Viper R/C VTX8 Sensored Brushless ESC

Viper R/C
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This is the Viper R/C VTX8 Sensored Brushless ESC. The Viper VTX8 is more than just an upgraded VTX10, much more. The VTX8 was designed from the ground up to handle the punishment of the most demanding 1/8 scale and 4wd short course applications, with the durability to come back begging for more. Plus, the ability to operate on either 2S or 6S LiPo batteries, as well as sensored 2 pole, 4 pole and 6 pole motors from 540 up to 1/8 size from any manufacturer, and an adjustable BEC that can deliver 7V for your high voltage servos, makes the VTX8 an incredibly flexible system.

Combine this with waterproof construction, a full aluminum case and a fan with a carbon fiber brace that helps to efficiently dissipate heat, and you have an ESC that will propel your rig to the finish line and beyond, with reliability that your competitors can only dream of. These features make the VTX8 an excellent choice for high power applications when you need a reliable system, with virtually limitless programmability that does not require a PC.


  • True Sensored technology that provides super smooth power and brake
  • Heavy duty all aluminum waterproof case (cooling fan is not waterproof)
  • 2~6S Li-Po Support
  • Ultra high definition paramter setting (0~100% steps)
  • Supports 2-pole and 4-pole 540/550/8th scale motors
  • Adjustable BEC up to 7V
  • PC V-LINK software ready for firmware upgrade and PC interface*
  • 8 user profile that allows to import and export in PC V-LINK software*
  • Auto Power Off function for the maximum safety

Type: Sensored Only
Support Voltage: 2S~6S Li-Po
Support Motor Type: 2/4/6-pole
Max BEC Voltage/AMP: 7V/5A
Continuous Current: 220A
Dimensions: 46x53x41mm
Weight: 113g (w/o wires)

*NOTE: The PC V-LINK Software for the Viper VTX8 is still under development. Until this software is complete, Viper recommends you use the ProGauge to tune the ESC. 

This product was added to our catalog on January 8, 2013.

Brian Abbott
Friday, Feb 15 2013 (about 4 years ago)
Viper R/C VTX8 Sensored Brushless ESC
Running this in my RC8.2, RC8Te, and TeknoSCT410. Very nice quality, very solid feeling unit. I have tried em all, and this is the new king of 1/8 scale ESCs.)
randall darnell
Monday, Dec 23 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Viper R/C VTX8 Sensored Brushless ESC
awesome brake settings. miles better system than the RX8 GEN2 I was using till it broke into 5 pcs. the VTX8 is all alum and can take a hard crash without worry. if you need something built tough and loads of setup features this is THE esc to have. ultra smooth motor and braking! I use it with a 2000kv Tekin T8. IT RUNS JUST FINE WITH MY SAVOX HIGH VOLTAGE SERVO.)
james hustins
Tuesday, May 28 2013 (about 4 years ago)
Viper R/C VTX8 Sensored Brushless ESC
Super smooth ESC. User settable voltage protection, motor temperature cutoff, ESC temperature cutoff and more. Pair it with the Progauge and you will have the smoothest, easiest to program 1:8 scale ESC on the market. Oh yeah... it us fast too.)
Todd Dooley
Verified Owner
Monday, Oct 6 2014 (about 3 years ago)
Viper R/C VTX8 Sensored Brushless ESC
After having several esc from many different manufacturers I decided to give this esc a try. I couldn't be happier!! I now have 4 in all my 1/8 buggys, truggy and sct. Maybe when they first came out they were a little finicky but all that is now in the past. I never ever worry anymore about heating issues, cutting out or breaking from hard flat landings. This esc is a beast. Run good batteries or set your cut off a little low or it will hesitate a little on top end from the large amount of current it draws 220a. If you get this esc and secure all your wires safely it will outlast your rc, It's that good. The braking features are great! No more endos on hard braking in the bumps, just set the braking curve to track conditions and watch your lap times go down. This thing is amazing!)
Emory Swafford
Verified Owner
Friday, May 10 2013 (about 4 years ago)
Viper R/C VTX8 Sensored Brushless ESC
best ESC for 1/8 and 1/10 4wd SC. Great adjustablilty, toughness, value, and so easy to tune, it has spoiled me for sure. Once you figure out how to tune the actual throttle feel of this esc it becomes evident how much better the design of it is. Compared to it's competitors it is designed to be used by literally any motor out there if you tune the throttle/brakes right. I have two of them and they are both running strong after a year of racing in the Louisiana heat and have propelled my cars with worry free operation. I could not be happier with Viper products, give them a try you will not be disappointed. Oh btw, I'm running savox's RIDICULOUS SV-1270TG truggy servo in my agama for steering and no glitch buster, not one single brown out... not one... running a savox 1267SG in my 4wd sc not one there either... flawless ESC.)
Brian Rock
Verified Owner
Saturday, Dec 28 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Viper R/C VTX8 Sensored Brushless ESC
This is our second VTX8 speed control in service now. Running one in a JQ electric 1/8 scale buggy, and one in a Tekno SCT410. Very dependable unit and less money than it's nearest competitor on the market. Burned down two of those:-( before changing over to the VTX8. Programming with the EZ link is the way to go. We also have three other Viper combos in service in our short course trucks, and the EZ link/pro gauge is always in my pocket and ready to go. No need for lap top at the track to tune your rig. One tuning card for five vehicles makes the crew chief a happy guy!
Another nice feature is that all of the wires come pre soldered to the esc. This is a huge time (and frustration) saver.
Good job Viper!!!!)
Jody McIntyre
Verified Owner
Monday, Jun 24 2013 (about 4 years ago)
Viper R/C VTX8 Sensored Brushless ESC
The best 1/8th ESC in the world at this time. I have ran them all. Tekin RX8, Novak, Team Associated ect. Great job Viper RC solutions. I have bought several after testing the 1st one I bought.)
Hendra Xu
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Feb 12 2013 (about 4 years ago)
Viper R/C VTX8 Sensored Brushless ESC
I'm using this ESC right now on my losi 8ight e 2.0 combine with Tekin 1900KV motor and very happy with it. High quality build and good performance. Neat pre-soldered wire also very nice. Recommended!!

