saturday, Jul 13 2013 (about 5 years ago)
Werks Team Line B6 .21 Off-Road Competition Buggy Engine (Turbo)
doing break in still and very impressed.ildes great tuned in super easy and has way more power than a losi 350! Years ago I loved thunder tiger engines but believe I found my go to engines now!
Saturday, Jun 5 2010 (about 8 years ago)
Werks Team Line B6 .21 Off-Road Competition Buggy Engine (Turbo)
I am running the Werks 2013 and its just screams!! I really like the mileage at 11-12 minutes per tank buggy 10 minute pits are a for sure deal now!!! -//- All I can say is Wow! Super smooth with tons of power!! Getting 11+ mintes per tank in my D8 buggy race driving with the hammer down!! Killer engine for a killer price!!
Danny Homman
Verified Owner
Saturday, Feb 19 2011 (about 7 years ago)
Werks Team Line B6 .21 Off-Road Competition Buggy Engine (Turbo)
I just started the break in process on this motor im useing the p3 glow plug and a werks 2057 pipe and im so happy that i made this purchase WERKS ENGINES ARE AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i own both b7 b5 b6 motors and i wouldnt buy anythingelse even during break in the b6 has great bottom and top end AWSOME V SPECS BE AFRAID VERY AFRAID!!!!!!!!!1
Dan S
Verified Owner
Monday, Jun 21 2010 (about 8 years ago)
Werks Team Line B6 .21 Off-Road Competition Buggy Engine (Turbo)
this is a fast!! motor lot's of power and smooth power with the 2057 pipe and werks pro clutch. and get 10m run time. it run better with the #5 hot plug.
Apostolos Kyratsis
Friday, Oct 22 2010 (about 8 years ago)
Werks Team Line B6 .21 Off-Road Competition Buggy Engine (Turbo)
The best value for money engine in the market right now,7-8 minytes per tank in racing condition.
Adam Chavez
Verified Owner
Thursday, Oct 14 2010 (about 8 years ago)
Werks Team Line B6 .21 Off-Road Competition Buggy Engine (Turbo)
Awesome motor, broke in really easy. Ton of power w/ great bottom end
Brandon Powell
Sunday, Aug 27 2017 (about a year ago)
Werks Team Line B6 .21 Off-Road Competition Buggy Engine (Turbo)
Engine has been solid for us. Broken in and hardly touch the needle settings. Best of all, no flameouts.
tommy flynn
Verified Owner
Sunday, Sep 6 2015 (about 3 years ago)
Werks Team Line B6 .21 Off-Road Competition Buggy Engine (Turbo)
Installed in an Inferno mp9 tki3 with werks light clutch and a dynamite platinum 053mr tuned pipe. Break in was beautiful... Motor is a beast. Great value. Motor will run with the nova's no problem.. Using flashpoint 30% race blend and could not be more pleased..
jake cannon
Verified Owner
Monday, Mar 23 2015 (about 3 years ago)
Werks Team Line B6 .21 Off-Road Competition Buggy Engine (Turbo)
WOW! What an engine! I could not be happier. Running in cold weather and still tuned great! I have this in my TLR 8IGHT 3.0 buggy. It started first try (I used a heat gun to heat crank case, etc.). all I can say is WOW. Thanks werks!
