Werks 30% Race Blend Nitro Fuel (Four Gallons)

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This is one case (four gallons) of 30% Race Blend Nitro Fuel from Werks Racing. The chemists at Werks Racing have engineered the perfect blend of elements, including Werks Racing's proprietary lubricant package to give racers a fuel that meets the needs of today's high revving, high horsepower engines. From the nitro, to Werks special oil blend, every component of the fuel is of unsurpassed purity and quality.

Used by some of the worlds top drivers to win National championships and other high profile events, Werks Racing Fuel is proven to reduce engine temperatures, produce better mileage, and create more horsepower. Sound too good to be true? Werks Racing has proven it time and time again. Try a bottle against your favorite brand and prove it to yourself. 

"Werks Race Blend fuel leaves a coating of oil inside my engines that protects critical components. It keeps my engines cleaner, and running cooler, and allows me to run leaner needle settings that produce great power and runtime."  - Chad Bradley

NOTE: Due to regulations from the federal government's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), our fuel shipper assesses a surcharge above and beyond the standard shipping charge for each 4 gallon case of fuel ordered. This charge will be included in the shipping charges for the fuel.

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Alex Boyd
Saturday, Aug 8 2009 (about 9 years ago)
Werks 30% Race Blend Nitro Fuel (Four Gallons)
Matt Basshole doesnt deserve to be on amainhobbies, let alone have a nitro rc!!!!
Andrew Nesland
Verified Owner
Thursday, Jan 8 2009 (about 9 years ago)
Werks 30% Race Blend Nitro Fuel (Four Gallons)
I forgot to add that leaning of the motor is needed. Everytime someone makes a change with fuel,adjustments will be needed. How much and where are the only questions. For this fuel,I had to lean my motor WAY more then I expected. 10-12 minute run times with my MBX5T with the GRP Ninja B01A motor were not uncommon while running outdoor. Plus that motor lasted over 11 gallons on Werks till I was forced to switch over to Byrons Gen2 for a gallon and had a connecting rod bushing go on me.

Plus,I dont believe its a wise thing to be mixing fuels. Burn it in the car or on your fire pit as is. -//- I used this fuel for my '07 racing year with my truggy and it was the best fuel I have ever used. Before I used sidewinder worlds blend with my revo and was very pleased with the performance boost I got over O'Donnell's 30%. But I made the switch to the Werks fuel and never looked back. The shipping fee will bend you over which is the only drawback.

I look forward to using this fuel for my '09 season.
Karl Petrovik
Friday, Dec 26 2008 (about 9 years ago)
Werks 30% Race Blend Nitro Fuel (Four Gallons)
Matt Bass, lean out your high speed needle. Jack ass.
Wednesday, Nov 4 2009 (about 8 years ago)
Werks 30% Race Blend Nitro Fuel (Four Gallons)
Awesome fuel!!! Runs cool and has great lubrication. You dont even need after run oil with this fuel. It keeps you engine super clean,rust free and a nice coating after using this fuel is on all the internals. Best fuel I have ever used. Also got better mileage with this fuel and about 15 degree lower engine temps. Than byrons or nitrotane. -//- Best fuel ever!! does not rust inside of engine like nitrotane. and runs super cool!!!! -//- This fuel is top notch! I have ben in the hobby a long time and tried a lot of fuel and this fuel is great!! actually got 11 gallons out of my werks B7 with this fuel with my old fuel I got 8 gallons out of my previous B7. Runs cool, killer power and makes engine last!!!
Derek Pickett
Monday, Apr 20 2015 (about 3 years ago)
Werks 30% Race Blend Nitro Fuel (Four Gallons)
Ran this fuel for years and it's FANTASTIC!! Great power, and performance!!
Michael Costa
Verified Owner
Friday, Jun 15 2012 (about 6 years ago)
Werks 30% Race Blend Nitro Fuel (Four Gallons)
This is the best fuel I've used to date, I switched from Sidewinder 20% to Werks 30% and wow, a hugh difference. Cooler engine temps and much improved performance of course, big acceleration increase and improved run times. I had to lean out all 4 of my engines about 3/4 of a full turn on HSN, give or take 1/8th turn. I'm quite amazed and very happy with my decision in purchasing Werks 30% Race Blend fuel. I will never go back to any brand 20% fuel, or quite possibly any other brands since Werks pricing is better than the competition.
John Holland
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Nov 22 2017 (11 months ago)
Werks 30% Race Blend Nitro Fuel (Four Gallons)
Best fuel period my truggy screams with this p!us runs cooler definatleyy better than rest 30% fuels ..now 20% is vp basher
Derrick Poe
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Apr 12 2016 (about 2 years ago)
Werks 30% Race Blend Nitro Fuel (Four Gallons)
Great fuel, reliable tune and makes great crisp power. Consistent from gallon to gallon. Internals are always coated with a layer of gold oil. Some of the best fuel ever.
matt hauck
Verified Owner
Monday, Mar 15 2010 (about 8 years ago)
Werks 30% Race Blend Nitro Fuel (Four Gallons)
Unless the fuel states that you shouldnt use after run oil (like Sidewinder), you should ALWAYS use ARO...It is even recommended by Ron Hopkins (owner of Werks) that you do.

Other than that, I agree with everyone that this fuel 'Werks' great :) Its as good as any, and better than most.
Johnathan Scott
Monday, Dec 21 2009 (about 8 years ago)
Werks 30% Race Blend Nitro Fuel (Four Gallons)
this matt bass guy probably went from 20% dynamite fuel to this and did not touch the needles. should be 5 stars for the cool burning ability of this fuel that you have to lean it so far to run right and still lubricate properly and maintain engine temperatures. thanks for the backwards compliment matt :)
david des jardin
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Aug 12 2009 (about 9 years ago)
Werks 30% Race Blend Nitro Fuel (Four Gallons)
I was running this fuel then switched to something different and immediately came back to the WERKS RACING FUEL. Great run times, Awesome Power, and Great Prices and an EXCELLENT COMPANY that stands behind what they sell.
Matt Bass
Thursday, Dec 25 2008 (about 9 years ago)
Werks 30% Race Blend Nitro Fuel (Four Gallons)
Absolutely the WORST fuel i have ever ran. made my truck run poorly. I mixed it with a gallon of Dynamite fuel to be able to use the whole gallon.