Just keep an eye on the wire, because mine have small black spot like burning mark on it after few rounds on the track (Maybe because of my lipo).)
maximiliano carmona lopez
Monday, Mar 3 2014 (about 3 years ago)
Viper R/C VTX8 Sensored Brushless ESC
Im really sad that a good product like this have a weak point like the wire of the on/off switch, also called vport. If you manage to cut a little this wire your esc will be garbage, it will not work. You can solder it again but it will not work. So protect that wire good cause if you broke it, forget to repair it and viper asks 120 dollars plus shiping for it so its better you get a new one here or get a tekin that have a great support.)
Wednesday, Feb 27 2013 (about 4 years ago)
Viper R/C VTX8 Sensored Brushless ESC
I've run the Tekin RX8's for years in the Losi 1/8 truggy/buggy. (4S, 2050 in the buggy, 4S 2250 in the truggy) They are bullet proof...Now I put one in my Summit...I've run the think in the snow 4 times now, completely covered it with snow...and it runs fine... I'm wondering if the thing isn't waterproof too! However.... DO NOT RUN A HIGH VOLTAGE SERVO WITH THIS SYSTEM... It will cook the BEC in the ESC.)
Travis Trahan
Tuesday, Feb 26 2013 (about 4 years ago)
Viper R/C VTX8 Sensored Brushless ESC
I tried going with the Viper VTX8 on a Tekin 2650Kv in my Tekno V4 converted SC8.2e. I would have to push start the truck for the sensor operation to work. Even after a push, the power just wasn't there on 4s. The performance compared to the stock 2000kv REEDY felt very similiar to my .2 on 2s MAYBE 3s. Sent the Viper in for warranty. Anxious to see how Viper will take care of my troubles and the duration it's going to take. Sucks being dead in the water after spending the $200 on a brand new ESC AND another $150+ on a brand new Tekin T8 (purchased together). I ordered mine with the pro gauge. Really nice product non the less, could very well be a rare defect I'm hoping bc the ESC seems like it has potential. Wish there was a dual action though non the less.)