Werks Racing Adjustable 4-Shoe Monster Truck Clutch System (Carbon/Teflon)

Werks Racing
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This is a Werks Racing Adjustable 4-Shoe 1/8th Scale Truck Off Road Clutch System, with two Carbon and two Teflon shoes. This version is slightly modified from the regular 35mm 1/8th scale buggy clutch system with the rear dust protection flange removed from the flywheel. This allows the clutch to fit any monster truck engine .21 and above, including the ones that come stock in many Monster Truck kits. This clutch system is completely adjustable to allow you to fine tune the performance of the clutch to best match the power characteristics of your engine and the track conditions. The beauty of this system is that you can fine tune the spring tension and adjust the RPM setting that the engine will engage at without changing the clutch. Just remove the clutch bell and turn the clutch adjusting nut! The tuning features of this clutch are described below, however the recommended starting setup is to use the Carbon shoes with gold spring set, and the spring tension nut should be set to 1 turn in from flush.

The Werks Clutch System now includes the externally adjustable nut as part of the package.

Clutch Springs:

This package includes the gold clutch spring. Silver is the hardest, Green is medium and Gold is the softest. You can use the clutch springs to fine tune the RPM that the clutch system will engage at. The stiffer the spring, the later the clutch will engage allowing the engine to spool up to higher RPM's before the clutch will grab. Generally if you have an engine with lots of bottom end, use a softer spring. If you need to get more bottom end snap from your engine, use a stiffer spring.

Clutch Shoes:

The clutch system includes two carbon, and two teflon clutch shoes. Optional clutch shoes are available in three different compounds, and allow you to fine tune how hard the shoes will grab when they engage. The different compounds are:
  • Carbon: The Carbon clutch shoes have moderate wear and are a common first choice. They have a linear feel, with a moderate amount of bite and are easy to tune.
  • Rulon: The Rulon clutch shoes on the other hand usually have higher wear, but the amount of wear is vastly dependent on the amount of slip allowed. They do however have the most grip, but the grip increases with temperature. To properly tune the Rulon shoes you have to be aware of this property, as they will make the engine bog more after about 45 seconds of use (The clutch grabs more so it locks harder). So make sure that you adjust the shoes when the clutch and engine are hot and expect them to slip a little when you first fire up the engine. The Rulon shoes would make an excellent choice of clutch shoe for high traction tracks with an engine with strong bottom end, provided you put in the time to tune them correctly.
  • Teflon: The Teflon clutch shoes have the least amount of grip but have excellent wear. These shoes are best suited to low traction conditions. Teflon clutch shoes are also beneficial for engines that have less bottom end, as they will allow the engine to spool up and stay in the powerband before they grab completely.

Tuning Options:

Due to the 4 shoe design of this clutch system, there are many different tuning variables you can play with to get the ultimate clutch setup. For instance if you like the way the clutch works with the carbon shoes but want a little less slip, you can run 2 carbon shoes and 2 rulon shoes! Or if you want the engine to spool up a bit before the clutch fully grabs, try running 2 carbon shoes and 2 teflon shoes. That way you can avoid using a stiffer spring to get the clutch to grab at higher RPM's, but still allow it to fully spool up before it fully engages.

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