Werks 36mm "Light" Pro Clutch 4 Shoe Racing Clutch System (Durango)

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This is the Werks 36mm "Light" Pro Clutch 4 Shoe Racing Clutch System. This clutch features a 36mm flywheel, and has been developed for the Durango DNX408 1/8 buggy. Clutch tuning is one of the most important aspects of 1/8 scale nitro racing. No one likes to disassemble their clutch to change the shoes or springs, but changing track conditions over the course of a race day make clutch tuning a skill that racers must develop to put themselves at the top of the podium. A system that simplifies this task is something that racers and bashers have been begging for. Werks Racing has once again stepped up to the plate to provide you with the tools you need to lead, with the “Pro Clutch”; a clutch system that not only offers the ultimate in simplicity, but also incredible lifespan and flexibility!

The "Pro Clutch" uses a proven system for the easiest possible assembly and removal. The shoes and springs are installed by sliding them over the flywheel pins, then the top plate slides on and with a 1/4 turn twist to load the springs you are done! It takes 10-15 seconds to assemble the complete clutch! As an added bonus the clutch does not need to be disassembled when it is removed from the engine. Simply remove the clutch nut, and pull it off the crank! This design allows you to store a pre-assembled clutch in your pit box for a quick swap of the entire clutch, providing you with a powerful tuning option.

The Werks Pro Clutch includes a set of four "Long Life" aluminum clutch shoes that have been proven to outlast the competition, as well as a complete set of 0.9mm, 1.0mm & 1.1mm springs to tune the engagement point of the clutch. Additionally, super hard clutch pins are also standard, making notching and clutch pin wear a thing of the past. The flywheel also has a special coating that not only provides a bit of "bling", but also a slippery, non stick finish that significantly reduces the likelihood of gunk or debris getting stuck on the flywheel under the clutch shoes causing them to hang up.

The new Werks "Pro Clutch" system provides a greater level of tunability, incredible performance and ease of assembly that has no rival! Get Werks, or get worked!

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Saturday, Jan 31 2015 (about 2 years ago)
Werks 36mm "Light" Pro Clutch 4 Shoe Racing Clutch System (Durango)
this werks clutch system works very well. fiber shoes are available for this kit.

I don't know why the other 2 have so many problems with the 4 shoe clutch. they work very well. alum shoes last a super long time. mine typically last 3 gallons of fuel. the alum shoes grab with a lot more friction than the fiber shoes. if you need less grab (more slip for loose tracks) use a fiber shoe. I would say they installed the clutch system wrong. (shimming issues etc)

the center hub makes changing the shoes a breeze. no more fussing with the springs.)
Brian Rowland
Thursday, Jun 5 2014 (about 3 years ago)
Werks 36mm "Light" Pro Clutch 4 Shoe Racing Clutch System (Durango)
Treyton, stay away from the four shoe deals,I've never had good luck with them. Get a 3 shoe, and run 2 aluminum shoes and one graphite or carbon shoe, with 0.9 spring or a 1.0 spring and see if it works better, that is what I run on my MP9, with an Orion .21, and it's all I need at the track. Good luck brother, and happy R/Cing!! P.S. I DO NOT own one of these clutch systems, but I have had a four shoe, and had nothing but problems, and have had exactly what happened to him, to me also.)
Treyton Martinsen
Wednesday, Jun 4 2014 (about 3 years ago)
Werks 36mm "Light" Pro Clutch 4 Shoe Racing Clutch System (Durango)
We put this clutch on our nitro truck and it lasted about 3-4 runs and literally ate itself aluminum to aluminum does not work, worst clutch I have ever had! any ideas on what clutch to buy next?)