Nitro Nerd
Verified Owner
Sunday, Jun 2 2013 (about 5 years ago)
Werks Team Line B6 .21 Off-Road Competition Buggy Engine (Turbo)
I have a plethora of engines (from low-end RTR to modded Novarossi's) and all I can say is believe the hype that comes with these Werks engines. They are as good as it gets! I still cannot see how they offer these engines at their price point, but whose complaining? ;-) The B6 is one of my all-time favorite engines. While the B5 seems to be a more popular choice, the B6 is *as mean* down low, buttery smooth mid-range, and it simply screams its tits off when paired with a 2058 pipe. They market this as a 'linear power-band' and that is no joke. Smooth, smooth, smooth. While the B5 is a little more 'snappy', this engine is as smooth as any I've ever run. While it is designed for buggies, don't be fooled because it can also push a truggy (but would recommend a 2013 pipe for it). However, if you have a buggy and want an engine in the $220-$250 price range that can hang with anything, and I do mean ANYTHING, this is it. I'd actually thought about getting a second one but having it 'clocked' (modded by Clockwork Race Engines) but have elected to stay with stock on this one...I mean why mess with perfection? I only wish Werks had a broader range of engines, as I'm hooked line and sinker. You will rarely hear/read a bad-word about these engines. Too-often people will evangelize products simply because they own it and want to save face....but I always call it like I see it. The only downside I can say is that after 5 gallons it's developed a very small air-leak somewhere in the rear of the engine. This is only noticeable because it's usually very easy to race-tune, but noticed I was having to lean my needles much more than normal to get the race tune (I can still tune around it the leak is so small) and verified the leak by spraying some brake cleaner around it--but it can be as simple as a head shim, exhaust gasket, back-plate o-ring...I don't know yet. What I DO know is I can compare this against a multitude of engines, and if you are looking for your next engine, go ahead and add it to your cart (along with a 2058 pipe) and you can come back later and tell me how awesome I am for recommending this. ;-) In all seriousness, don't be fooled by the price, these engines are legit folks!! Whether bashing or racing (and we do both) you cannot go wrong. I only wish A-Main had a 'Bad-to-the Bone' rating below, as that is what this engine deserves. We've run it in Mugen and Losi buggies along with Hot Bodies and Taomiya truggies with Buku, Losi, M2C 4-shoe, Tamiya 4-shoe, respectively and it's kicked a$$ in every instance. I prefer either a P3 of 97t plug (depending on the time of year). I have three Werks engines and each time the plug arrived DOA, which is very odd, but I didn't buy the engines for the plugs.
Aaron Weigand
Verified Owner
Sunday, May 25 2014 (about 4 years ago)
Werks Team Line B6 .21 Off-Road Competition Buggy Engine (Turbo)
Fantastic engine! It has provided me with great run times (I pit as close to the 10 min mark as possible but have gotten 11 out of it when I lost track of time and didnt hear my pit man) and just always runs flawlessly. I have it breathing through a Sirio 2013 and it just works awesome. Very usable powerband, great run times, and plenty of top end down the straight as well. Couldnt ask for anything better and the pricepoint is fantastic. Cant wait to give the B6 Pro a shot.
Froilan Reyes
Verified Owner
Friday, Mar 2 2012 (about 6 years ago)
Werks Team Line B6 .21 Off-Road Competition Buggy Engine (Turbo)
WOW! This thing screams! i got this to replace my nitro star 3.5 which came stock in my HPI D8S. the comparison is day and night. i just finished breaking it in today, and all i could say is WOW! smooth starts, nice idle, temperature stays really low. power delivery is smooth even with the stock tuned pipe that came in my buggy. it sounds very intimidating at full throttle. i would recommend this to a friend! thank you Werks for a quality engine!
Buggy fan
Sunday, Jun 6 2010 (about 8 years ago)
Werks Team Line B6 .21 Off-Road Competition Buggy Engine (Turbo)
I just ran it 2 race weekends in a row in a losi 2.0 buggy 14t clutch bell & werks 2058 pipe . Great engine for a buggy, smooth bottom end & fast on top , run time is real good also you can make 10 min. pits work for you. At the 11 min. mark it is almost out of fuel. It was temping at a little over 200 degrees.
Jayson English
Monday, Aug 23 2010 (about 8 years ago)
Werks Team Line B6 .21 Off-Road Competition Buggy Engine (Turbo)
Friend of mine has 1 with the 2057 pipe this thing rocks very smooth but still enough bottom to clear jumps with short run-up good power up top 2 still breaking in a lil so we'll see what the runtime is like the engine came off @235 on the end of the tank

easy to tune,idles consistent,makes great power what more could you ask for out of an engine?
Verified Owner
Thursday, Aug 12 2010 (about 8 years ago)
Werks Team Line B6 .21 Off-Road Competition Buggy Engine (Turbo)
This engine is wicked! With the jp-2 pipe this engine SCREAMS at the top end and the bottem end is very strong even with a somewhat rich setting (247C is what I kept getting with odonnel 77). Oh yeah, I found that the odonnel 77 hot plug worked better during break in for me than the #5 that was included.
Derek Johnson
Wednesday, Jan 9 2013 (about 5 years ago)
Werks Team Line B6 .21 Off-Road Competition Buggy Engine (Turbo)
motor is good up till your second gallon then you replace the front bearing problem solver buy a novarossi